I’ll Be Back Soon!


I’ve decided to take a short break. For the next two weeks (give or take), I’ll be off the blog and Instagram.

(This is a longer-than-usual post, so grab your drink of choice and settle in.)

I'll Be Back Soon!

Let me explain…

Lately (starting last year), I’ve been feeling a bit off. I’ve been struggling with comparisonitis, feeling “not good enough,” poor time management, lack of motivation, fear of failure, procrastination, and the like. If you’ve been following Inspired by Charm for a while now, you know that these aren’t new struggles for me. – I assume some of these things are just part of my makeup. (Lovely, right? Haha.)

However, these struggles have been more intense lately (maybe because of our current world situation), and a reset is in order. I need to take a little time off to look at how I currently spend my days and how I want to spend my days. (This involves less time on my phone and more time creating!) I want to make and do without the fear of failing or disappointing someone. I want to journal and reflect. I want to get a better grasp on my time management and my schedule. I want to rediscover what brings me joy for its own sake.

I write this from a good place. There’s no need to worry. I’m fine. I will be back in a week or two, hopefully, better than ever. It’s been years since I took an intentional break from it all, and I need one. If you’re someone who spends a lot of your day online, I’m certain you know what I mean and how I’m feeling.

Instagram, in particular, has become a challenging place for me these past few months. (I think it’s been worse because most of us are spending more time at home and doing a lot of aimless scrolling. Do you know what I mean?) Recently, I looked at how much time I spend on the app. It averages 2.5 hours a day. That’s 912.5 hours or 38 days per year! (And you don’t even want to know about the time I’m on my phone every day. It’s scary!) I am so thankful for the app because it allows me to connect and share, but I don’t want to spend 38 days of my year on an app, especially when it is time just scrolling and feeling bad, guilty, and not good enough.

I plan to step away for about two weeks. When I was thinking about doing this, one week didn’t feel like long enough. I’m not sure two weeks is enough time either, but that’s the plan for now. (In some ways, I want a month-long or even a year-long hiatus.)

I'll Be Back Soon!

The Plan for My Time Off:

I’m still figuring out my plan for this time. I want to keep it flexible, but here are my thoughts at present:

  • I’m deleting social media (Instagram and Facebook) from my phone. I plan to avoid both for two weeks. And as I continue to think about this plan, it’s making me crazy nervous because there is a part of Instagram that brings me SO MUCH JOY, and I’m going to miss it. Sharing, inspiring, and connecting in positive ways is fuel for me. For example, it was so much fun the other day when I gave folks a tour of my landscaping. I loved all of our conversations in my messages. BUT, I realize I do need better boundaries, and even though it may be difficult, it’s a necessary step. I will probably also be sharing my plans for less phone time once this is all done. The goal is to create steps and a plan to limit how much time I’m staring at my screen.


  • I have a list of projects, recipes, and other things I want to do during this time so I’ll probably continue to “work” (photographing, writing, etc.). However, I want to approach this as a creative time rather than work time. I know that sounds confusing, but I haven’t quite figured out how to manage that yet, so we’ll see.


  • Part of that work will include updating some old blog posts so you might see an old post reemerge on IBC. However, nothing new will be posted.


  • Other things I want to do: clean and organize spaces in my home, paint a room (My office! Stay tuned for that!), spend time outdoors, journal, read, get back in an exercise routine or just move, listen to music (My new Ultimate Folk playlist is coming together beautifully by the way. I’m obsessed!),…The list goes on. Generally speaking, I just want to do things that fuel my soul and fill my heart. It’s not that I haven’t been doing those things; I’ve just forgotten how to do them with intention and focus.


I'll Be Back Soon!

How to Get Your IBC Fix While I Take a Break:

If you’re looking to stay connected in my absence, you have a couple of options:

  • First, I started a new email series where I share some decorating secrets. If you haven’t yet joined that series, you can do so HERE. You’ll get a new email every day for 6 days, so that should give you your IBC fix.


  • Second, I will continue to send out my weekly emails. If you’re not on the IBC Mailing List, you can join HERE.


  • Finally, I post on the IBC Facebook page several times a day. It’s a smattering of both current and past posts. So if you want to follow along with some older posts and maybe catch things you missed, join me there.


Ultimately, I hope to be able to set new goals and new boundaries for myself regarding social media, work, and phone use by the end of these two weeks. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I know that I will be taking more time off Instagram. Perhaps I won’t post on weekends or maybe I’ll just limit my scrolling time. We’ll see.

I will also be adjusting my work and personal schedule. I’ve decided to add more me-time. I want to schedule time to paint or draw, to read, to visit interesting local places, museums, and restaurants (when they open) that have been on my “To-Visit” List. There’s just so much I’d rather be doing that’s more life-giving than staring at my phone. I’m on a mission to bring more joy into my days and contentment into my life. I want to fall back in love with my work and how I spend my time.


I'll Be Back Soon!

Want To Know How This Hiatus Goes?

If you want to hear more about this, it’s likely that when I return I will share a bit about my experience and time away. It might be a disaster and I’ll fail miserably, or it might (hopefully) be a wild success and I’ll walk away with a fresh perspective, a clearer mind, better habits, and more tools and ideas to share with all of you.

Until then, you will be missed. Please take care of yourself. Be safe and stay healthy. I will see you soon!

Sending you lots of e-love!

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  • Terry at

    Enjoy your time away! Your blog is very beautiful, but everyone needs a break from their routine once in a while. See you when you get back!

    • Lora at

      Please remember that there is no failing, as long as you try. There is succeeding or learning from a mistake, but there is no failures. You are far from a failure. You bring knowledge, joy and smiles to your readers. I understand the time suck that occurs on the phone and congratulate you for recognizing that you need to step back and reboot. Thanks to this blog, I will be stepping away from my phone as well to re-prioritize my own time and energy. God bless, Lora

  • Misty at

    I hope you have the best break and come back knowing that you have not failed at anything. You inspire so many people. Now it is time to go find what truly inspires you!!

    • karina at

      Sending you hugs and good wishes for a restful break! I love your blog!

