hey friends! so, two exciting things! (exciting to me at least)

i just recently discovered baker’s twine and i am completely and utterly smitten. ahhh.. (and yes, i do realize that baker’s twine has been around for a while… i’m just a little late on this one… but better late than never, right?)

image from twentythree

so, i’ve been seeing this stuff (baker’s twine) everywhere and used with practically everything. to create unique cards. to wrap gifts. to make garlands. to tie up a package. seriously. i am seeing it everywhere. everywhere. just go to yahoo and search baker’s twine and be prepared to be inspired.


image found via ribbons and pom poms

image (and tutorial – awesome) from how about orange

image from prettywithribbons


anyway, so you are probably wondering why i’m going on and on about this. well, i want…um.. need baker’s twine and hopefully after reading this you will see your need for it too. after much searching, i found some affordable twine in a variety of colors, and some cool old wood bobbins. the bobbins and twine are being carefully packaged (hopefully as we speak) and are on their way to my little shoppe. after i measure, cut and label all my little spools of expertly wrapped twine they will officially be for sale. and at an affordable price mind you. unlike our friend martha s. who seems to sell things for 10 times what they should cost. honestly.

i will let you know when they are ready to go. and maybe… (who am i kidding) …defiantly… will have a lil’ giveaway so you can get creating for free. now, it doesn’t get better than that. right?

and secondly, check out our new delish jam!

yes, you are reading the tag right… raspberry orange grand marnier. and it’s divine. a little more tart that sweet, but truly yummy. and i created the recipe myself! cool, right? its a blend of fresh raspberries, cran-raspberry juice, orange zest and of course grand marnier. you must, must try it before it’s gone. drooling yet?

happy hump-day everyone!

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  • KatieSPerk at

    I also love bakers twine and will be delighted to see what you do with it! The jam looks divine.

  • Ginger and Pickle at

    oh, drooling over twine here too!!! such simple, vintage-y goodness! and your jam – totally gaga-licious!

  • rachelscottagehouse at

    I am glad you mentioned the Baker’s Twine, I have never seen it in those darling colors. I shall really pick some up… you have inspired me. The button you put up to count your jellies is so cute – very creative! I cannot wait to pick up one of your new jellies next time I am up at your store. Mmmm… I am just imagining the bliss! xoxo Rachel

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