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thank you all so much for your amazing comments yesterday. i really, really appreciate them. so much so that i’ve actually made a decision i’m pretty happy and excited about. and i will be sure to share that decision with you soon enough.

Inspired By Charm

in the meantime, i still appreciate your comments so keep leaving them through today to get your name in the hat for the giveaway. you have until midnight tonight and i will announce the winner tomorrow.

Inspired By Charm

despite the crazy wind and drizzle yesterday i visited my favorite greenhouse to get some fall decor. and i know what your thinking … ‘michael, it’s kinda early … you are weird.’ … but it’s all good. i love fall and i like to make it last as long as possible. so i got some cornstalks. (they even cut them fresh for me … now that’s service!)

Inspired By Charm

the most beautiful ‘cinderella’ pumpkin.

Inspired By Charm

i have no idea what this is (i assume a gourd or pumpkin or squash of sorts) but i love it.

Inspired By Charm

some ornamental kale/cabbage. pretty, pretty! i love the way it changes colors throughout the fall.

Inspired By Charm

and of course. mums. i love the yellow the most because it shows up best from the street.

Inspired By Charm

and works well with orange pumpkins. what is your favorite color of mums?

so, it’s official … at least here … goodbye summer. hello fall. i’m so happy to see you. i hope you can stick around for a while.

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  • Luisa at

    The good thing about going from summer to fall are the beautiful colors, mums and pumpkins.
    I had trouble leaving a comment on the decals the other day. The look wonderful you definitely made some great decorating decisions. I have some wall spaces in my home that could welcome some decals. I find the decals less intimidating than hanging artwork or frames.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I heart mums. I found them for $1.50/each at the grocery and snatched up a bunch for our pots. It looks so festive. I decided that Sept. 1 was appropriate to put out fall, so I went all out. 😉

    Love the cornstalks. My hubby actually saved some for me from the garden. Cool, huh?

  • scargosun at

    LOVE the yellow mums. They are my fave too. I work at PB part time and they have gorgeous blue/green faux pumpkins that I NEED. They look just like Queensland Blue ones I got in my CSA last year. For the outside I will be getting me some squat and tall pumpkins in a couple weeks. Then I will be shooing squirrels from them the rest of fall.

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Seeing your pumpkins has me itching to go buy some asap… maybe some hay as well :+)

  • kikiverde at

    Those Cinderella pumpkins are truly magical! I can’t wait to start decorating for Fall. It’s still a little early for outdoor decor here as the sun will literally destroy pots of mums and rot pumpkins before October even arrives. You did a great job on the decor!

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