  • Kathleen at

    Take care of yourself and I wish you all of life’s best in your hopes and dreams! You do a fabulous job, don’t ever second guess that.

  • Gail at

    I am so glad you are doing this for yourself Michael and I am wishing you all the best. Your Instagram and blog are absolutely in my top five favorites and in addition to your decorating and cooking prowess it is your honesty and authenticity that keeps me coming back. You feel like an old friend now so I want the very best for you – whatever it takes to help you find the peace of mind and spirit and happiness you so richly deserve. Looking forward to hearing all about it in a couple weeks. I need the courage and self control to curtail my social media time too.

  • Juliet at

    Please take all the time you need to gain perspective and find renewed joy in your beautiful work. We’ll all be here … and eager to hear how you spent your time, what you learned and how you will adjust going forward. Be well. xo

    • kellene at

      enjoy your reset time!! ❤

  • Lisa at

    I will miss you! Always so inspiring to see what you are doing. ❤️

  • Blhs1934 at

    Take your time we’ll be here when you get back no matter how long it takes. Take care and be well!

  • Tiffany at

    I so enjoy your blog but everyone needs time away. I’ve found that during this time, I’ve still been crazy busy and haven’t been able to take time to breathe…and that’s something I would like to fix as well. Be safe, be well, and enjoy your break.

  • Shannon Ables at

    Happy for you Michael and very proud of you. Reach out any time via email if you’d like to chat.
    Enjoy this break. 😌💛

  • Renata at

    Good for you!! I really think that adding weekends and or long weekends would be a good break too.! Love your blog! You can do it, your followers will be there.

  • Debbie at

    As a fellow Pittsburgh-er the grey rainy skies get to me. I’m so much better at everything when the sun is shining. I can’t even begin to imagine being “on” all the time.
    Take care of you! We’ll be here when you return… Maybe the sun will be shining and we’ll see some blue in the sky instead of grey…

  • Sandra at

    I respect your transparency! Take your time! I have struggled with comperasonitis over Instagram myself, especially with my local fellow designers or people I met on Instagram that started around a same time as me.
    Ever since I stepped back things feel better.
    I adore your work, and I don’t think anyone can compare! It’s so you that when I see it I know it’s yours without seeing your name.
    Do your thing and don’t put a time frame on it! Don’t worry people stand by and wait for quality! We will all be here 😉👌🏻♥️

  • Michelle at

    Good for you! Everyone needs a break. I have signed up for both email series to stay in touch. May your time off be restful, inspiring and insightful!

  • Rebecca at

    Good for you. Take as long as you need. Inspiring.

  • Kristina at

    Have a great break!!! You deserve it!!! You should always come first!!! Take care!

  • Abbey at

    Enjoy your time of reflection and rejuvenation. Your blog and feed are truly stunning. I love following along.

  • paula haddad at

    Don’t for one minute feel bad or guilty about taking some time for yourself. No explanations are needed to any of us. I love your site and I have taken so much from it; whether it be simple decorating or a new recipe. I recently made your quick cinnamon bread for a friend and not a crumb was left. What is most important for us all is self care; without it life can be miserable and you stay stagnant. Everyone needs to refuel and take care of your body and mind. As a nurse, I advocate for this wholeheartedly; especially with our current situation. Please enjoy your time and we look forward to seeing you when you are ready. Peace and blessings.

    • Betty at

      Wishing you happiness and peace wherever you find it. We are in a crazy time right now and truth to be told we are all just kind of grasping at straws and trying to find our place. I haven’t found mine yet but I am still searching. I know for a while anyway that things will not be like they were before. Sometimes I think the one good thing that has come out of this crisis is that all of us has had to take a hard look at our lives. If you are like me there are so many things that I will do differently moving forward. This crisis has made a lot of us look at our finances differently and decide what we can do better. I find myself being more saving with my food and not wasting anything. I have tried to be more helpful and try to be more tolerant of people. One thing for sure is that all of us will make different decisions after this. This crisis may be our defining moment and help all of us to be better. Wishing you the best.

  • Flavia Andrews at

    Michael, I haven’t followed you for too long, but your IG feed is inspiring and such a joy to see. I get you, and I’m with you. I think what you’re doing it’s a wonderful thing, for you and for your business. These words resonated so much with me, because it is exactly how I feel today: “Generally speaking, I just want to do things that fuel my soul and fill my heart. It’s not that I haven’t been doing those things; I’ve just forgotten how to do them with intention and focus.”
    Thank you for this message and this post. Maybe your hiatus means more than a break for you, but a wake up call for many of us. Lots of hugs, and enjoy your time unplugged!

  • Landrie at

    Thanks for reminding us that it’s OK to take a break from work and social media. We all need to get away from it all even if we have to stay at home right now. You’re my role model!

  • Cherie at

    Michael, you are so incredibly inspiring!!! I am so happy for you that you are taking some needed time off. I have been feeling off myself for months now, and definitely have felt a turn for the worse with all the changes that snuck up on us overnight. I have been battling in my head what I should do with Instagram, and once again, you sprinkle your magic inspirational dust, and I now feel confident this is what I need to do for me too. Thanks for giving me the courage to do so! We’ll all be here upon your return!
    Big hugs- Cherie (sweet rose and wren)

    • Marianne at

      What’s encouraging to me is your self awareness and care for yourself to allow some time for reflection and have a reset. We should all be that aware and do something healthy for ourselves that may include online absence.
      Enjoy this time and don’t feel any pressure about what you do and share when you come back. Just be yourself. That’s who we all enjoy!

  • Haneen at

    I heart you, Michael! Sending hugs! This is brilliant and you won’t regret it! Love that you’ll be feeding your creativity and doing things for the sake of fun. Support and love from Michigan! Text me whenever!

  • Elizabeth at

    I love your blog and IG but totally support you doing whatever it takes for you to pursue what is best for you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Social media can be very draining and pursuing what is life giving and purposeful for you is a wonderful thing to do.

  • Alice at

    Sending you e-love back!
    Take as much time as you need to reset and get better connected with your inner you.

