i’m trying to fight a cold and i am certainly not winning … and this weather isn’t helping. i put on shorts and flip flops this morning and now i feel like i need a winter coat. i’m not sure if it’s the actual weather or my cold, but somethings gotta give. just not feeling myself. i think a week of sunshine would do me us all some good. but, sadly, i don’t see it in our forecast. oh well. must. trudge. on.

anyway, back to business. i’m still working on my pile of magazines. if you are just going me, you can read part 1 here.  here’s some goodies for today. enjoy!


no. 1 – Family Circle (i didn’t actually order this subscription – i think i comes as a result of Country Home [which i miss so much] going under.)

i was shocked when i actually starting flipping through it a couple months back that they actually had some sense of style.

Inspired By Charm


I can appreciate the black walls in this picture, but they really aren’t for me. what i do like though are the chairs! i am learning that when using color i defiantly prefer vivid colors over more subdued.



Inspired By Charm


i really like this bedroom too! so fresh and cheery. i’m thinking this could service as a nice inspiration photo for when i go to redo the ‘Master Bedroom.’ what do ya think?



no. 2 – Country Gardens


i love me a good succulent! and this 3 foot tall rustic urn filled with Angelina Sedum does not disappoint. i loving mixing plants in my pots, but sometimes one type of flower/plant in a pot is just brilliant!


Inspired By Charm


when trying to find this picture i found this link for some really beautiful succulent gardens and the names of the plants used. check it out.

this is my succlent garden. i started it two years ago. i bring it inside in the winter. it was looking a little sad this year, so i just added some more/new plants. i’ll show you it when its a little more filled in.


Inspired By Charm




no. 3 – Better Homes and Gardens

back in january, bhg did a little feature on the beautiful home of Sherily Wright. turns out she’s a fellow blogger and i’ve been following her ever sense.


Inspired By Charm


her house and photos actually remind me a bit of posie gets cozy, who i also love. (her blog is actually the blog that inspired me to start blogging. i think it may have been the first blog i ever read. and i’m still reading it. she always inspires me.) anyway…



Inspired By Charm


everything looks just so clean and cozy. comfortable. homey. lived in. love the look.


Inspired By Charm

this is my favorite. i would love to start a collection of globes. aren’t the colors beautiful?


all images are from her blog, lovelydesign. check it out.


that’s it for today. i need a nap … but sadly … i’m horrible at napping, well unless my three month old niece is sleeping in my arms.

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