many of you may be surprised by this, but i never watched a full episode of SNL in my life! yes, i’ve seen lots of clips, but never actually watched a full episode.

so last night the host was the hilarious melissa mccarthy (she is in the new movie bridesmaids [great movie!] and she also used to play in samantha who) and the band was lady antebellum. since i’m a huge fan of both i decide to watch the whole thing. i’d needed some comic relief today…

as excepted, based on watching clips of the show, the skits were either really funny, or really dumb. i think the reason i enjoyed it most was because of melissa. she cracks me up. seriously love her. this was probably my favorite sketch of the night.

sorry for the video – i assume you can’t post the actual video on youtube.

so i don’t think i’ll be making watching SNL a habit but i’m glad i watched last nights episode. i can just watch the funny skits when someone posts them online. like this one. love amy poehler.

do you watch SNL? what do you think? what’s your favorite skit? put your links in the comments, i’d love to see!

Inspired By Charm



Inspired By Charm

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  • Whit at

    I have loved Melissa since she was Sookie on Gilmore Girls!
    I try to watch SNL every week, but unfortunately I had to work last night. I did watch the clip of the Lawrence Welk Show skit. That is my absolute favorite.

  • Ali Richardson at

    Debbie Downer
    Dick in a box (Justin Timberlake)

    I haven’t watched a full episode in a long long time, but these 2 skits are my faves 🙂

  • Aimee at

    Just found you thru the 31 Days links, and I’m adding yours to my list! I LOVE the idea of trying something new daily. Great take!

    SNL – I think each generation has its favorites. My high school years were the Dana Carvey/Mike Meyers/Victoria Jackson/Phil Hartman seasons, and they kill me every time.

    I tried so hard to stay awake last night, but I just couldn’t. I kept waking up to my husband laughing, though. He said Melissa was one of the best hosts in a long time.

    Favorite skits: Schweddy Balls, Church Lady, Toonces the Driving Cat…

    (Although, after watching Toonces just now on YouTube, I have to wonder what my 15-year-old self was thinking. Maybe I was just giddy from exhaustion at midnight?)

    Church Lady will ALWAYS be funny, though. 🙂

  • Ali at

    She kills me! “My lifelong nickname is Skid Marks, but I’ve never owned a car.”

    I love how she played the glamorous movie star who couldn’t get up the stairs or out of a contract too. Some good moments for sure.

  • Lili at

    I’m going way back here, but one of my all time favorite skits were the “land shark” ones! Love Amy Pohler. ~Lili

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