  • Cynthia Zezulka at

    Life is so short enjoy your morning coffee , sunshine on your face and be still ….
    Build your life with lots of smiles and rest it’s good for you and your health !
    Wishing you well from California 🌻

  • Cheri at

    Michael, I e always loved your IG and blog! Thank you for your honesty and transparency. As someone trying to grow my blog, Pinterest, and IG I know the work that is involved and have wondered how you keep up with everything! Now I know you are human. A very gifted, talented and creative human. Take all the time you need.
    I’ll be here when you return and I bet everyone else will be too!

  • Sue at

    I have always enjoyed your Instragram/Facebook posts and your blog. You are inspiring, but I can imagine how it can get tiring. Take the time you need to recharge and don’t feel guilty about doing so. We’re the hardest on ourselves, and that’s just so backwards! We’ll be here whenever you decide you’re ready to come back. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your talents and your lovely home with so many!

  • Rosey at

    Michael, I will miss you while you’re on sabbatical. I always look forward to seeing what you’re up to. I’m a 65 year old granny & I learn a lot from you. Keep up your awesomeness, please! Sending e-love back to you.

  • Char at

    About a year ago I was feeling overwhelmed by all the images everywhere I looked. I was comparing them to my home, to my creative projects, to far too many elements in my life. So I unplugged from as many things as I possibly could. When I felt ready I slowly started adding media back into my life. Michael, your blog was one of the first reinstated. Your blog inspires me in the same way a friend would. Take care of yourself. I look forward to your return.

  • Diane at

    Hey Michael!
    I applaud you for making this important decision. And what a good time to do it. (Just promise me you won’t watch the news on tv 😉 ) A couple of weeks ago when all “this” hit the fan, I went into Target for some necessities like notebooks for journaling and “rolling paper” 😉 and made my way to the book section amid many dirty looks from the workers there. 🙁 Many books flew into my basket, but one, in particular, has been so helpful to me and I had no idea that would happen when I picked it up. It’s “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin. The thing is I’ve never thought of myself as ‘weak’ but it opened my eyes up to some things I do that actually do rob me of being my best. Maybe as you do some soul searching in the midst of creating, you’ll find it helps you the way it did me.
    All the best for a rejuvenating sabbatical!

  • JenBC at

    This time we have all been at home has brought a lot to the surface. I know I have spent time evaluating my own time, how I approach my time each day and how I want to spend my time. I have things I would like to develop…my painting and photography, some different cooking and some wellness goals. I am trying to look at this time to evaluate as a gift and the changes I make as a gift as well… I hope this will be the case for you as well. I love your approachable, lovely style. Be well.

  • Shawn at

    Peace Michael.

  • Mary Lou at

    I look forward to your return.

  • Kathy at

    You are one of my favorites!!
    I will miss your posts but so admire what you are doing. More of us should follow your lead and take that much needed time to reflect and find joy.
    Be safe and well.
    Look forward to your return!

  • Rikki at

    See you soon Michael…when you are rested and ready to dazzle us once more. Take great care! Sending love, prayers and best wishes always.

  • Janet at

    All the best to you Michael. Please know you are my favorite and will be missed!

  • Robin at

    We (I) will miss you! But I wholeheartedly support you on this. Please do much self care and pampering! We will be thinking of you and sending you loving vibes. Thank you for all you do and all the kindness you share with the world!!!!

  • Judy Bannister at

    Hi Michael,. Strangely, I think many people feel like you at the moment. I know I do and have done for some time. I think we have all been on a treadmill for so long, we are actually, burnt out. I know this Pandemic is so awful and heartbreaking, but if you are one of the lucky enough not to get sick, I think we should all take this time to recharge our batteries and get our lives into some order and perspective.
    Please relax and take a breath while you can, until you feel better. Love, Judy

  • Jill Hall at

    I pray this is a time of rest, reflection, and renewal. You are truly gifted and bring a smile to my face and so many others, through your creativity and who God created you to be. Take as much time as you need and trust that those of us who love you and all the beauty you bring to the world, will be here, looking forward to your return. Just heard an awesome folkish song that is perfect for the times we are in. “Better” by Chris Renzema. Thought it might bring rest for your soul.

  • Karen at

    Take of yourself first,wish you all the best I love your posts and think you are an amazing person.

  • Lisa Caulfield at

    Good Morning Michael
    I think we are all feeling the same way in one way or another. Always good to step back and pause.
    Look forward to the many wonderful things ahead ! Take care of yourself !

  • Rae Greber at

    So important to remember to take time for ourselves, especially during this unprecedented, stressful time. Looking forward to when you return and getting my fill of beautiful home inspiration! You are a light in this space!

  • Tauri at

    Proud of you for prioritizing your self care and mental/ emotional health! Your efforts and beautiful creativity on your blog have inspired me for years. I love seeing ideas (new or “borrowed “) in peoples real lives. Do what challenges you but brings you joy!

  • David Fullerton at

    Seems like what you posted that are your suggestions of what you will do for your time away, seem like a long list that might not (probably not) be accomplished in such a short amount of time. I thought you might be taking 6 months or 1 year away, because it seems to me that it’d take me that long to work through all that you have talked about. Especially with all that is happening in our world today, I wouldn’t (and you too) probably won’t be able to focus 100% on your list of things to do. So, I’d say: take more time, forget about all of your should-a’s, and just live in the moment. I’d even “Let Go” and not do anything, other than just think about things and do some personal writing. Trust me. I’ve been there.

    And, about so many social communities — like Facebook and Instagram, they are just big time-wasters that seldom lead to any jobs / contract-work for me. So, I just dumped them and talk to people face-to-face. Yes, you need it in your endeavor, but you have to set boundaries where you only spend so much time. For me, if I get onto Facebook, I set 30 minutes or so, then that’s it. Or, more like saying hi to an old friend, then leave it. Otherwise, I’ll want to waste so much time. So, those are my lessons from years of thought about these things.

    I barely know you, but I wish you my best.

  • Kristen Berry at

    Good Luck Michael! The days are long but the years are short! I hope you rejuevenate and enjoy your time off! Good Luck. I love your blog! You are very talented!

