How do you water that?


Thanks for all wonderful comments regarding my vertical planter of hens & chicks that I created last week. I’m glad you like it! I’m love it too.

You probably noticed it looks a little fuller than it did last week. Well, that’s because it is. I picked up a few more hens & chicks at my favorite local greenhouse and also received some as a gift from my new bff.

Now I have several different varieties growing in my planter. One of the newest is a bit more long, flow-y, and has flowers. Too cool! I’m not sure if that one will survive the winter, but its worth a try!

Even the ones I planted in the beginning have fully taken hold and the hens are now shooting off some chicks. Success!

Several of you asked about how I water this thing. It’s pretty easily actually. I just take it off the wall, spray it with a light mist/shower of water, wait for it to dry a bit, and then hang it back up. That’s it.

Thankfully these guys like to be on the dry side, so I have to do this about once a week. Maybe more when the temperatures start to stay warm.

Also, this planter is on my back porch which is under a roof, so it is somewhat protected from the elements. So far, I’ve had no issues with dirt falling out of it. Here and there a piece will fall out, mostly when I touch it, but other than that it’s pretty secure.

I hope that answers all your questions. Let me know if you have more. If you want to reference the original post as to how I put this together, click here.


Let’s continue with a few other updates.

My espaliered apple tree is also growing extremely well. With warm temperatures over the weekend, followed by lots of rain, this guy is going crazy.

It’s done blossoming, but there are no signs of apples yet. Though, there is a lot of new growth. Once the branches start firming up a bit, I’ll start tying things down to encourage to them to grow where I want them to grow.

I love this little tree. Have you been inspired to start one of your own?

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I ordered another amazing print from on of my favorite artists – Rachel of Funnelcloud studios and blog.

I already had the Party Lanterns print which I ordered just before christmas this past year.

When I saw this new PA print, I feel in love and knew it would make the perfect compliment!

via Funnelcloud Studios

I just love her work. And the way she packs and ships everything is alway so classy and professional. I know, I’m weird, but I love getting stuff in the mail and the packaging IS important.

So, I think I need one more print for my little collection. Don’t you think? I’ll have to wait to see what her creative mind comes up with next! Thanks so much Rachel, I love my prints!


My Mom and I got of dodge on Tuesday and did a little a lot of shopping with a little antiquing thrown in for good measure. In addition to some new shorts, dish soap (yes, I have to drive 1.5 hours to Target to buy the dish soap I like), and a new pair of sunglass, I found this awesome plant stand.

Love the shape, love the color, and at $20 – I loved the price! Isn’t she a beauty?

Since this section of my front porch gets a considerable amount of shade, I’m thinking a fern would be perfect! What do you think?


And last, but certainly not least, remember that large metal scale basket I found antiquing last month?

Well, it officially has a new home! Check it out.

Impossibly cute, right? I just love it! I hung it from this really cool pulley that I found in my basement (it was left here when I bought my little inn.) Sweet!

The combination of the two is just too perfect! The flowers are Million Bells. I bought a hanging basket and just set it inside the basket. Simple as that!

A beautiful new creation to enjoy while porch sitting and sangria drinking!

Well, that’s it for today. Hopefully all of that news makes up for my tiny absence last week. I’ll be back tomorrow. Until then.

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  • Dee at

    A fern would look nice on the plant stand. I think a spider plant would work too. The color would compliment the stand and the runner flowers would look nice all summer.

  • Brandi at

    I love the metal scale with the flowers in it. What a great way to use the scale. I want one now!

  • Weathered Treasure at

    I’m in love with this hanging scale planter. I want to find one now! Great inspiration, thanks!

  • slip4 at

    I also think a fern would look great. I love LOVE the metal scale basket filled with flowers! I am always amazed at how much you get done – I need some motivation, just feel stuck. In the meantime, I am enjoying your posts.

  • Paula at

    I love your hanging scale planter. I have a feeling that many will copy this neat idea.

    I liked your PA map so much that I immediately ordered a VA one for my house.

  • Paula at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Robyn at

    OHHHH I’m DYING over your big scoop/pulley thingy planter! FABULOUS!!! Your scored BIG with all of your purchases! GREAT JOB! I just blogged about planting in an antique sap bucket…where there’s a will there’s a way!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Crazy about the scale pulley planter! It’s best I live where I do otherwise it may have gone missing in the night… 😀


  • Anonymous at

    I love everything about this post! If I had to choose a favorite, it would also be the scale. You are so amazing. I would have never thought of this but now I’m on a mission to find a scale and a pulley!

    Rebecca G.

  • Anonymous at

    Hey Michael,

    Loving the blog! I live in the Quakertown area and love how you bring a little PA flare to your awesome inn and your little slice of the internet!

    Just a note about your AMAZING hen and chicks planter. About a year ago my husband and I took a class where we made a succulent wreath. Basically a 3-D wire wreath form with coconut fiber inside and filled with dirt with the succulents planted through holes in the coconut fiber. When we were all done they recommended that with the PA summers being so hot and the fact that gravity is working against the root growth of the plant that you should leave it flat for half or even the full 1st season then try hanging it up. If you start to notice anything going awry try laying it flat for a month or so 🙂
    Liz N.

  • Jamielyn@iheartnaptime at

    Love the scale planter! You are so creative! I need to find one of those… 😉

  • rea)ycle at

    I had a chicken n hen plant and the babies fell off onto the soil to make other chicks… if it is hanging vertically ..where do the babies go.?
    I like this idea ,it would really be a space saver for a small space.

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