hey everyone! hope you had a nice weekend. it snowed here and was/is quite cold. i honestly can’t take it anymore. spring/summer, wherever you are, please hurry.

thank goodness for my cozy quilt, tv and a good book. speaking of tv, do you watch sarah’s house on hgtv? it is by far, sorry candice, my favorite show on that network. sadly (or maybe not so much), it has become the highlight of my week! and let me tell you, this week didn’t fail.

if you don’t know, this woman (Sarah Richardson), buys a house (or in this case a farm) and resigns the whole thing. you could say she’s a ‘house flipper’, but she’s so much more than that.

this week she did the main bath in her farm house.


Inspired By Charm

stunning right? and i got goosebumps when she used gray and yellow. (remember i mentioned i wanted a grey and yellow room) and my goosebumps got goosebumps when she did it with a country twist. amazing.

Inspired By Charm

this bathroom isn’t huge on space, but she takes advantage of every inch she can. i love that. i can’t ever imagine living in a big house where it’s a struggle to fill every space. i love a smaller home where you actually use every room and take advantage of every space…comfy and cozy. anyway, the vanity is an old workbench she painted, added a marble top and sink. perfect. vintage light fixtures and a marble floor. so cool.


Inspired By Charm


told you it was country. look at that sweet duck! (well, it’s kinda ugly…kinda, but i think that’s why i like it!)


Inspired By Charm


a beautiful modern shower with glass enclosure. see the black stripe in there? they are little bitty black tiles with subway tile below and a molding tile above… brilliant!


Inspired By Charm


and the clawfoot tub. amazing. totally vintage with a fresh coat of yellow paint. beautiful. and those curtains. super pricey ( i think $130 a yard.. wow!) but totally worth it right?


so, there are several pages you can check Sarah out. please be prepared to be inspired. Here’s the list. (spoiler alert… be warned if you are watching the show… it actually airs in Canada first, so some of the images on these sites are showing images of rooms that haven’t aired yet on hgtv in the state. not a huge deal, but i was a little disappointed to see some of the spaces finished before seeing the process on tv.)


anyway, here you go. i’d love to know what you think!


HGTV Canada – Sarah’s House

HGTV – Sarah’s House (and i personally hate the HGTV (US) website.

not user friendly … at all. agh.

Sarah Richardson Website

Sarah’s House on Facebook


oh, and my friend, kim, over at newlywoodwards did a great post about sarah last week. check it out!

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  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I love it. I love her.

    I’m a big fan of the clawfoot tub, and believe it or not, we just looked at an old bungalow with a clawfoot tub. Just gorgeous.

  • Emily Kate at

    Beautiful bathroom. Love the floor, the vanity countertops and the rustic country details. Especially that little duck — I can’t resist things that are so ugly that they are cute or awesome in some other way.

  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    the yellow is actually quite calming. i love the bathtub – i actually never saw a yellow footed bathtub before!

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