  • susan at

    Take all the time you need for yourself. While you will be greatly missed, YOU are most important.
    I hope you also know that you are not alone in feeling how you do and I admire you for recognizing that you need a change and being brave enough to do it! That being said, you are wonderful, caring, giving and incredibly talented and I thank you for sharing all that. And remember, to quote a smart lady,
    “You is kind, You is Smart, You is important.”
    Much love and the best to you on this journey. We’ll all be looking forward to your return.

  • Heather Nemcic at

    Enjoy your time Everyone needs a break. And I’m glad you’ll restructure your time around your priorities going forward. Because YOU are a priority. Be well!

  • Donna Nance at

    Take care of yourself, Michael! Hugs and prayers…

  • Karen H. at

    Sending love and peace to you. What better time to take a break and count all your blessings. May you feel refreshed and newly inspired during this pause. Your fans will be patiently waiting!
    Take care my friend!

  • Amy at

    YES!! Excited for you and your “experiment”. 🙂

  • Lisa A Mercier at

    Michael- I commend you on taking time for yourself. We don’t do it enough. You-WE all deserve to. I understand your reasons and the comparison thing. Its so hard not to sometimes. But- I want you to know that I and thousands of others think you are freaking amazing!! I look forward to your posts every day. In fact you are on my short list of absolute faves!! As an organizing specialist and seasonal decorator its hard not to spend aimless time on social media although I have set boundaries for myself. I had to. I pray and hope you can find that better way for yourself and look forward to you coming back. And I will enjoy all of your old posts. God Bless you and stay safe!! Hugs!

  • Fran at

    I just discovered your blog and thoroughly enjoy everything you post! It is so great to take time for yourself, breathe it in, and remember you can’t please everyone (I tried), but it is great to do what you love most and share that with others. I look forward to learning what you discover while you are away. Inspiration is everywhere!

  • Teri at

    Enjoy your time away, Michael.
    Peace be with you.

  • Sandra at

    We’ll be waiting for you!

  • karen at

    Just to say—there is no comparison. You’re an inspiration and a breath of fresh air.

  • Jaye at

    Lovely idea. As a teacher, that’s how I kept the love and enthusiasm for the profession in my 36 years. Enjoy your time away!

  • Kim at

    Good for you! Take as much time as you feel is needed. Everyone needs a break and self-reflection, (especially creative people)! We will all be here, looking forward to your return!

  • Ann at

    Michael I pray you will find your peace.
    I too have been struggling with this as well this year. I find my time being sucked up by my phone/iPad and not achieving what I want to do with regard to my relationships, home and my relationship with God.

    So thank you for your honesty and vulnerability and I may take a couple weeks break as well.

    And one more thing you most certainly do not have any competition with your creativity, talent and what you offer.

    God bless you

  • Lyn at

    I have NEVER been on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever social media there is out there. I hear that people detail every bit of minutia of their lives on it – I don’t know if it’s for self promotion – all their trips, clothing, etc., etc., or their own insecurities. I limit my time to viewing a very select few design blogs – and your’s is one of them! I have a neighbor that spends every waking hour on Facebook, shopping on line, or whatever. He is now 265 lbs. He never gets outdoors, looks anemic and tired all the time – he is younger than I am. He needs to get off the darn computer and his phone and start living his life – not someone else’s. He tries to tell me all about whatever he sees on Facebook, and I try to brush it off. I am hoping that others, like you, will decide to take the pressure off themselves – don’t compare themselves to others and live an authentic life of their own, I think you need to sit back and pat yourself on your back and enjoy what you have already accomplished in your Bayberry house. I think people need to use this time to sit down and create a “plan for living” for their lives, It could be financial, health and fitness, professional – or whatever. Best wishes!

  • Teddee Grace at

    Enjoy your time away! Perhaps we can all get some in-person retail shopping therapy soon! I think that will make a big difference to many of us who need and enjoy eye candy and the thrill of the hunt. Love the bouquet, by the way. It gave me a huge boost. See you soon!

  • Eileen Jolls at

    Hopefully you’ll come back feeling as fresh as the flowers in the pictures you posted! As someone who has been working from home only 6 weeks, I have found that it is hard to separate “work” from “home,” and it must be doubly hard for you since your work often involves your home, and vice versa.This time has provided all of us, I think, time to reflect on what is important to us and how we spend our time, and we should take advantage of this “thinking time” to improve our outlook. Wishing you the best 2 weeks-and more if that is what it takes!

  • Linda Banniser at

    I too am struggling (with anxiety) currently. You are not alone in your need to back away from devices we are all so attached to. You are very talented and refreshing. I love your site. Take care and come back when the time is right.

  • angela cervini at

    I enjoy you post always and wish you all the best on your break.


  • Glenna at

    Enjoy your vacation. We will be here when you return!

  • Karen T at

    I hope you have a very restorative break. You have nothing to apologize for and I love your blog. You need and deserve a break and hope you get what you need from it. I totally get what you say you feel….social media can be draining of good energy too. Hang in there and you are well thought of, and there is no sense my telling you to “snap” out of it, or “how can someone like you feel that way” because I have been there and you can’t control that sense of what you are feeling. Enjoy and sending you positive thoughts. At least you have a beautiful house and some land to get out and just take in nature. Best regards!

  • Stephanie at

    Good for you for making yourself a priority! Enjoy your time and I look forward to seeing you back!

  • Alexandra J at

    Hi, Michael!

    I have been enjoying your blog so much! I completely understand your need to get away for a while. I hope your time away is restful and you are able to accomplish all of your goals to relax and reset. We all need to get away at times. Looking forward to seeing you when you return.

    All the Best,

  • Debbie at

    I can understand how this kind of work can be pretty daunting and exhausting. So much to keep up with! You should probably schedule more breaks for yourself to recharge.

    But, don’t ever get down on your own personal talents. There’s nothing good to be gained from comparing yourself with others. You are you and bring special gifts that only you possess. I personally think your posts are beautiful and inspiring.

    I hope this break restores your soul and makes you feel motivated to continue sharing your awesome ideas with us!

