it doesn’t hurt to ask


for as long as i can remember, whenever i needed help, guidance or assistance from someone, and struggled with asking that person, my mom always told me, “it doesn’t hurt to ask”.

Old Charm Gift Shoppe 2012.2

this advice has has helped me in countless situations. i can’t even begin to tell you…

…during my first year of college i was at a satellite campus. normally, the university requires two years before you can move to the main campus. i had the courage to ask and i was transferred after one year.

…when i went to buy a bed and breakfast with very little change in my pocket, i took a chance and asked the bank and other small-business-loan-fund-organizations to take a risk on a guy with a big dream and a big heart. they did. maybe regrettably, as my payments aren’t always prompt, but they did.

…when i asked the editor of a magazine if he needed a ‘resident innkeeper’ to write for his magazine. he did, and now i’m published, in a real magazine.

Old Charm Gift Shoppe 2012.3

if i wouldn’t have asked these questions for fear that i would have heard ‘no’, i honestly don’t know where i’d be. but because i asked, i have a college degree from an amazing school, i own my own dream business and i’m published.

Old Charm Gift Shoppe 2012.4

i don’t know why i’m thinking about this today, but i am, and i hope you don’t mind me sharing. today i find my head and brain are very confused. they are somewhere lost in the clouds. i can’t seem to concentrate. my heart is heavy, but full and delighted at the same time. and i’m not sure if i’m going to throw up or if i have butterflies in my stomach. do you know this feeling?

Old Charm Gift Shoppe  2012.1

if you’ve been following along on facebook and/or twitter you know that i’ve finally emptied my shoppe of christmas and i’m planning for new things and the spring (hence, all the gift shoppe pictures).

i think this is why my head and heart are a bit bewildered.

even the weather has me perplexed. it’s the end of january and it’s 51 degrees and sunny outside. it’s wonderful and amazing and i’m not complaining, but it gives me pause.

Old Charm Gift Shoppe 2012.6

on top of all of this, over the past couple of days i’ve been receiving a flood of the most amazing emails from new and old followers of the blog. your words have utterly warmed my heart and have left me completely twitterpated. word can not express my gratitude.

Old Charm Gift Shoppe 2012.7

i suppose i feel like i’m on the verge of something great. that in some weird way i’m ready, or being pushed towards another dream, and this has me so excited. yet, i’m scared and cautious. i have responsibilities here. i have bills to pay. i have job to do. i have to remain focused.

Old Charm Gift Shoppe 2012.5

thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do what i do. for listening to my stories. for excusing my often poor grammar and spelling. for looking at my pictures. and for your amazing words of encouragement and praise.

thank you, more specifically to wonderful people like shannon who has featured me on her blog today.  her kind words and comments from her followers had me crying like a baby as i was sipping on my coffee earlier today.

thank you to donna who inspires me with her stories (most recently this one) and her journey. her help, support and friendship over the past several months has been invaluable.

and thank you to the newly discovered ‘life as an artistpreneur‘ who reminded me this morning that it doesn’t hurt to ask, that i should not fear the word ‘no.’ that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’

Old Charm Gift Shoppe 2012.8

thank you. thank you. thank you.

here’s to a beautiful today and an even brighter tomorrow!

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  • Funnelcloud Rachel at

    LOVE this, Michael – perhaps my favorite post of yours yet! What a wonderful reminder from an inspiring guy! Keep up the good work, I’m sure more good things are coming your way!

  • jen messler at

    i am so happy to have found you in this maze that is the internet
    <3 <3 <3

  • {northern cottage} at

    ahhhh what a beautiful post….so glad to have been alongside you for this ride you’re on. I’m sure it sometimes feels like a roller coaster but hold on tight and have FUN! You deserve every little wonderful thing that comes your way! xo

  • Debra from Bungalow at

    Hi Michael, there’s just something about your blog/you that draws people in. At least I was. We want more projects, recipes, decorating …maybe because you’re a guy, I dunno. You’re talented that’s for sure so maybe you are on the verge of something big! Keep your dreams alive! I’d love to do a feature on you and your inn on my blog too, let me know.

  • happy little cottage at

    Hi Michael Keeping focus can be so difficult when there are so many amazing things you want to do! Or maybe it’s just this amazingly warm weather at the end of January? 🙂 Love the photos and I know the shoppe is going to be fabulous!!

  • slip4 at

    If those are photos of what you will be selling…oh my. I think the sooner you open an online store, the better! Thanks for sharing today. You are so very talented and it’s nice to have a peek at your thoughts.

  • Victory Garden Yarn at

    LOVE this post! You are in such a positive and amazing place! I have an inkling of that ‘I don’t know what’s happening but it feels right’ kind of thing in my life right now, and I cannot wait to see where it goes!

  • Carrie Rosalind at

    Beautiful post today and just what I needed to hear. “No” is a scary word, but necessary in life. I need to ask more often because sometimes the answer might be YES!

  • Anonymous at

    You are so sweet….your light just shines through! best of luck! Sharon

  • Dawn at

    Hi my name is Dawn. i started following you on pintrest and find that you inspire me. I am a simple person. A country bumpkin if you will living in my little spot in the world. I think I love this blog. I am going to school now after raising two girls. I am trying with all I have. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed today then I saw this link and there you were. It gave me a boost, so thank you for that little blessing of inspiration. In the words of Pan “I believe….”

  • Deb @ Paper Turtle at

    You’re welcome, Michael. Something tells me your current bliss is well deserved. Enjoy it and ride that wave!!!

  • Beth at

    I remember a quote that goes something like, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”- so if you’re scared, it’s a good thing!

    The photos of some the items in your shoppe look very refreshing, especially while we’re having such mild spring-like weather here too. LOVE those cake stands and the blown glass in the last photo. So yummy!

  • leny frog at

    I so look forward to your pins and have made it a habit to read your blog. You inspire me! which lately I have needed. So thank you!
    Linda, aka lenyj

  • Shannon at

    You deserve all of it Michael, you are so talented and you clearly, pardon my french, buss your ass to make pretty stuff happen everywhere. I can’t wait to see what happens next, because I know it’s going to be awesome!

  • Anonymous at

    So glad I found your blog, when I read your words it’s like listening to an old friend, you speak right from your heart and that is why we enjoy it so much. Although I’m much older than you, you’ve taught me alot about courage and following your dreams. Keep up the good work

  • Eclectic Momma at

    I just stumbled upon your blog maybe a couple of weeks ago…..and I came back to it tonight…..and I had tears in my eyes reading your blog. You are soooo inspiring, you are so pure and natural..Thank you for being you and being here to inspire others.

    I have had a bad time in the past couple of months on my photography and other creative issues….and wondered why I was doing it and thinking I was wasting my time and felt like giving up….after this…it just pushed me more…..Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! The world needs more people like you, to make life brighter and beautiful!!!

  • LetterstoLauren at

    This post definitely hit home with me, as this past week I’ve been in and out of the hospital after having gall bladder surgery. Luckily I have a great support system, so if I need help while I’m recovering, all I have to do is ask and they’ll be there for me.

    I also understand what you mean about having a dream. I recently started my blog with hopes of reaching young girls like my sister who is currently in the Maryland foster care system. All I had to do was have the courage to share my story, and ask my friends and family to read my blog, and so far it has received a great response from people everywhere.

    I love your blog and its simplicity and color. Keep it up!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    I hate that I missed this post. Michael.. you are so very welcome! But thank YOU. You’ve shown me that when the chips are down, it really IS possible to do it all, just like you’re doing. You amazing me every single minute of every day. You do everything so well! It’s a joy watching your climb. 🙂

    Now… keep going!


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