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i don’t know about your climate, but the weather here has been downright miserable. i think if i have to shovel snow one more time i’m going to crack. not only that, i’m honestly running out of room to put it. jen, have you sent that letter yet?

we did get a bit of sunshine yesterday, and it was much appreciated. i was making blueberry pineapple jam, the sun was shining and it almost felt like summer. almost.

i have one more sign to share with you before my etsy shop opens up tomorrow. here’s the link. (even though there is nothing there at the moment.) i should have everything up and ready around 10am est tomorrow.

and thank you for all your support, amazingly sweet comments and the ooh la la love yesterday. every comment i read is truly special. so, if i don’t say it enough, thank you.

Inspired By Charm


so this sign was painted again on my lovely barnwood which i painted with a mix of dark and light chartreuse/olive green color. it’s really beautiful.


and some of you have been asking … to get such beautiful/straight/uniform lettering, i print the text out via my computer/printer, transfer (pencil, carbon paper, chalk, pressing really hard, etc) it to the wood, then paint. so i have a rough guideline and i work from there. make sense? someday i’d like to have a projector like mms to make things even easier.



Inspired By Charm


as far as i know, ‘buttonwood gardens’ does not exist. i used to live on buttonwood street in philadelphia. and the green color inspired thoughts of gardening. so that’s how it came about.


Inspired By Charm


it’s so comforting this time of year. the color green. thoughts of gardening. spring, please hurry.


Inspired By Charm


now, back to more jam making … up next … champagne ginger peach. yum.


Inspired By Charm


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  • The Sterling Cherub at

    Aaaahhhhhh! My head is going to pop right off my neck if I see another one of those gorgeous signs of yours! I am counting the hours until your shop opens …



  • Tammy at

    I love your signs! Beautiful! I gave you an award on my blog if you want to head over to see. =)

  • Anonymous at

    I love your signs .How about one that says La Cucina (The Kitchen).
    Will check back tomorrow for your Etsy shop.

  • ramsam at

    Wow, even with a font transfer I can’t believe yu can free hand that! I always get lovely ideas, but the moment my penmanship toucheds anything I absolutely hate it. This is lovely.

  • pretty pink tulips at

    Your sign and post were so charming that I momentarily forgot about the 56 inches of snow outside and sleet on its way! 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow as you venture over to Etsy!!! I have no doubt it will be a huge success.

    xo Elizabeth

  • Bethany Dirksen at

    Someday I really want to get into canning and jam making. Do you sell your jam in your cute little shop? It would be a great something special for your guests to purchase and enjoy at home.

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    The letter didn’t work Michael. I think I just REALLY torked Mother Nature. Have you watched the news? We’re in “blizzard apocolypse” right now. We may dig out by tomato planting time. 😉

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    And once again the sign is AWESOME…I forgot to tell you while I was blathering about the flipping snow. I can’t wait to see your shoppe open tomorrow!!

  • Pam @ Frippery at

    Just discovered your blog by way of Under the Table and Dreaming. Fantastic. I can’t wait for a space of time to explore more! As to the projector, having painted many murals on large walls and also more words than I want to remember as a decorative artist, I like your way of doing things much better. I thought the projector just complicated things. You do beautiful work.

  • Holly at

    Nice job on the sign! I’d love some jam 🙂

  • Laurel @ Ducks in a Row at

    Nicely done – I have the perfect spot for it in my home.

  • Meg at

    Wow, Michael, that looks beautiful! I love your style, it’s fabulous. Do you do giveaways???

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