  • Sophia at

    Good for you to share with vulnerability and speak words to so many things I feel and I don’t have a blog! I do enjoy reading your blogposts and the beautiful content on them.
    Thank you for admitting and taking the time to be intentional. We can only give to others from the out flow of our own hearts and when we are empty…time to fill up!
    Stay safe and healthy and enjoy your time off from social media.

  • Laura@everydayedits.co at

    Wishing you wellness and peace. My word of the year was to eliminate the noise in my life! I just love look g at your photos. They calm me and inspire! Hugs! Laura

  • Paula at

    Michael, I understand and will be praying for you! God wants you to rest your body and take care of it!
    I look forward to your emails every day. Stay well and take care!

  • Laura at

    Thank you for being a good example to follow!

    God bless!

  • Rebecca at

    You are a uniquely gifted, beautifully creative person, and clearly, wise (I can so identify with social media issues). Glad you are doing what you need to do. Will look forward to your return.

  • Rebecca at

    Best wishes to you and enjoy your break. I take a break from social media every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas and have never regretted it. I find that it helps me focus on what (and who!) is in front of me instead of on a screen. I look forward to your creativity and insight after you have recharged!

  • laurajay at

    so glad you are taking time to take care of YOU!. Best wishes on your break to reflect, recharge, and just feel good again. I hope your time is spent doing things you love, or doing nothing at all. God Bless, and thank you, for being you!

  • Carol at

    Enjoy your time off! I think it is a wonderful idea to feed your soul. I started blogging two years ago as a hobby (hoping to make it something more) but I find it so hard to keep it up. Even though I am not someone who compares myself to others, I find that it is difficult in the blogging world. You are an inspiration to me (and many others) since you have such a beautiful and informative blog and are so authentic and true to yourself. Take care and look forward to when you are back!

  • Sue at

    Will miss you during this time off and yet, at the same time I am happy for you that you are taking steps to focus on yourself and get yourself centered to where you want to be and what you want to do.

  • Margaret Langenberg at

    I think you are feeling what a lot of us are right now. What is going on in the world is a trauma to our psychs our souls if you will, and we all need to take care of our mental health. I had similar problems even before the virus hit US soil and I floundered on what to do. I started journaling in a hope it would shed some light on why I was feeling the way I did, and it helped me so much to see where I was spending too much of my time and I set daily goals, little things basically and then led up to bigger goals and I feel it has helped me cope better with what is going on and to focus on the important things in life and hopefully when this is a thing in our past, I will come out of it better than I went in to it. Will miss your blog but definitely understand why you need a break. Enjoy your time and enjoy those kitties.

  • Karen Landry at

    Take all the time you need to reset. I totally know how you are feeling. Its hard to be the one person doing everything. It takes a toll I closed my Cafe and slept for a month. I worked on my house finally and cooked and did creative things and got more exercise and gave up (mostly) computer & texting etc. We are in a difficult time now and brain fog is real. So go have some fun🧁🍭🍬

  • Catherine Patterson at

    I love your work! I love your recipes!! Enjoy your time off. I hope you can make a plan to do this annually. Everyone needs it. Looking forward to your return and hoping you enjoy your time off!

  • Bille Rosene at

    Good for you! I am looking at doing the same thing. I hope you enjoy this time.

  • Kyleen at

    Michael, take as much time as you need. Do what you need for you. We’ll see you when you come back. Sending you much love.

  • Saley at

    Proud of you!! Inspired by this post to reconsider how I spend my time as well. Enjoy your much deserved break 🌿

  • Julie Pellegrino at

    Thank you so much for your honesty ! And you know that your taking a break helps to empower others to do the same. Theses are crazy times but they are also times to transform our lives and reevaluate our choices. Bravo to you! Stay well and know that you are loved and cherished by people you have never even met!

  • Julie at

    Greetings Michael~ As you can already see from the many responses, your readers understand! It’s important to take time for YOU, and that’s ok. Your readers will welcome you with open arms when you return. Although you’ve looking at two weeks, if a month is the timeframe, take it and no worries. Thank you, as always, in sharing your thoughts for I love your openness there! Do what you need to do knowing our thoughts and prayers are with you during this timeframe. Elbow hugs~ Julie

  • Melissa at

    Nothing ventured…nothing gained! What you do alone is often done by a crew of many. Also what you do is measured in success by other people’s approval and likes. Trying to please so many is a very tough job. One last thing. Renovating a home is straight up stress. Coming up with ideas to do takes a lot of creativity and energy and money. So you’ve been working two jobs essentially. I am my own worst enemy. I set the bar way higher for myself than I would for anyone. Sounds like you do too. Please know I care more about your well being and want you to find what is best for you more than anything. I’m loyal no matter what you do. Much love to you.

  • Teresa at

    Stay healthy and take care of yourself. The most beautiful things are created in a clean and friendly atmosphere. Thank you for everything you have ever wanted to share so much and I am looking forward to your return. 🙂

  • Mary at

    Michael, Breathe in, breathe out…”Don’t worry be happy”

  • Vv at

    Take care of yourself Michael. You could never let any of us down.We all need time for ourselves whether it be to reflect or just to day dream. 2 weeks is not enough, take more and really rest up.
    Be well and do not rush what needs to be done, your time for yourself.

  • Sandra Vigil at

    Understandable and I’m with you on this! I do not subscribe to Facebook, Instagram, etc. Sure I may miss out on ideas, etc. but I have survived without😉
    You do you and I can’t wait to see what creativity comes from this! Blessings to you🤗

  • Julea Moats at

    Wishing you a successful recharge time away! You will be missed and I’ll be happy to see you when you are ready to return.

  • Janet at

    Michael, Take care of yourself. Take whatever time you need. We will be here waiting for you when you are ready. Enjoy your break. You work so hard, you deserve it!

  • mary at

    enjoy your well deserved mental vacation! i know it’s easy to feel alienated while off social media, but honestly, it takes only a little getting used to. now i am barely on at all! i love your posts, but honestly, with all the bloggers out there doing fb live and ig stories, i couldn’t keep up as a follower/reader! so i dropped that stuff too–i just read the blogs and look at the pretty pictures, cook and bake and drink. breathe… cheers!

