Oh my. Yeah, you read that post title right.

THE Lettered Cottage is doing a feature on Inspired by Charm today on their blog.

Inspired By Charm

I. Could. Die.

For years I have adored The Lettered Cottage, and obviously still do. They are part of the reason I blog. I have been inspired countless times by them. I am in love with their house and all their projects.

It seems that everything they touch turns into gold.

Inspired By Charm

Their spaces feel like home. Their style has ‘the lettered cottage’ written all over it. It’s light and airy, yet warm and cozy. I know, I know, I probably don’t need to tell you this … I’m just gushing here.

To have my little blog be featured on their ginormous blog feels like i just won the a gold medal in the olympics. Seriously. That’s honestly what I’d compare it too. It is such an amazing honor. I literally don’t have the words to explain how exciting this is for me. If you need me I’ll be dancing in my kitchen the rest of the day.

Inspired By Charm

With this I want  to offer a big ‘inspired by charm’ welcome to all the wonderful people visiting from The Lettered Cottage.

Welcome and make yourself at home. There are lovely links all around, so feel free to click away. You can check out some of the things i create …. and what i’m working on in my house/inn … you can read more about me here … and here … if you love cooking and baking you can check out some of my yummy creations here … and if you like quilting i’m giving that a shot, you can see how i’m progressing here. Told you… lots of great stuff.

And a giant bear hug to all my followers, new and old! You guys and gals are the best! I’m so grateful for four amazing support, constant encouragement and praise. You rock! I love you all so much! Please head over to my little feature and leave some comments. Maybe they’ll have me back sometime! Thank you!!

And mostly importantly an incredibly huge thank you to Layla and Kevin of The Lettered Cottage.

Inspired By Charm

I am truly honored and humbled to be a part of your beautiful blog. You inspire me to take risks and to think outside the box. You’ve shown me that white walls are beautiful and that good design doesn’t have to cost millions.

But, most importantly, you’ve reminded that everything must be done from the heart, because that’s what makes a house a home.


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  • Megan at

    Congrats on the big feature! love your work :). I follow you both!

  • The DIY Show Off at

    Congratulations on the well deserved feature, Michael! I saw yesterday that you’ll be attending Haven – wondering if we’ll be on the same flight? We’ll have to talk before then. 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • Melinda Wedding at

    You brought a serious bit of sunshine to my day–you are such a gift! Got you on my feed reader and on Pinterest. Thank you!

  • Elena at

    I love this blog! I find most of my fav’s through the Lettered Cottage. They haven’t failed me yet.

  • Julia at

    Congratulations Michael! You have great taste and I really enjoy your blog:). I have been a follower for a while and just found you on Pinterest! Yay!


  • Dottie at

    Love your blog and all of your creative designs!!

  • Cathy at

    I popped in to visit ‘the Lettered Cottage’ today and saw the post on your B&B in St. Mary’s. I was blown away because my Grandparents lived in St. Mary’s and my dad grew up there. If you have Wolfe or Foster in your lineage I bet we are realted, twelfth cousins or something! I haven’t been back since my Grandpa died, but if I do I’ll stop in to be inspired.

  • Pam at

    Visiting for the first time thanks to the post on TLC! Lucky me! I LOVE your style and I’ll be adding you to the list of blogs I follow!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Such a well deserved honour, Michael! It was only a matter of time until you were ‘discovered’. Let the fun REALLY begin now! 🙂

    Applauding all the way from Canada,

  • Sally Rountree at

    My first time on your blog, Michael, and I’m hooked! Congrats, you deserve it! Sally

  • Shauna at

    I also found you through TLC….and as much as I adore them…YOU are an inspiration! Owning an inn/shop is exactly what I’ve wanted to do since I was a B&B housekeeper in highschool. Well done, looking forward to spending all day reading your blog!

