i called. you answered.


thanks to all of the lovely people the answered my final call for fabric for my quilt! once i have the following pieces all cut into lovely squares i think i’ll finally be able to determine what size quilt i’ll be working with here and then i can finally start piecing all of this amazingness together.

a couple of you still mentioned you have some pieces to send. sadly i’m an expect on procrastination, so i know where you’re coming from! i still should be able to fit in some last minute pieces, but please hurry.

so on to the review of the latest, and perhaps last, submissions.

this first set is a bit super special to me. it’s from my sister-in-law. she cut squares from my nephews’ and niece’s clothes to act as square for the quilt. amazing, right? thanks cari. these mean more than you know.

Inspired By Charm



the next two are from northern cottage. loving the little pinned on notes here. one of these pieces is from the very first piece of fabric she ever bought and the other piece is from one of one of her daughters first dresses.


Inspired By Charm


i’m so humbled that people share such wonderful memories with me! even if this quilt turns out to be ugly looking (which it won’t … it can’t) it will be beyond beautiful to me! thanks northern cottage!


next up are from a fellow pennsylvanian (at least at one point) and quilter! some of these lovely fabrics are from her first quilt and an apron she made.


Inspired By Charm


she also bundled everything in muslin with the coolest straight pin! some people are just so genius! love it. thanks kate!!


Inspired By Charm



this next colorful bunch is from aliesha from feathers in our nest. she used these fabrics when decorating her baby girl’s nursery. she created some super fun projects like this one and this one. loving the bright and cheery colors. thanks aliesha. oh and she also made (i believe) the cutest card she included with the fabric. which of course i forgot to photograph, but i just love it.


Inspired By Charm



and a slew of lovely fabrics from kim in indiana. loving the fun colors and patterns in these.


Inspired By Charm


and this collection is super fun. love the pinks, aquas and yellows. i’m sure these created something very beautiful. thanks a million kim for all the amazing fabrics!!


Inspired By Charm



and last, but of course not least, are some stunng pieces from allison in oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains) sorry… couldn’t help myself.


i love them all especially the flowers with the aqua background… and the green clovers with the specks of pink. pretty. pretty. pretty. thanks allison.


Inspired By Charm



so that’s it folks! the beginning of the end i suppose. and i’m amazed, honestly, out of all the fabric i received not once did i receive a duplicate. amazing, right? i can’t wait too see it all come together. i’m still hoping to have it finished by summertime this year. *crosses fingers*.


thanks again to everyone that contributed! you are amazing!


Inspired By Charm


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  • Ali Richardson at

    SO pretty!!! Just checking, I sent you some fabric a while ago…did you get it? It was a piece of really brightly colored chevron pattern (peach/yellow/green/red/cream). If not, it must have gotten lost in the mail 🙁

  • Allison at

    Yaay! You got my fabric 🙂 So glad you like what I sent and that I could contribute! LOVE your blog!

  • Aliesha at

    Glad you liked the fabric! I can’t wait to see your quilt… it’s going to be gorgeous!

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