  • Sarah at

    Thanks for being so honest! Enjoy your time off. I love following you and will be here when you return! This is a good point about social media, so I think I will take a break from it too!

  • Linda at

    To me you are an inspiration! If you can work and do all that you do with having some issues , major applause to you !
    I have not been able to push through and be how I used to be .
    You do so much !
    Take care and you are so worthy !

  • Reenie at

    Michael, enjoy your time away. We all need that from time to time.

  • Chris Strautnieks at

    Kudos to you for realizing you need some time “off” and doing something about it. Our emotional and mental health is so important. Also, adjusting time management in our lives from time to time can be exactly what we need to get on a better path. I pray that your time away is incredibly fulfilling and everything you need!

    You will be missed. You are incredibly talented and an inspiration.

    Happy Hiatus!

  • Judith at

    How smart that you are able to articulate your feelings and needs! I’m hoping your rest is everything you need it to be. As the parent of an adult child with severe special needs, I lead a life that is very different from most people. There are severe limitations on even simple outings and travel is impossible. Your postings are not only beautiful, but give me a wonderful outlet to enjoy life, right where I am. I think what I love most is that you are NOT perfect, and not afraid to admit it. Be healthy and stay true to yourself 🙂

  • JoEllen at

    There is nothing like a good reset. Enjoy your time away, fuel your passions, and rediscover what makes you tick. Can’t wait to hear about it in a couple weeks!

  • Barbara Heathcote at

    Michael, these wonderful comments should show how much you are loved!!! I hope you find solitude and joy in your time away! It’s always good to reflect and rejuvenate! I want to leave you with one last thought that someone shared with me last week. I too suffer from compare-ism challenges. And it was a real eye opener.

    “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

    Sending hugs and see you on the other side my friend!!!

  • Rebecca at

    You are an inspiration and a ray of light every day!
    Enjoy your break! You will be missed! Becky

  • Linda at

    Rest, relax, rejuvenate, restore, reinvent And return Michael

  • Carrie at

    Enjoy the break, there’s nothing as refreshing to the soul as unplugging from the digital life and reconnecting with your creative side. I’m looking forward to seeing what great ideas are born during your hiatus!

  • Meredith at

    Very wise and you’ll come back knowing more about you. Enjoy every moment.

  • Cathy Forbes at

    You are one of the very few bloggers I follow… and I’m so glad I did! Your posts are a joy… never doubt yourself! (because you certainly have never disappointed me) take care sweetie… and please know, you will be missed.

  • Daisy at

    Enjoy the break! I’m sure you’ll be back with lots of fresh ideas and projects to surprise us with.

  • TeresaS at

    We’ll see your bright smile when you return in two weeks…enjoy your well deserved break…you’ll be missed.

  • Denise at

    You are an inspiration! This is something MANY of us need to do. Thank you for shining bright!

  • Lee at


  • Linda Brownell at

    I’ll miss your posts but enjoy your time off! We’ll be ready for your wonderful ideas and your great smile when you return. It is a crazy time right now and it is affecting people differently. Relax and unwind in style.

  • Nancy Smith at

    Enjoy your break! As we enter week 6 or 7 of sheltering at home, we are all dealing with this quarantine fatigue. As a creative I know how it feels to not feel good enough about our work, life, schedules, home, relationships etc. I get it. Comparonitis is real…even for me at almost 65 I think why haven’t I done that or why have I failed to paint more, create more now that Im retired.Why do I care what other people think etc. I don’t have answers, but I do know its all okay and taking a break to recharge is the answer.

    I do know that your blog is one of the best out there!

    I’ll be right here patiently waiting for your return!

  • caren magill at

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your vulnerability and transparency. It’s such a weird time right now, and taking a break from it all to be creative sounds perfect.

    I’ve been feeling all those feels too. Mine are paired with a sense of – you should be doing ALL the things and killing yourself with work while you still can! Do dumb 🙂

    Anyway, you’ve inspired me to do the same. I’m going to carve out time in may as a little B-day Presi to myself to just “BE”. What a glorious idea 🙂

    Hope you are well. You’re clearly adored based on all the comments I had to scroll through to post my own <3


  • Rikilee at

    Hi Micheal,
    I’ve followed your blog for about 5 years now and have loved your homes and spaces. They’ve always given me soo much inspiration. You are very talented. In the last few years, as you’ve begun to share more of your personal struggles loneliness, emptiness, unhappiness, it’s broken my heart and I’ve been tempted on many occasions to write this, but haven’t in fear of coming across weird or ya know…preachy:) BUT it looks like today is the day!
    In your time of stepping away for some “me time”, read the Bible! Start with The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Download the Bible app, read the ESV version (as opposed to the new King James Version). Pray that God would open your eyes to His wonderful Word. Reading about what Jesus has done for you and me is LIFE GIVING. It has the ability to fill those empty places and to save us, ultimately, from ourselves. There really is nothing in the entire world, no diet, no self-help book, no change in routine, that can bring us comfort and joy…it is all fleeting. But God-given joy, that comes from knowing that we are loved AND forgiven, that surpasses all understanding, is unfailing and FOREVER. Praise God for that wonderful gift. Praying for you, Michael.

  • Jill Wendt at

    GOOD FOR YOU……for stepping away from all the stuff! I think you will be in a happier mindset with yourself in a couple of weeks. You are an amazing young man, with a lot to offer. I enjoy your posts with recipes and ideas. Much love to you dear friend.


    Best wishes to you, Michael! Enjoy the next two weeks. I appreciate your honesty about needing a break. I’m so important to listen to our inner thoughts & feelings. I think we would all benefit from doing this. You have inspired me to think about what really brings me joy! I look forward to new posts and updates.

  • Marijean at

    I will miss you while your gone. You have one of the best blogs around. I understand completely though. Looking forward to your return.
    P.S. I loved The Hundred Foot Journey

  • Darlene at

    I enjoy your emails and inspriation. I will keep you in my prayers that you get to the place you desire. Enjoy your time, I think we all need to step back from the screen awhile.

