if you haven’t already guessed it i’ve been bit by the quilting bug. i have officially spent way to much time looking at fabric online, planning way too many quilts i want to make and working on the four quilts i have in progress. and to be honest with you, i love it.

last night i was hand sewing the binding on this quilt while watching my favorite abc comedies, sipping on chai tea, cats by my side. i enjoyed every minute of it. 

so my blog friend jeni over at in color order is hosting a half-square triangle block of the month quilt. i have yet to do anything like this and with my new found love for quilting i was immediately on board!

Inspired By Charm

being new to this i don’t really have a stash of fabric to pull from, so i found a couple online shops and sales and pulled together this lovely collection of purples and greens. 

HST Block of the Month

i’m planning restyling one of my guest rooms with purple as the inspiration, so i thought this quilt could go in there and help inspire me to pull things together.

last night i pieced everything together. i was actually pretty happy with the results since this was my first time piece together a block. i did have a couple issues, but that was to be expected. here’s what i came up with.

HST Block of the Month

proud of myself for actually completing it i checked the final measurements. the finished block should be 12.5 inches square. well, i’m short about .5 inches all the way around. crap. i’m not exactly sure where things got screwy, but it looks like i’ll be making another block.

i cut all my squares last night and started making my HSTs, then i ran of out thread. double crap. 

HST Block of the Month

now i’m at a stand still until i can get my hands on some thread. thankfully i have until the end of january to sew up another block. i’m hoping to turn my screwup practice block into a pillow or something like that, so no harm done. 

you are also welcome to join in the the fun too! hop on over to ‘in color order’ and read about all the detail here.

Inspired By Charm

and swing on over to kim’s blog to check out her blocks for january. she’s being extra ambitious buy making two. go kim!

do you think you’ll be playing along?

Inspired By Charm

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  • free indeed at

    Hi Michael! I follow you on pinterest and decided to check out your blog. I’m a quilter too, but have been at it awhile 🙂 I don’t know where you went awry, but the most notorious place is making usre of your 1/4″ seam allowance. I use to just follow the edge of my sewing foot until I realized that it wasn’t a 1/4″ width! If you make a quilt of all the same block, it won’t matter because all your blocks will be uniform to sew together. But with a sampler, it matters! The more pieces, the more off the block size will be. One method of determining proper seam allowance is to sew three 1.5″ strips together…the center strip should measure exactly one inch wide…if not try again either moving your needle position over if your machine can do that or using a guide of some sort on the machine bed…a drawn line, a little pile of sticky post it notes etc, so you have something to line your fabric up with. Hope this is helpful? If ever you have questions feel free to ask. PS. Love the color combo you picked out to work with…YUM!
    PPS: I’m Shelley aka Mickey on pinterest….

  • Samantha from Colonial Curve Cottage at

    In my country HST is a tax. I liked your post way better than a tax! 🙂 I’m up here in the Great White North (which is actually quite green at the moment)

  • Lisa Blyth at

    Hee hee, I’m literally just down the road and then a little more from Samantha, and yes, when I saw the title of your post it caught my eye and I thought you were going to talk about taxes. I like your HST better!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I was going to ask you the same question as free indeed. Making sure you are using a 1/4 inch seam allowance is key. I love the fabrics so much! It’s going to look awesome.

  • Lisa Blyth at

    I have a 1/4″ seam presser foot and it’s really the best and most accurate guide for ensuring your seams are perfect.

    Take care. 🙂

  • Lindsey at

    Your block looks fantastic! I had the opposite problem that you had, mine is about 1/4 inch too big all the way around, lol. Nice job!!!

  • Jeni at

    Yay! So glad you’re playing along! Love the fabrics you’re using! 🙂

  • rachael at

    looks great! i just cut out my first HSTs today, actually 😉

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