This is it. Can you believe it? The final day of this Party Extravaganza is here. So, honestly, did you have fun? Was this all too much? Are you ready for the end? Do you want more giveaways? I’m curious. Let me know in the comments.

I thought I would do a little recap of the past eight days just incase you are just joining the party today. Remember all eight giveaways are still open. There is still time to enter, but you must do so by 11AM EST on Wednesday, May 23rd.

So let’s get into this little recap. If you consider yourself caught up, you can just scroll to the bottom and click to enter today’s giveaway. 


We made a Strawberry Malt Ball Cake

Inspired By Charm

…and the giveaway was the 365 Days of Slow Cooking Cookbook.

Inspired By Charm


I channeled my inner child and bought a skateboard...

Inspired By Charm

…and the giveaway was a turquoise bracelet from Chloe + Isabel.

Inspired By Charm


I hung and styled another outdoor shelf

Inspired By Charm

…and the giveaway was candles from Harmony Farm Candles.

Inspired By Charm


I whipped up some White Chocolate and Blueberry Waffles

Inspired By Charm

…and the giveaway was a mini spa collection from On a Branch Soaps.

Inspired By Charm


I introduced ‘You Decide‘ and asked your opinion on blog content…

Inspired By Charm

…and the giveaway was a painted sign from South of Main Street.

Inspired By Charm


I shared my summer ‘reading’ list…

Inspired By Charm

…and the giveaway was an original painting from Gallery Ali.

Inspired By Charm


I took a little break to enjoy the sunshine

Inspired By Charm

…and the giveaway was a Trollbead bracelet and beads.

Inspired By Charm


That’s today! 

I’m giving away a fabulous handpicked collection of my favorite things 

from my gift shoppe! 

Inspired By Charm

Today’s giveaway comes from me and my little Gift Shoppe here inside my little Inn. 

Inspired By Charm

I put together a collection of my favorite things from my gift shoppe. The collection includes candles, votive holders, wine tags, FOLK magazine, lotions, clay bead bracelet, chocolate covered chips, an adorable bowl, moss accessories and more! 

I promise, you are seriously going to love all of these things as much as I do.

Inspired By Charm

To enter to win this collietion of my favorite things from my Shoppe, 

CLICK HERE or the button below:

Inspired By Charm

Good Luck!

Inspired By Charm


Day One: 365 Days of Slow Cooking

Day Two: Chloe + Isabel

Day Three: Harmony Farm Candles

Day Four: On a Branch Soaps

Day Five: South of Main Street

Day Six: Gallery Ali

Day Seven: Trollbeads

Day Eight: Inspired by Charm

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By Charm

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  • miss flibbertigibbet at

    Wow! I was on vacation in Paris and missed most of this! how fun! I’m sure everyone enjoyed it!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  • Anonymous at

    I am inspired to make the two iron barrel decoration for my garden. I know of a couple lying in our pasture I can reclaim. I also like a lot of your recipe pins :0).

    Lynda. Thesandfam@aol.com

  • emma57w/@hotmail.com at

    I posted on facebook how much I enjoy your decorating tips and especially the recipes. I’ve had two friends ask how to “find” you. So I know you have a couple new facebook friends. 🙂

  • duckdog at

    i too just discovered you through another website !! oH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY how i love your style!!! off to repin i go!!!

  • Anonymous at

    I’m new to all of this pinning and blog reading…so glad I found you:). I’m an American living in Tokyo Japan and sometimes I just need a little American Charm in my day…thanks.

  • Meg at


  • Jill at

    I just recently discovered your blog and I’m so glad I did. There is so much inspiration here– I love it!

  • Maria at

    I still can’t get over your cake! SO cool!

  • Priscilla Powers at


  • Gail A. at

    Just joining the party. Love your pins though, and I liked your page on facebook. Just realized when you posted that you also have a fb page. Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes!

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