  • Nancy at


    Enjoy your time off. Waiting for your return whenever that may be. Love your blog!

  • Erica at

    You are coming to the same conclusions that a lot of us are. We need more than work. Even if that work gives us incredible freedom, it is still work/pressure and gets old if we don’t recharge. We all need time to be free to do what WE want and NEED to do to be fulfilled.( In your case, that is to CREATE beauty.) That freedom will ultimately make us better givers to others. Put on your oxygen mask first as they say. But whatever you do, don’t feel pressure to document every second. Just enjoy and relax. We love you!

  • Linda at

    I love you Michael! Please take care of yourself and return soon!

  • Jeanne at

    I love your beautiful blog and creativity so I will miss you very much! I hope you enjoy your time away, are able to recharge, etc. and I certainly look forward to your return! ❤️

  • Denise at

    I’m happy for you! Enjoy this time- you will love it
    Thanks for sharing all your talent and insight !

  • Kathy Kraemer at

    Yours in one of my FAVORITE blogs, insta , and facebook. I love your style,, practicality, and accessibility. See you soon!

  • Georgia at

    Enjoy yourself. Do what you want to do when you want to. Thanks for all the sharing. I have gotten great ideas and recipes from you. Many I haven’t completed and I want to do and just haven’t gotten around to it. Take care of yourself.

  • MelodyJ at

    I love your blog.It is so inspirational. Please take the time you need. You have already given us so much. It’s time for you now,

  • Carol Neibling at

    YOu are like my pastor and he burned out so he went to a retreat area where he had no contact and he read, walked and at times just just sat and enjoyed the beauty. He was so refreshed when he go home

  • Amy at

    You will be missed, but kudos to you for your reset! You have some of the best content on IG. I truly enjoy your style and ideas. I recently shared your page to a few friends. I’m excited to see what will come next. Enjoy!

  • Laura Coyne at

    Hello Michael.
    You so deserve some time off. It’s obvious just how hard you work on your blog, which is incredibly inspirational! But everyone needs a break. Especially creative people. We can just lose our sense of life-balance and burn ourselves out! You give so much by providing a wonderful place for all of us to come and be inspired. This takes lots of forethought, planning, and work! We don’t see all that you do behind the scenes. (I can’t even imagine…) Taking some steps back and taking competition out of the equation…these are good things. The stress from competition can just kill creativity. (Only compete with you. You are an original, Michael. Just be you.) Just go and rest. Nourish yourself, physically, mentally, creatively. Do lots of self-loving things. Even naps are okay. Explore when you want. Rest when you want. Come back when you truly feel that you are ready. I believe that many of us will still be here. I plan on still being here. I’m sending you lots of hugs!

  • Debra at

    Michael ~ A little time out — real time out! Perfect! I wish you rest, peace, a reset — JOY overflowing — and laughter! ♥️

  • Stacey at

    Love all your inspiration! Know that you will be missed, but your reset will lead you to greater things…love that you shared and your willingness to do so is proof of what a wonderful person you are in all regards! Stay well & enjoy your time, as much as you need!

  • Meredith at

    Hi Michael, maybe you really need a break as you said. Maybe you are expecting too much of yourself. Please take care and be safe. I really want to see your posts again after your break. Love your ideas. Take care

  • Brenda at

    As the many have already said. You will be missed. Take your time and come back when you’re ready. I think I would wait for just about ever for your return. 😢😉☺️🙃

  • Mary at

    You certainly will be missed especially for me your recipes. I’m really sorry I missed your landscaping tour I’m really into that. It’s no wonder you’re burnt down with all the redecorating you’ve done and transforming that house and you did it in such a short amount of time right after you transformed an apartment. You take care of yourself no one deserves it more.

  • deb @ homewardFOUND at

    Michael, I understand SO well where you are, and your reasons for making this change. Though I am nowhere close to the professional level as a writer, blogger, and social media influencer that you are, I have faced those realizations about my blogging, too. And I found that giving myself permission to step back and rest from it all was the best thing I could do for myself.

    My breaks from blogging have been spurred on by both sudden life events (my Dad’s death and helping my Mom build a new life) and later by my realization that echoes what you are facing now: being caught up in the business of creativity was killing my creativity. I stepped away from it all with the intent to never return, releasing myself from the edict of ‘create content for consumption’. At first I didn’t do much but read and take myself on ‘Artist Dates’ (thank you Julia Cameron!)… gradually, I felt the desire to ‘make and do’, as you shared – but only for ME, not for my blog. Not as ‘content’ alone. And finally, a year later, my imagination and creativity were in hyperdrive and I was creating SO much, ALL the time, that I felt the desire to come back to social media and post again, sharing what I was up to. The response has been heartwarming, to say the least.

    Since my ‘big break’, I have more joy in blogging and Instagramming and facebooking than I ever did before! It felt like I hit ‘reset’ on my brain, because I have given myself permission to break alllll of the ‘rules’ of social media – to post what I want when I want, to make things just for fun and then if I like the results, share them, and most of all to limit my time spent online. I want to LIVE life creatively – not watch creativity online, or to be spending so much time promoting my creativity that I am not being creative! I hope that this break for you brings you the rest, release, and creative thinking power that can build the foundation of a new ‘normal’ for you once you return. Enjoy every moment of your life, my friend… we look forward to seeing all that you will share when you return!

  • Elizabeth at

    Take a deep breath and just….step back. We’ll still be here when you’re ready to come back. Enjoy your time off.

  • Eloise Fitzsimmons at

    Beautifully written ! I plan on keeping in touch through the sources you outlined. Stay safe and the best to you.

  • Karen at

    You will be missed Michael! You deserve some much needed time to yourself….we will be here when you get back…..can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! You are so brave to do this….
    Take care! Get rest, stay safe!❤️❤️

  • Rachel at

    Bless your heart.Take all the time you need. We’re here when you decide to return.

