This past week has been quite busy. With the party and beginning to get things ready for spring, my time for blogging has been limited. With spring on its way (even though the ‘calender’ says it’s already here) I do feel re-inspired for the coming months. It’s been a long winter.

Anyway, an update on my seedlings. Things are not going as well as I had hoped. Many of the things I have planted did not come or only three or four (of twenty) came. Needless to say I’m disappointed. I not exactly sure what happened. Its very cold here and I think the temperature has affected some of the seeds. Many just never sprouted, some that did are very tall and skinny (not good). I think some of the seeds go too wet as they eventually turned to mold. Yuck!

So far here’s what worked:



Snapdragons – about 1/3 took (I planted 72). The seedlings are very skinny and tall… this isn’t a good thing. I’m giving them lots of love, light and attention with hopes the will survive.


Begonia – again about 1/3 took (I planted 18). The ones that sprouted are coming along nicely.


Petunias – the worst… I don’t believe any took. I ordered more seeds.


Impatiens – 3 out of 12.


Basil (2 types) – All worked really well. See…

Mint (all varieties) – no success – I have some seeds left. I’ll plant more when it’s a bit warmer and I can set them outside in the sun.


Coleus – All worked really well. I have about 20 total! I love this stuff. Looks beautiful…and it’s just foliage!


Lantana – One of my favorites. Out of 20 only 5 sprouted.


Millet – This was the first to sprout – out of 6 only one survived, but it’s doing great!


Green Envy, Hibiscus, Bells of Ireland – no success (ordered more)


Recently I planted about 7 varieties of geraniums. These are my favorite! I planted them in the bio dome. It’s been about a week and almost every single one has sprouted! I’m so excited! If they all survive I’ll have about 80! Thank goodness something worked!

Next year I will plant EVERYTHING in the biodome! It works so well. Expect for mint. 🙁


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the update and the photos. I promise to post more. I’ll keep you updated on the seedlings.

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