wow. so i just got the new vivaterra catalog in the mail yesterday and i want about 60% of the things in the catalog. although, while i love this catalog, in my opinion, some of their prices are just absurd! i don’t understand how things can cost that much. honestly.

anyway. here are seven of my favorite things. some are actually priced appropriately or on sale. others may just act as inspiration.


Inspired By Charm



Railroad Tie Console Table

more of an inspiration piece here. not paying $800! anyone know how to weld? love this whole collection.



Inspired By Charm

Succulent Wreath

i like one pictured in the catalog better. again, total inspiration piece. i’m loving all the new wall gardens/living walls. have you seen them? cool. right? (oh and i just subscribe to that magazine. told you i was obsessed!)



Inspired By Charm

Black River Stone Mat

Not sure i’d like this for a bathroom, but i’ll take two! one for my front door and one for the back. they are on sale and the price seem somewhat reasonable.




Inspired By Charm

Temple Bells

these are actually one of my favorites. again, on sale and a pretty good price. i’m going to save up for these. i think they would look ah-mazing hung from my trees (once they get a bit bigger of course [i do want to find a little buddha for back there too!).



Inspired By Charm

Buddha Bowl

awesome idea! just love these (in the white of course). i’d use mine for cereal. i actually have some large mouth mugs and i don’t like them for coffee/tea. the wide opening seems to make the beverage go cold to quick … but i love a handled cereal bowl!



Inspired By Charm

Pink Quill Volcano Plant

such a cool plant. planted in a lava rock of sort that holds moisture. too cool. too cool.



Inspired By Charm

Topiary Garden Forms

i freakin’ love topiary forms! of any shape and size. i’m just so attracted to them. and these ones are just great, and on sale! love it!


i hope you likes my finds. what were your favorites?

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  • Belle (from Life of a...) at

    I’ve been eyeing the plant on the lava rock thingy for the last couple of catalogues. I’m trying to be strong…

  • Krista at

    hands down, that wreath is my fav!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    How jealous will you be if I told you that my hubby has distressed wood, an old metal bed frame and a welder in the garage to make me a coffee table like that first picture. You know, hypothetically? 😉

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