Sangria Rosé Popsicles
Makes about 12 (depending on your popsicle mold)

Here’s what you will need:
1 bottle (750 ML) rosé wine
1 cup limoncello
1 cup fruit juice (I used Strawberry Lime from Trader Joe’s.)
1-2 cups fresh fruit

In a pitcher or pan, combine the rosé, limoncello, and fruit juice to create the sangria.

Next, add 6 or 7 pieces of fruit to each compartment of your popsicle mold. Then fill each compartment with the sangria mixture. Add the popsicle sticks and freeze until firm. (If your mold has 10 compartments, you will have a bit of sangria left. Enjoy it in a glass or use a second popsicle mold.)

Once the popsicles are frozen, run some warm water over the molds to loosen the popsicles. Remove the popsicles and enjoy them immediately.

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