wow. what difference a week makes. things have slowed down a bit around these parts. i’m actually guest free for the next couple of days, which is sort of bittersweet i suppose. i do take advantage of my ‘free’ time. in between catching up on laundry, taking my time to clean rooms and maybe painting the ceiling in my hall tomorrow.

last night i actually made time to go through some of the magazine in my stack. finally! (it actually about doubled since my last post – between new magazines and others scatter around the house.) i usually wait a bit (about a year) before going through older magazine, tearing out pages i want and tossing the rest. but last night i couldn’t resist. anything older than two months is going!

so, what i decided to do for my posts this week, is to share some of my favorite finds (in hopes they may inspire you too). i do apologize because the pictures may not be the greatest as some may be pictures of magazines, but i’ll to my best in trying to find images online.



alright, so here goes.

no. 1 – House Beautiful
i love that each issue features an amazing cookbook (and a recipe from ina garten in another section)

this particular month’s cookbook was Salt to Taste (and from what i can tell it’s italian. and i love italian.)

Inspired By Charm


although i need to learn how to do more of this … i love the idea behind the book …. ‘ that great food is not the product of sticking rigidly to exact measurements. the best cooks rely mainly on their senses.’ love it. and the reviews on amazon seem great too! anyone have this gem? thoughts?

no. 2 – Canadian House & Home (my free sample issue – too expensive to ship to the US – ouch.)

do you ever see something in a magazine and fall in love instantly but know in the back of your mind, just by looking at it, you will never be able to afford it? well… that’s what happened with these chandeliers. but it is nice to dream.

Inspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By Charm

beautiful right? they would match the fixtures in my house perfectly. just love them (wipes drool from chin). i’m afraid to research the price, so i didn’t, but they are from a company called South Hill Home and are part of their ochre collection.

no. 3 – This Old House

and here comes a picture of a picture. can you see it?

Inspired By Charm

it’s a totem pole made from stacked stone. i think it would look ah-mazing in my little garden out back. supposedly you can glue stone, one on top of the other, with a two-part masonry epoxy. (Conap K-20 EasyPoxy clear epoxy). it then goes on to say that taller structures should have a hole drilled through with a hammer drill then treaded on a pole. wow. sounds a bit complicated, but still looks super cool. maybe i can tackle this in a couple years. i don’t even know what i hammer drill is and god knows i’d end up with a rock expoxy-ed to my hand.

no. 4 – House Beautiful … i think

i know, it may be a bit much…

Inspired By Charm

…but i just freakin’ LOVE it! white/creamy walls. beadboard ceiling. black and white photos in red frames with white mats. i have goosebumps. i think this is one of those things you either love or hate … and as i said, i freakin’ love it.

that’s it for today, but there will be plenty more this week! and plenty i won’t have room and/or time to show… maybe another time. i would love to know what you think or what your favorites are. feel free to share.

have a fabulous week friends!

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  • Robin at

    I love the totem pole idea. It’s amazing! I say go for it – and wear gloves!

    Love the wallway gallery too – hearts going pitter-patter. It’s just too lovely!

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