so, even though i’d love to have a big beautiful vegetable garden, i don’t have the space. once you’ve had a fresh garden tomato or squash or anything you’ll never want to buy another vegetable in the store.

Inspired By Charm


before i purchased the bed and breakfast (oh, and i’m celebrating my two year anniversary tomorrow … it’s hard to believe it’s been two years since i signed about a thousand papers and bought my own business. but, i’d do it again in a heartbeat.) … anyway, as i was saying, before i purchased the b&b, i live in philadelphia and tried to plant tomato plants in pots and i was highly unsuccessful. it was just bad.



Inspired By Charm

what i recently learned is that you can go tomatoes in a container, but you’re not suppose to use terra cotta pots (which i did) because they dry out too quickly. i was determined to try again, because i love, LOVE cherry tomatoes. i have an excess of terra cotta pots and didn’t need/want to buy something else. so…


Inspired By Charm


before filling with dirt, i lined my pots (i’m only trying two tomato plants this year) with garbage bags, poked a hole in the bottom, then filled with dirt! so now i have the look of terra cotta without it drying out. hopefully this works and i have plenty of delicious cherry tomatoes. time will tell.


if not i can just swoon over this amazing garden or this one.



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  • Anonymous at

    Love your blog, Michael, and good luck with your cherry tomato efforts. If you are looking for more uses for your terra cotta pots – indoor herb garden (maybe outdoor)? Just saw this on one of my favorite bulletin boards, Chowhound:

    I bet there are tips on that site for growing an outdoor herb garden, too.

    Some day I will make it to St. Mary’s just to stay at your B&B!

    –Amy (former coord. of McElwain)

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Congrats on 2 years! How exciting!

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