so, the movie was great. really great. just what i needed! i’m a big sucker from romantic comedies. the kind of movie that’s maybe a bit predictable, but you know you’re guaranteed a happy ending.

the movie was beautiful. it was funny … i laughed out loud. it was touching … a shed a tear or two (told ya i’m a sucker). and i really do just love amy adams.

so without revealing anything about the movie here are two of my favorite quotes from the movie. and a couple of still shots courtesy of imdb.

Inspired By Charm

“may you never steal, lie, or cheat ….
…. but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because I couldn’t live a day without you.”

Inspired By Charm

“when my 60 seconds came around i realized i had everything i ever wanted… but nothing i really needed.”

lovely. right?

now… onto breakfast. so i did make the cinnamon pie pockets i mentioned yesterday. and sadly i have to say they were good … but not great. (i could just tell you they were amazing, but i can’t lie.)


they came together really easily… couldn’t have been more simple. but the taste and overall texture have some room for improvement.


Inspired By Charm


although i like and understand their round shape, i prefer things that look a bit more homemade. i think i’d like to make them square? maybe with a sawtooth edge? i think that would be pretty … and a bit more rustic.

the filling is pretty darn good. and the icing is obviously tasty. it’s the crust i had issues with. i think next time i make them  i’ll try puff pastry. i think that may make them a bit lighter and give a better texture.

but do give them a try. maybe you’ll like them better than me or maybe you’ll come up with an idea or two on how improve them.

(oh, and i did take a lot more pictures as i was baking but none of them really turned out. sorry about that. it was 5 am … the sun wasn’t up … i was a bit rushed … and a bit tired. next time. promise.)

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  • Deedrie at

    funny because when I made a note of that recipe yesterday I added – try with puff pastry
    I’m alway a bit leery of tubed pastry 🙂

    They look great!

  • Knitting with Beer at

    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I love, love, love your quilt idea. And how great to have fabrics from all over. What a story it will be. I will go through my stash and see what I can send you.

  • Diana Strinati Baur at

    How about a classic homemade pate brisee? I think puff pastry might be tough because of the liquid content. I do a lot of work at my B&B with puff pastry and prebake every bottom crust. Normally I am using fruit.

    Pate brisee might have a little more structure but would be lighter than the pre-made pie shell.

  • Nadia @ at

    I’m watching that same movie tonight – I can’t wait! And those cinnamon pie pockets are making me hungry!

  • Itchin' Stitchin' at

    I have been wanting to watch this movie! Now that I know it’s a good romantic comedy (my fav) I am going out right now and renting it!

  • alison (semi-fab lane) at

    i saw that movie a while ago and liked it a lot too. good quotes! my husband is not much of a romcom fan but my dad is so i watch a lot of them with him:)

  • tara at

    I loved the movie as well, especially Amy Adams’ clothes. Although I cringed to see her wearing those gorgeous shoes out in the sticks.

  • AT at

    Oh my gosh, those pockets sound amazing. There are few things I love more than pie crust and cinnamon..

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