i made pie


it’s true … i’ve never made a pie before. 

Inspired By Charm

until last thursday.

Inspired By Charm

inspired by this pin via pinterest,

Inspired By Charm

i decided to attempt my first pie, pumpkin and fearless.

Inspired By Charm

using store bought pie crust. i know, baby steps. i crafted this beautiful crust.

Inspired By Charm

it was easier than it looked. and totally worth it.

Inspired By Charm

i used canned pumpkin, which she once told me was ok, and her word is gold.

Inspired By Charm

i followed the recipe on the back of the can with minor changes to the spices used.

Inspired By Charm

it turned out better than expected. beautiful and delicious. really delicious. and really beautiful.

Inspired By Charm

i did it. i made pie!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Connie at

    I wish you made a video showing how you did that braiding process. How long did you make the strips. I agree with all the comments. I have another adjective: Elegant.

  • Amber at

    This is brilliant!

  • Linda VanDewark Stoodley at

    Bravo!! When I discovered I couldn’t make perfect pie crust like my mom could, I learned to use store bought. Nothing at all wrong with that. Yours is absolutely beautiful and I am going to try the braid around the edge. thanks for posting.

  • Linds at

    P.S. You should start celebrating annual Pi DAY every March 14th (3.14)=pi. And EVERYONE makes pie’s on Pi day! Get on the band wagon Michael!

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