I’ll Be Back Soon!


I’ve decided to take a short break. For the next two weeks (give or take), I’ll be off the blog and Instagram.

(This is a longer-than-usual post, so grab your drink of choice and settle in.)

I'll Be Back Soon!

Let me explain…

Lately (starting last year), I’ve been feeling a bit off. I’ve been struggling with comparisonitis, feeling “not good enough,” poor time management, lack of motivation, fear of failure, procrastination, and the like. If you’ve been following Inspired by Charm for a while now, you know that these aren’t new struggles for me. – I assume some of these things are just part of my makeup. (Lovely, right? Haha.)

However, these struggles have been more intense lately (maybe because of our current world situation), and a reset is in order. I need to take a little time off to look at how I currently spend my days and how I want to spend my days. (This involves less time on my phone and more time creating!) I want to make and do without the fear of failing or disappointing someone. I want to journal and reflect. I want to get a better grasp on my time management and my schedule. I want to rediscover what brings me joy for its own sake.

I write this from a good place. There’s no need to worry. I’m fine. I will be back in a week or two, hopefully, better than ever. It’s been years since I took an intentional break from it all, and I need one. If you’re someone who spends a lot of your day online, I’m certain you know what I mean and how I’m feeling.

Instagram, in particular, has become a challenging place for me these past few months. (I think it’s been worse because most of us are spending more time at home and doing a lot of aimless scrolling. Do you know what I mean?) Recently, I looked at how much time I spend on the app. It averages 2.5 hours a day. That’s 912.5 hours or 38 days per year! (And you don’t even want to know about the time I’m on my phone every day. It’s scary!) I am so thankful for the app because it allows me to connect and share, but I don’t want to spend 38 days of my year on an app, especially when it is time just scrolling and feeling bad, guilty, and not good enough.

I plan to step away for about two weeks. When I was thinking about doing this, one week didn’t feel like long enough. I’m not sure two weeks is enough time either, but that’s the plan for now. (In some ways, I want a month-long or even a year-long hiatus.)

I'll Be Back Soon!

The Plan for My Time Off:

I’m still figuring out my plan for this time. I want to keep it flexible, but here are my thoughts at present:

  • I’m deleting social media (Instagram and Facebook) from my phone. I plan to avoid both for two weeks. And as I continue to think about this plan, it’s making me crazy nervous because there is a part of Instagram that brings me SO MUCH JOY, and I’m going to miss it. Sharing, inspiring, and connecting in positive ways is fuel for me. For example, it was so much fun the other day when I gave folks a tour of my landscaping. I loved all of our conversations in my messages. BUT, I realize I do need better boundaries, and even though it may be difficult, it’s a necessary step. I will probably also be sharing my plans for less phone time once this is all done. The goal is to create steps and a plan to limit how much time I’m staring at my screen.
  • I have a list of projects, recipes, and other things I want to do during this time so I’ll probably continue to “work” (photographing, writing, etc.). However, I want to approach this as a creative time rather than work time. I know that sounds confusing, but I haven’t quite figured out how to manage that yet, so we’ll see.
  • Part of that work will include updating some old blog posts so you might see an old post reemerge on IBC. However, nothing new will be posted.
  • Other things I want to do: clean and organize spaces in my home, paint a room (My office! Stay tuned for that!), spend time outdoors, journal, read, get back in an exercise routine or just move, listen to music (My new Ultimate Folk playlist is coming together beautifully by the way. I’m obsessed!),…The list goes on. Generally speaking, I just want to do things that fuel my soul and fill my heart. It’s not that I haven’t been doing those things; I’ve just forgotten how to do them with intention and focus.

I'll Be Back Soon!

How to Get Your IBC Fix While I Take a Break:

If you’re looking to stay connected in my absence, you have a couple of options:

  • First, I started a new email series where I share some decorating secrets. If you haven’t yet joined that series, you can do so HERE. You’ll get a new email every day for 6 days, so that should give you your IBC fix.
  • Second, I will continue to send out my weekly emails. If you’re not on the IBC Mailing List, you can join HERE.
  • Finally, I post on the IBC Facebook page several times a day. It’s a smattering of both current and past posts. So if you want to follow along with some older posts and maybe catch things you missed, join me there.

Ultimately, I hope to be able to set new goals and new boundaries for myself regarding social media, work, and phone use by the end of these two weeks. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I know that I will be taking more time off Instagram. Perhaps I won’t post on weekends or maybe I’ll just limit my scrolling time. We’ll see.

I will also be adjusting my work and personal schedule. I’ve decided to add more me-time. I want to schedule time to paint or draw, to read, to visit interesting local places, museums, and restaurants (when they open) that have been on my “To-Visit” List. There’s just so much I’d rather be doing that’s more life-giving than staring at my phone. I’m on a mission to bring more joy into my days and contentment into my life. I want to fall back in love with my work and how I spend my time.

I'll Be Back Soon!

Want To Know How This Hiatus Goes?

If you want to hear more about this, it’s likely that when I return I will share a bit about my experience and time away. It might be a disaster and I’ll fail miserably, or it might (hopefully) be a wild success and I’ll walk away with a fresh perspective, a clearer mind, better habits, and more tools and ideas to share with all of you.

Until then, you will be missed. Please take care of yourself. Be safe and stay healthy. I will see you soon!

Sending you lots of e-love!

