good afternoon all. yesterday i was over here reading and saw this book hiding in the background. so i did a little research and i’m glad i did. i feel like i discovered a needle in a haystack. (even though this was much easier as it was basically staring me in the face.) anyway, while doing my research i found that design*sponge just did a post about this a week ago and even though i faithful follow their posts i somehow missed it. maybe it’s this new google reader thing i’m using. anyone else miss stuff with this program? ah. focus michael.

back to outstanding in the field have you heard/seen this yet? man, if i had an extra $180 laying around i would by a ticket yesterday. just a warning, i may not explain this as well as i should, that’s why i’m trying to include lots of links and there is a video at the end of this post.

what is outstanding in the field? basically it’s a traveling restaurant that brings together local farmers, chefs, winemakers, food artists, etc. they travel all over (you can see if they will be near you here), set up large winding and beautiful tables in the middle of fields, farms, even beaches and serve food made by local chefs grown at local farms.

it’s all about connecting to the environment. being one with nature. seeing where your food comes from. (and drinking a little wine) does this not sound and look amazing?


the man that created the idea, Jim Denevan, is so talented on so many levels. he’s a ‘maker of moments.’ i am so thankful that there are people like this in the world.


and his talent doesn’t stop there. you need to watch this video (yes, it is a bit long, but it’s good). He creates these sand drawings that will blow your mind! and there’s a book too! maybe not this year, but someday i will attend one of these dinners (i need to add it to my goals). it really does seem magical. right? think they’d come to little St. Marys? i won’t hold my breath.

if you go.. or have gone.. please tell us about it! i’d love to hear more.


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  • Mary at

    Hi Michael! I asked if they would ship…but they were not really interested. One of the guys is 76, and one is 80 so I think it is just too much for them to handle. I would be happy to though, just let me know. One of the fixtures is much larger than the other. The smaller one is like a “mini” pendant. I should have thought to measure them when I was there. Duh! Anyway, let me know if you are seriously interested. The large one was $375, the smaller $175. Sooo cheap for chandis of that style. I would just take them to a pack and ship for shipping. Let me know…email me if you are interested! ~mary~

  • Angela at

    Congratulations on getting the tickets. This reminds me of that PBS program about folks eating, connecting and appreciating the farmer, etc. I think it’s called The Perfect Feast of the Feast-something like that. You are going to have a blast!

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