Isn’t She Lovely?


Well, I’m happy to report I’m making progress in my room. All of my least favorite parts are now complete.

Prep work, done! Trim painting, done! Ceiling painting, done! New light fixture, done! In terms of painting, only the walls remain. I couldn’t be happier!

Anyway, check out my new light fixture! 

Inspired By Charm

Isn’t she lovely?

I actually found this fixture thanks to Pinterest. I tell you, Pinterest is my lifesaver these days. This morning I spotted a fantastic new haircut! Anyway, this fixture is the Marmont Pendant from Serena & Lily


Inspired By Charm

I hadn’t heard of Serena & Lily until recently, but they have some beautiful products. When I was on their site this morning, I looked at their new fall items. Stunning. Anyway, back to my light. 

Inspired By Charm

It kind of reminds me of a gold disco ball. It’s funny, because I swore off anything gold or brass for the longest time. Lately, however, I am completely obsessed with anything gold, and I do mean OBSESSED. Anyone else?

Inspired By Charm

It’s amazing how a fresh coat of ceiling paint and a new light fixture can dramatically change a space. Let’s just take a quick look at the before…

Inspired By Charm

And the after…

Inspired By Charm

Pretty remarkable, right? I’m officially in love. My next step is to install a dimmer switch so that I can create some dramatic mood lighting. Check out the pattern it throws on the ceiling. It’s just beautiful. 

Inspired By Charm

So, that’s my new fixture. What do you think? 

My goal is to finish painting by Monday. I’d like it to be sooner, but this weekend is a bit crazy, and my painting time will be limited. 

Speaking of weekends, I hope you all have a terrific one! Since most of you liked my picture of Sebastian last time, here’s another heart-melting shot. 

Inspired By Charm

I mean, c’mon! 

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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  • Tonya Diehl at

    LOVE the new light fixture!! GORGEOUS!!

  • Kim a. at

    I am in love with all of the Serena and lily light fixtures (and everything else they make too!) that looks beee-you-tiful! And cutest kitties ever 🙂

  • natalie at


  • Jodi at

    OK, I will admit that the light fixture is quite nice, but what I really like are the two sweet kitties! Heart-meltingly cute.

  • Jenn at

    Hey, we have the same blog background! Great taste 😉 Seriously though I DIE over this light and am also a more recent convert back to all things gold and brass! I’ve had to be careful to edit how much to put in my house because I just want it EVERYWHERE!

  • NoPo QuirkyMomma at

    The light fixture is gorgeous! It’s illuminates the room, which is so much more inviting over simple light. I wish I had higher ceilings so I could have a lovely fixture like that.

  • Single Stone Studios at

    Really loving the fixture! Beautiful!

  • Patty at

    Michael ! You didn’t give us the name of the gray ? What a sweet picture. Much like my guys !

  • Elle at

    Those a two lucky cats!!

  • Lorinda at

    It really does make a big difference in the look of the room. I love the light it casts on the ceiling- does it cast the same pattern on the floor?

  • slip4 at

    Amazing light fixture! the room just keeps getting better and better 🙂

  • Mary at

    It’s gorgeous! This room is going to be amazing!

  • Miss Charming at

    Absolutely love the light! Simply beautiful. (And the cute kitties!)

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    It’s looking so great. That light has pizzaz.

  • Ali Richardson at

    SO gorgeous!!! I am in love with that light!! Cute kitties 🙂

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