  • Sherry at

    Yay for you! You deserve it…you are talented and fun. I am happy for you. Can’t wait to go see what they say…

  • The Rooster And The Hen at

    Stopping by from Bungalow and just love your style and photographs – simply stunning! Congrats on the features. PS, we’re partial to dude bloggers too…

  • Mary at

    I just came over to visit from TLC. You have a beautiful blog and fantastic style. So glad to have found you. I will definitely be following!

  • InMyOwnStyle at

    Hi Michael –
    I am not surprised at all by you getting all these features. You got style!!! Lots of it and you are so very refreshing! I love when I see your posts pop up in my reader. Wishing you lots of continued success.

    My best- Diane

  • Anonymous at

    Oh Michael, I LOVE your blog!!! I was just introduced by Layla and Kevin over on the Lettered Cottage and I’ll be following you from now on! Keep up the good work…you’re inspirational!


  • Mrs.B at

    I love the Lettered Cottage too…but YAY for You. You’re being featured because your style is awesome…I just LOVE how you put things together and they work. So cool! LOVE IT!

  • Alexis at

    That is awesome! I am not surprised, though your blog is beautiful.

  • sharger99 at

    Facebooked it and repined it. Hope everyone comes to visit!

  • slip4 at

    Woot! I LOVE TLC and will go check out your post now. Congratulations!

  • Sixty-Fifth Avenue at

    Hello, just found you through the lettered cottage. I was wowed and inspired by some of your projects and I’m looking forward to looking around a bit. Nice to “meet” you.


  • DeidraD at

    I found you via TLC and I am so happy I did! I love (seriously LOVE) your sunny handmade sign for your Garden Room. I recently completed my first handmade sign project and look forward to many more…yours was such an inspiration! I will be reading your blog from now on!

  • Elisabeth @ joggerslife.com at

    New reader from TLC–can’t wait to check our all of your stuff…but you had me at ‘chevron wall’!

  • Dixie Sargent Redmond at

    I love it when one creative person highlights another. It’s such a beautiful thing. I’m so happy to have found your blog…so many wonderful things to discover.


  • Colette at

    Love it! You are so talented! You deserve it 🙂 Congrats!!!!

  • Amy at

    Hello! I wandered over here from TLC and I adore your blog already. I cannot wait to read more! Also, I’m not so far from you and we’re always looking for a good B&B and am going to need a visit!

  • Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality at

    Hi, Michael, so nice to meet you! I think we follow each other on Facebook & I am just now discovering your beautiful blog through Kevin & Layla. How fun this blog world is! Can’t wait to check out all your pages and get to know you better too. Congrats on the features! I’ve been hearing about Michael for the last couple of days & now I know why!

  • Susie from Bienvenue at

    Hi there! Just wanted to drop by and let you know that any friend of Laylas is a friend of mine. So nice to meet you. I have some catching up to do. Keep up the great work!

  • Christa at

    Hello IBC … Wonderful new discovery!! Immediately put your blog in “my favorites”, thanks TLC.

  • Shari @ turnstylevogue.com at

    Congrats to you. Your blog is spectacular! I think you are living everybody’s dream with the B&B. I’m a new follower. Please stop by and say hi!


  • Krista at

    This is amazing! I wish I could tell you i’m surprised though, you’re unbelievably talented. Super proud of you 🙂

  • Susan and Mark at

    Found you via TLC-always so much fun to find a new-to-me blog!

    Your ideas are fabulous, BTW.

    I totally get how you could both love and be indifferent about your lifestyle choices( small town here, too-5000 people.)

    That jam sounds divine…and I have new pinterest boards to follow ♥

    Happy Saturday!

  • debbie refresh restyle at

    Congratulations! You know I’ve admired you for a while and still do! You deserve the recognition, you are such a great inspiration! I also love The Lettered Cottage!

  • Jennifer at

    Visiting from TLC and I’m so glad I did! Your blog is lovely. Can’t wait to read more. Congratulations!

  • Lettered Cottage at

    Well aren’t you just the sweetest thing!
    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to blog about your inspiring project, Michael. So glad we “met” you on Twitter! 😀

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