it’s the middle of february and i am completely and utterly sick of the snow and cold weather. i love planting things. watching things grow. so the winter especially sucks. i enjoy following this blog where this woman lives in california. her life is so colorful. almost magical. anyway, the other day she posted a picture of herself surrounded by green. i was jealous. california, here i come.

after sometime on her sweet blog i was wondered aimlessly on etsy, I discovered these ah-mazing terrarium balls. and i was inspired.


picture found at LBrandt

i’m not a huge fan of air plants (they look like the may come alive an attack me in my sleep or something – they just seem unnatural). i also hate spending money on something i can do myself. (no offensive etsy seller) so i did some research and found the little glass orbs for a steal here. great, right? i had dirt (who doesn’t) so that was free. i mixed some stones into the dirt (free again) to create some sort of drainage. necessary? i’m not sure.

i had a couple succulents in a planter that i brought inside for the winter (which is super cool too. i’ll have to show you it another time. after it gets back outside. its looking a little sad. i think it’s ready for the winter to be over too.) anyway, so I just cut the succulents and put them in the dirt. supposedly they should root this way. ‘they’ say not to water the succulent clipping when you first plant them as the plant stores water in it leaves. then as time passes you can start to water.

i also found this string of pearls succulent here. (looks like there are none available at this time.) This flower ^ came after I planted the clippings, so it must be doing ok. oh, and this etsy seller is amazing. quick shipping, affordable price and they included directions for how to plant! awesome.

so, here’s what i came up with.

I must admit one of the succulents did have an untimely death (even before photos were taken). I think it was too drafty near this particular window. just about that time, my mom got me the cutest fern, so i decided to try planting that in the orb instead. this is test. so far, so good. i’ll keep you posted.

they are suspended by fishing line on a hook i screwed into the trip. (it’s hard to see in the pics) of course the older, yet more practical generation that sees these creations ask, ‘how are you going to water that?’ well, it actually super easy. just take them down (there are little holes in the top) and slowly pour the water in…slowly is key. then wipe off the glass. it’s really simple. and succulents seem to be pretty low maintenance, so that’s even better.

this is all still a big experiment. but i like that. and if it works out in the end, even better. i’ll keep you posted.

oh, and I made these for breakfast today. (thanks for the recipe idea room!) i, of course, jazzed mine up with some lemon zest and vanilla. not the best muffins i’ve ever had, but pretty darn good.

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  • Krista at

    SO neat! I hope they make it…i want to see them in person!

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