did you get april’s issue of country living magazine yet? if not…. spoiler alert!


i have a ‘thing’ for magazines. one of these days i’ll share my collection with you. country living has been a favorite, even more so over the past year with their new editor-in-chief. i’m glad it held strong while a lot of our other favorite magazine folded.



anyway… back to country living. this issue features and article about jon carloftis. he lives in buck county, pa… which is a beautiful area, right outside Philadelphia, PA. i visited there many times. he’s a garden designer, which is obvious by the photos of his house. i am seriously in love with every image.

so simple, but so cool! right? it seems like such a random combination of things, but i’m sure each detail was very specific. why can’t i do that!? and, i love the white painted floors. LOVE. when i get the courage i’m going to do this in my kitchen.


this is an path framed by bradford pear trees. this is seriously one of the most beautiful things! i wish i had a spot where i could do this. there is another (similar) image below i may…will.. attempt.


loving this bedroom too! every detail. i just love it. i’ve been seeing a lot of vintage portraits lately and i think they amazing. i need to add that to my antiquing list! and the pine cones in place of finials. brilliant. just brilliant.

so far so good, right? it gets better! he has a grown-up tree house! check it out.

and check out the inside! ah-mazing!

a little patio with trees in planters. this is something i’ve wanted to do for a while. i don’t have a lot of yard here and this would be an ideal idea to soften all the hard edges.

and he turned his garage into the most amazing potting shed. i am so jealous…

and this is what i’m going to try. hopefully. behind my house i have a small strip of a planting bed. right now, hidden blow the snow, i’m growing a bunch of weeds around a really old fence made of railroad ties. its needs to go. i’d show you a picture, but i’m honestly too embarrassed. so this is the plan. four trees, either these (which are river birch) or the pear trees from the picture above. some beautiful ground cover (eliminates the need to weed), a bench, a pot or two…. and done.

i’m doing it. nothing can’t stop me. well, expect for the snow.

images are my own, courtesy of Country Living or from here.

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  • Krista at

    the pinecone idea is great, do you have to treat the pinecones or coat them with anything first? Stupid question i’m sure, but does stuff like that rot away and fall apart eventually?

  • jan at

    Love everything about this too, i can see why you like it. Good luck on your venture.

  • Michael - Innkeeper at

    @Krista – thanks for your comment! I’m actually not sure. it probably would hurt to give them a quick coat of clear polyurethane. it could also look neat to paint them to match if you have a white, black, etc.. poster bed!

  • EntertainingMom at

    Stunning blog. I’ll be back for sure. As for the soap, have you ever tried Mrs. Meyer’s? NOTHING like it. NOTHING. You must look for it. Then you can thank me! 🙂

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