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  • Pru at

    Hi Michael

    I know you are back – I wanted to read this post before the welcome back post. I have started doing lots of listening to podcasts by Michael Hyatt and Focus on This – i have also just started the book ‘Best year yet’ in order to set goals – mine are nothing to do with a blog or website as I don’t have one, but I want to concentrate on my health and wellbeing.

    Great to have you back.

  • Jeffrey at

    Please take all the time you need. While we all love your blog and social media posts, nothing is better than me-time and taking time to recharge! Stay safe, be well and we look forward to your inspiration and ideas soon!

  • Barbara Whitaker at

    OMG! Please take care of yourself…the internet reminds me of Hollywood. They use you and then drop you quicker than you can say..(fill in your grandma’s words for that expression). Lord life is short and should not be wasted on things and people who you really don’t like. I’m afraid so many of us have gotten back to comparing our lives to others, and your life seems perfect to me (but there are so many haters out there…hiding behind a computer, they can be mean). Try a good simple self help book “Love your life and not their’s) by Rachel Cruise. Its a simple folksy way of saying we get too much noise from social media; that is not healthy to our life/soul. I’ve been in sheltering in mod since mid February; planning a early March eye surgery. So now these many other weeks are giving me anxiety. Can’t see my kids, my grand kids; we’ve told our kids we are leaving town the moment of the official lock down ends. Life is too short to live in fear; back in the 1960’s we worried about germs, but the isolation is dangerous.

  • Sue at

    Everyone needs a break, I hope you relax and do what you want to do while you’re away.
    I love your posts, you have so many beautiful ideas, in decorating, food, etc.
    Take as long as you need.
    And stay well and safe.

  • Amy Kaminski at

    Michael, I hope you can tell from all of these comments just how much you are loved.Your blog and instagram are the delight of my day. You are one of the best out there. I hope you know what. But with that said, everyone needs and deserves a vacay every now and then no matter what their job is. I hope you enjoy this time to recharge and we’ll all be here waiting when you’re ready.

  • Kimberly at

    Hope that you find what you are seeking. Thank you for your candor. Sending positive vibes your way.

  • Stephenie at

    Amen! ❤️

  • KMY at

    Michael, I hope you enjoy your time away. I hope you know that your designs, recipes and etc are worthy of your being proud of yourself. Unfortunately the same platform that you express your creativity is the same one that can bring you down if you let it. I look so forward every Saturday morning to see an email from you in my inbox. Please know you are loved and appreciated.

  • Mimi Matthews at

    Oh, MIchael, I am so proud of you!! First, you are amazing, creative, and so very worthwhile! There is NO comparison, and you do not owe us anything.
    As a blogger, it’s exhausting to live your life “framing’ posts, or always thinking about how you will write about even the mundane happenings of our lives. We seem to always be living for our audience. And that is NOT a fulfilling way to live.
    So, I totally get you, and I am glad you filling your own well so you have some to pour out.
    Take all the time you really need to get what you need. What you are going to be doing sounds so fun! And imagine the things you will have to share with us. (Oh, that’s NOT the idea is it?)
    This COVID time has made a lot of us go inside ourselves with more intention. Use this time well, my friend. We will be here, hands at your back, We aren’t going anywhere. Hugs and love.

  • Teresa Hart at

    Michael, i feel right now with all thats going on, we are all reevaluating our lives! Which is a good thing, i believe things happen for a reason, maybe its gods plan that we all take a long look at our lives and deside if this is where we want to be! I know at 60 ive been reevaluating my life, Ive spent alot of time lately doing what makes me happy. I love making greeting cards, you can find me on facebook under Cards with Hart. Enjoy your time away, and focus on You😊❤

  • Amy at

    Hi Michael! With all the content you’ve created through the holiday season and then compilations of recipes and crafts to help us through the quarantine, it’s about time you give yourself a much-needed break. During your time away from your blog try to rest, get out into nature and do only those things your heart wants. No To-Do Lists, mister! Whenever I’ve been in a similar situation I’ve found it helpful to be by myself, get quiet and reflect on what I want and not what everyone wants from me. It is part of a creative’s DNA to worry about not being good enough or failing. Show yourself the love you show to others. And just follow your heart for now. Also, would you be open to hiring some part-time help to assist with the less fun parts of running your brand? Or an apprenticeship to someone who wants to learn the ropes? Perhaps partner with Piscarik’s flowers, your fave antique place and farmer’s market to contribute videos for your blog in exchange for free advertising. And I’ve said it before that I think you should write a book about the restoration of Bayberry House. I know you’ll come back from your sabbatical refreshed, restored and re-energized. Thank you for your candor as many of us share your plight. So enjoy your vacation and come back to us when you’re ready; we’ll be waiting for you. 😉 Sending you love and prayers, Michael.

  • ashley at

    Good for you! Sending hugs. And for what it’s worth, I’m an avid reader of many blogs, but I don’t do social media at all. You can still be you without IG and FB!


    Good for you! Sending hugs. And for what it’s worth, I’m an avid reader of many blogs, but I don’t do social media at all. You can still be you without IG and FB!

  • Maureen at

    Peace out, Michael, see you soon.

  • Tracy Cervantes at

    You will be missed! You are very much an inspiration to me! I love everything you do, especially your holiday home decor! Your recipes are amazing too! I totally understand taking a break. Enjoy!

  • John R. Huff Jr. at

    Take care of yourself. Be true to yourself. You may need someone special in your life? Sending you love and peace.

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