i bought another cabinet


remember last week when i showed you my zum display and cabinet?


Inspired By Charm


well, this weekend i went to my favorite local antique shop and found another handsome cabinet. yay!



Inspired By Charm


i assume they are jelly cupboards of some sort. i’m sure they have an official name, but i obviously don’t know it. maybe you do?



Inspired By Charm


i just love them. this is the third one i bought for the gift shoppe. (i’d actually like two more) the one you haven’t seen holds my homemade jams and jellies.



Inspired By Charm


this new one is blue-ish grey (beautiful). as with the other cabinets, i sanded down all the edges. i just love the natural wood peaking through.


Inspired By Charm


the shelves are shades of brown (they were covered in horrible green contact paper when i bought it), which looks beautiful with the blue.



Inspired By Charm


as with the others, i painted the inside of the door with blackboard paint.



Inspired By Charm


i needed this cabinet as i was running out of room for my candles. bridgewater candle company has been crafting the most amazing new scents and i just needed more space.



Inspired By Charm


this cabinet will hold the ‘scents of the season’. i’m a bit early, but these are their fall scents … autumn avenue, orange clove, caramel apples (literally i almost licked this candle when i smelled it … it smells exactly like caramel apples … exactly) and spiced cider.

Inspired By Charm

i’m so happy to have found this… a perfect fit … don’t you think? and the best part … only $50. yay!

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  • Khak at

    You are making me really want to experiment with the blackboard paint. So much fun. The cabinet is great. Another great find for you!

  • Mary @ RoomPolish at

    fabulous fabulous shelving! So Jel. that you’re an innkeeper. Thanks for your comments on my blog, so glad to have found yours! New follower!

  • Robyn at

    I am in LOVE with what you’ve done to that new cabinet. THE color is perfection but then to set it off with the warm brown shelves and the chalkboard paint! Actually it reminds me of my kitchen now that I think about it~! LOL My cabinets are black with a bit of blue showing in the distressed spots and my island is dove grey with a warm wood top made from reclaimed barn flooring! I love your little gift shop set up! BTW, I’m in Northern MD, about 25 min from the PA line so that flea market on my blog wouldn’t be toooooo tooooo far from you. YES, it was VERY difficult to restrain myself! Only know what’s in my bank account stopped me from getting more! LOL

  • Robyn at

    Michael, I’m adding this sweet little spot on the web to my sidebar on my blog…I don’t want to miss anything!

  • Lulu and the Locket at

    loving that cabinet and distressing of the wood!

  • The Rice Family at

    I’ve finally had the time to really look through your blog and I’m SO IMPRESSED. I’m also more than flattered that a talent such as yourself would ever look at my little blog and even comment – twice!! I’ll be a regular visitor here for sure.

  • Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. at

    Love the cabinet! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog – it’s so nice to ‘meet’ you! Your inn is lovely and I am fantasizing about staying there one day…


  • Dandelion and Grey at

    Oh my gosh it’s fabulous! And $50?! That’s a steal! I totally adore your blog and that you are living your dream running a B&B! Looking forward to following your adventures…

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I adore the cabinet. It’s such a great color. And, you are brilliant, btw. Love the chalkboard inside.

    And, now I want a caramel apple.

  • Kate at

    Wow – don’t they look amazing? You are a crafty minx!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, too – much appreciated 🙂

  • Shannon at

    Seriously. Can I move in? All that’s yours!!! I’d die.

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