i love searching the internet and my favorite blogs to see what treasures people have found and created. the other day i came across this image and immediately thought of my sister-in-law. it looked just like her. i quickly emailed her the picture, and as expected, she liked it too.

i love the mix of old and new. love it. i also think the idea of putting this shelf above a door is interesting as that space is usually wasted. you could create this shelf fairly easy with an old piece of wood and a couple brackets (bought or make your own). custom and homemade is always a little extra special…at least i think.

this morning i was looking through the new west elm catalog and stumbled across a similar image. sorry for the poor quality on this image. i took a picture of the catalog (couldn’t find the image online [page 40 of their March catalog])

here they used a really clean and modern shelf with some neat old accessories (and a couple new). an old paint brush some other wooden things… maybe candle molds… and some aluminum cylinders found here.

just by doing a quick ebay search i came up with these items that would look really neat on a shelf. all images are from ebay. i would include links by most of the auctions are ending soon.

search: vintage alarm clock

search: old paint brush (this is actually a print block with an image of a paint brush)

search: wood plane

search: old paint brush


most of these items were under $10 with shipping. but i’m sure if your searched around your house (or head to your local goodwill) you could find things even cheaper.

sometimes you need to look at the shapes and/or color of your objects rather than what the object actually is. i think that’s what make these two above shelves really simple. all the items work together really nicely. there are basically only 3 colors on each shelf.


i also think the silver element, present on both shelves, is really important. you can find those very cool aluminum cylinders here. or again, use what you have.

so, this post is basically for my sister-in-law, but maybe it will help some of you too. have fun with it. and use what makes you happy. these are only suggestions, not rules.


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  • Nathan and Cari at

    Thank you for always taking the time to find things that inspire me! I am super lucky to have a brother-in-law like you!
    P.S. I ordered the shelf:)

  • Fee-AMore at

    You are so right! The space above the door, is always wasted! I think having a shelf up, is such a great idea. Nice finds, i like the old paint brush idea. It really spunk up so much feel for that space above the door!

  • KatieSPerk at

    These look cool. Space above the door is usually wasted. Both of these examples are interesting ways to incorporate vintage & modern. I like it!and I might just try it.

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