i did it!


i can’t believe i actually posted 31 days in a row (32 if you include this post). it seems like yesterday i mentioned i was going to participate in this series and now it’s over.

Inspired By Charm

it was an interesting ride, but i’m not going to lie, i’m actually really happy it’s done. i think we all need a little break at times. to take a breath. to oil our gears.

so i thought today i’d just recap some of the fun things we did over the past 31 days. and although i didn’t always stay on the ‘trying something new’ topic, i think i faired pretty well.

i taught you how to make apple cider floats

Inspired By Charm

i made festive halloween decor …

Inspired By Charm

i painted acorns ….

Inspired By Charm

i shared a dream come true

Inspired By Charm

i  learned how to make vanilla extract

Inspired By Charm

i bought stuff at goodwill

Inspired By Charm

and i even started a new link up party …

Inspired By Charm

not to shabby.

hopefully you had fun with my little series. but now i thankfully put it to bed. but have no fear. i have lots of fun stuff to share! thrifty thursdays continue, today i began working on ornaments for a christmas tree inspired by vintage sheets, and i’m just about ready to transform my gift shoppe into a winter wonderland. so stay tuned for lots more … inspired by charm!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Under the Willow at

    Such a beautiful blog- the pictures are wonderful! I try to post about once a week- and find it hard- BUT I’m going to make a point to post more.

  • The Old Block House at

    I’ve only discovered your blog this last week, so I’ve got some back reading to do.

    The acorns are wonderful. If only we had an acorn tree, instead of a rather prolific walnut tree that drops walnuts all about the yard.

  • Ali Richardson at

    Hooray! Congrats on making it to the end. I have really enjoyed following you along on the inspirational journey 🙂

  • Grace @ Sense and Simplicity at

    Good for you for sticking with it. I considered joining in, but just knew I had too much to do in October to be able to post every single day. I thought you picked a great topic to do as it left you a lot of different directions you could go in.

  • Michelle @ Sweet Something Design at

    Great job Michael, I’ve really enjoyed following along!

  • Paul Browning at

    I know how time consuming keeping a blog can be and have admired from afar how brilliantly you have kept it up over the last month. Sad too, because I have enjoyed waking up and seeing what you’ve uploaded. It’s been a real treat. I shall miss my morning fix 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your next post. Pxx

  • Joanna at

    I love homemade vanilla extract! You’ll never go back to store-bought. 🙂

  • YONKS at

    You learnt some new skills – marvellous! How do you make vanilla extract, I’ll have to check back through your blog 🙂

  • Lili at

    Job well done Michael. I enjoyed every bit of it! ~Lili

  • CosmoGirl Carla at

    Congrats! I’m sure it must have been a bit tough some days to get it together to post. But I bet you were super organized with it before you started! I always popping over and seeing what you’ve got going on ~ whether it’s everyday or once a week ;o)

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