  • Christopher M at

    In reading down through these many comments there is an overwhelming sense of how much beauty and joy you bring to your followers. I’m glad that you are making the decision that feels right for you right now. We hope that you will get a much-deserved recharge out of your time away from social media in realworldland – I think I might also speak for many of us by saying that we hope to see you back again soon with a refreshed perspective on life. Take care and stay safe.

  • She J. at

    Enjoy your well deserved break. Spring is a perfect time for it💖

  • Susan at

    Michael, perfection does not exist. Joy comes from the solitude of creation, never comparison. You are a natural. Never ever forget that. Take all the time you need and reset. Your faithful followers will always be here. Don’t worry about that.
    Just be true to yourself. Everything else will fall into place.

  • John R. Huff Jr. at

    Take care of yourself. Be true to yourself. You may need someone special in your life? Sending you love and peace.

  • Tracy Cervantes at

    You will be missed! You are very much an inspiration to me! I love everything you do, especially your holiday home decor! Your recipes are amazing too! I totally understand taking a break. Enjoy!

  • Maureen at

    Peace out, Michael, see you soon.


    Good for you! Sending hugs. And for what it’s worth, I’m an avid reader of many blogs, but I don’t do social media at all. You can still be you without IG and FB!

  • ashley at

    Good for you! Sending hugs. And for what it’s worth, I’m an avid reader of many blogs, but I don’t do social media at all. You can still be you without IG and FB!

  • Amy at

    Hi Michael! With all the content you’ve created through the holiday season and then compilations of recipes and crafts to help us through the quarantine, it’s about time you give yourself a much-needed break. During your time away from your blog try to rest, get out into nature and do only those things your heart wants. No To-Do Lists, mister! Whenever I’ve been in a similar situation I’ve found it helpful to be by myself, get quiet and reflect on what I want and not what everyone wants from me. It is part of a creative’s DNA to worry about not being good enough or failing. Show yourself the love you show to others. And just follow your heart for now. Also, would you be open to hiring some part-time help to assist with the less fun parts of running your brand? Or an apprenticeship to someone who wants to learn the ropes? Perhaps partner with Piscarik’s flowers, your fave antique place and farmer’s market to contribute videos for your blog in exchange for free advertising. And I’ve said it before that I think you should write a book about the restoration of Bayberry House. I know you’ll come back from your sabbatical refreshed, restored and re-energized. Thank you for your candor as many of us share your plight. So enjoy your vacation and come back to us when you’re ready; we’ll be waiting for you. 😉 Sending you love and prayers, Michael.

  • Teresa Hart at

    Michael, i feel right now with all thats going on, we are all reevaluating our lives! Which is a good thing, i believe things happen for a reason, maybe its gods plan that we all take a long look at our lives and deside if this is where we want to be! I know at 60 ive been reevaluating my life, Ive spent alot of time lately doing what makes me happy. I love making greeting cards, you can find me on facebook under Cards with Hart. Enjoy your time away, and focus on You😊❤

  • Mimi Matthews at

    Oh, MIchael, I am so proud of you!! First, you are amazing, creative, and so very worthwhile! There is NO comparison, and you do not owe us anything.
    As a blogger, it’s exhausting to live your life “framing’ posts, or always thinking about how you will write about even the mundane happenings of our lives. We seem to always be living for our audience. And that is NOT a fulfilling way to live.
    So, I totally get you, and I am glad you filling your own well so you have some to pour out.
    Take all the time you really need to get what you need. What you are going to be doing sounds so fun! And imagine the things you will have to share with us. (Oh, that’s NOT the idea is it?)
    This COVID time has made a lot of us go inside ourselves with more intention. Use this time well, my friend. We will be here, hands at your back, We aren’t going anywhere. Hugs and love.

  • KMY at

    Michael, I hope you enjoy your time away. I hope you know that your designs, recipes and etc are worthy of your being proud of yourself. Unfortunately the same platform that you express your creativity is the same one that can bring you down if you let it. I look so forward every Saturday morning to see an email from you in my inbox. Please know you are loved and appreciated.

  • Stephenie at

    Amen! ❤️

  • Kimberly at

    Hope that you find what you are seeking. Thank you for your candor. Sending positive vibes your way.

  • Amy Kaminski at

    Michael, I hope you can tell from all of these comments just how much you are loved.Your blog and instagram are the delight of my day. You are one of the best out there. I hope you know what. But with that said, everyone needs and deserves a vacay every now and then no matter what their job is. I hope you enjoy this time to recharge and we’ll all be here waiting when you’re ready.

  • Sue at

    Everyone needs a break, I hope you relax and do what you want to do while you’re away.
    I love your posts, you have so many beautiful ideas, in decorating, food, etc.
    Take as long as you need.
    And stay well and safe.

  • Barbara Whitaker at

    OMG! Please take care of yourself…the internet reminds me of Hollywood. They use you and then drop you quicker than you can say..(fill in your grandma’s words for that expression). Lord life is short and should not be wasted on things and people who you really don’t like. I’m afraid so many of us have gotten back to comparing our lives to others, and your life seems perfect to me (but there are so many haters out there…hiding behind a computer, they can be mean). Try a good simple self help book “Love your life and not their’s) by Rachel Cruise. Its a simple folksy way of saying we get too much noise from social media; that is not healthy to our life/soul. I’ve been in sheltering in mod since mid February; planning a early March eye surgery. So now these many other weeks are giving me anxiety. Can’t see my kids, my grand kids; we’ve told our kids we are leaving town the moment of the official lock down ends. Life is too short to live in fear; back in the 1960’s we worried about germs, but the isolation is dangerous.

  • Jeffrey at

    Please take all the time you need. While we all love your blog and social media posts, nothing is better than me-time and taking time to recharge! Stay safe, be well and we look forward to your inspiration and ideas soon!

  • Pru at

    Hi Michael

    I know you are back – I wanted to read this post before the welcome back post. I have started doing lots of listening to podcasts by Michael Hyatt and Focus on This – i have also just started the book ‘Best year yet’ in order to set goals – mine are nothing to do with a blog or website as I don’t have one, but I want to concentrate on my health and wellbeing.

    Great to have you back.

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