DIY Music Sheet Wreath

I made a music sheet wreath!

oh! i’ve just been so excited to share these pictures, but haven’t been able to until my sister-in-law recieved her gift. my brother, sister-in-law and my nephews and neiece visited this past weekend for christmas. now i can finally share. so check out what i made….

Inspired By Charm

ain’t she a beautiful!? i admittedly got the idea from miss mustard seed. i’m sure you’ve heard of her? if not check out here ah-mazingness here.

miss mustard seed mentioned she would be be posting a tutorial and when i saw books of antique sheet music at this shop in state college pa, i knew this make a great gift.

Inspired By Charm

i’m still patiently waiting to see miss mustard seeds tutorial, but needed to find some others in the meantime. so i did a search and found a couple. i loosely used this tutorial and this tutorial with changes/techniques of my own. which, in the end, i’m glad i did because i like the way mine turned out a bit better (not to toot my own horn [well, maybe a little]). and while i don’t have pictures of the process (i made this late at night) i can try to explain.

Inspired By Charm

for the form, i just used a piece of really sturdy cardboard i cut in a doughnut shape. thankfully i had to do a lot of online christmas shopping and had plenty of boxes to choose from. all the music sheet cones were wrapped individually. for the outer most cones i used a full sheet. for the inner cones i cut the sheets in half.

Inspired By Charm

once i got the hang of making all the cones the process went pretty smooth. it did take me multiple attempts to figure how to wrap them to look exactly the way i wanted. this is a pretty good explanation. i ended up just doing it on a flat surface. the whole twirling in mid-air this was not working. and keep in mind, the older the music the harder it is to roll as it tend to tear.

i set a glass in the middle of the cardboard wreath form as suggested to maintain a perfectly round shape in the middle. i laid everything out first to ensure i had enough cones. then i hot glued it all together.

Inspired By Charm

what do you think? love it?

if i can get my hands on more sheet music, i’ll defiantly be making more!

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  • Anonymous at

    thanks for the idea! my friend gave us sooo much sheet music and this is perfect!! =)

  • Anonymous at

    love it. i’m a music teacher.going to make one for school!

  • Anonymous at

    Great job! The wreath is so unique. My husband loves music and guitars. I will probably try using pics of guitars and sheet music. Thanks.

  • Anonymous at

    When I made my wreath, I just copied sheet music on my copier. You never have to use the real sheet music.

  • Kim @ Cheap Chic Home at

    Your wreath looks so perfect, Michael. I love the neat double layers and the yellowing of the pages.

  • Shelia at

    Toot away! Oh, your wreath is gorgeous! Looks like you did an awesome job. I’ve just made a wreath too and now I want to make one like yours! You’re very creative!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  • Miss Mustard Seed at

    The wreath is lovely! The nice thing about these is that each one looks so different. Even I can’t make two that are exactly alike, so it’s fun to see how they turn out when someone else makes them. I especially like that you used old sheet music with the frayed edges exposed. I make mine that way as well. 🙂

  • Cari at

    Love it! Love it! Love it! You always give the most
    amazing gifts! Lucky me:)

  • Jennifer at

    Absolutely awesome!

  • Leah at

    love it! pretty and simple!

  • Melissa P at

    Very nicely done. Love it!

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