hey everyone!

you may have noticed i am a new flickr user. so far, i’m loving it! it’s been a great way to add pictures to my blog posts and it’s another way to connect with people. and what’s better than connecting through beautiful pictures!? love that!

Old Charm Gift Shoppe - Spring 2012

i noticed a couple other bloggers had groups setup where readers/followers could post pictures of things they created that were inspired by something they saw on their blog.

with that thought i mind i decided to make an ‘inspired by charm flickr group‘.

IBC flickr group

you can join the group and upload pictures of things you made or things you are working on that were inspired by something you saw here at inspired by charm. maybe you’re making a sign or baking a breakfast treat or painting a chevron wall. i really would love to see what your making!

Old Charm Gift Shoppe - Spring 2012

depending on how many photos are added i will do a bi-weekly or monthly post showcasing some of my favorites. i will also tweet, pin and Facebook your pictures too.

sound like a plan?

Old Charm Gift Shoppe - Spring 2012

you do need a flickr account to post pictures to the group. though, it is fairly easy to setup an account and there is no cost.

Old Charm Gift Shoppe - Spring 2012

you’re welcome to check out my flickr pictures and start posting in the group whenever you’d like. i can’t wait to see how this unfolds. and thanks so much for sharing your pictures with me!

Old Charm Gift Shoppe - Spring 2012

have a fantastic weekend!

Inspired By Charm

and thanks for indulging in more of my gift shoppe photos. can you tell i’m ready for spring!?

Inspired By Charm       Inspired By Charm  

Inspired By Charm

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  • Carri Wright at

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE….. your new banner on your blog… it’s awesome! I love the colors and the whole design of it..

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