As you know, a couple weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend Shakira’s album release party in LA with my friends at Target. Since I couldn’t actually invite all of you along (I sincerely wish that had been possible), I thought I’d host a little album release party of my own, share it here on IBC, and hopefully pass along a few ideas.

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

I’m a huge fan of music, so I’m always excited when one of my favorite artists releases a new album. No matter who your favorite artist is, having an album release party is not only a fun way to celebrate the new music, but it’s also a great excuse to get together with friends for some good food, drinks, and conversation.

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

First, let’s talk decor. For this particular party, I went with a green and blue color scheme – specifically mint green, spring green, teal, and navy. I’m totally obsessed with that color combination, and it felt very spring-like to me. I also liked how the touches of navy made everything look classy! Still another reason I picked these colors is because I’m really loving the new Oh Joy! Party collection at Target. (The collection includes several of these colors.)

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

I picked up lots off goodies around this color scheme: crepe paper balls, paper lanterns, napkins, plates, straws, etc. What I love about having a color scheme is that it takes much of the guess work out of choosing decor. Just follow your color scheme. I also purchased a few neutral items that worked perfectly for the party, but could later be used around my house.

I’ve been loving Target’s collection of blue and green vases. They have such a funburst of color and a little sparkle. I also bought two of these over-sized basket trays. They are genius! I love baskets for serving food, so I will be using these all summer long. Plus, they add beautiful texture to my table. I appreciated all of the comments on them in my Instagram post a few weeks ago. I was glad you were loving them, too!

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

Of course, I tucked in some fresh flowers. A natural / botanical element is a must for any party decor. I decided to step outside of my color scheme to add a little variation to the table. I just picked up some cut flowers at my local grocery store and made a few mini arrangements.

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

For the food, I decided on light appetizers: homemade hummus, chips, salsa, and a crazy delicious Jalapeño Corn Dip (recipe coming to IBC soon). Cheese and crackers are a must for me as well. They are perfect conversation food. I also served up some Vodka Meatballs. To make them, I just warmed frozen meatballs and Simply Balanced Vodka Pasta Sauce (all available from Target) in a slow cooker. Then I served them up with some fancy toothpicks, shaved Parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. So simple, yet so delicious!

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

Since I think every party deserves its own signature cocktail. My Empire Peach Fizz was inspired by Shakira’s newest single, Empire. It’s fun, fizzy, and totally delicious! Here’s how to make it.

Empire Peach Fizz | Inspired by Charm

Empire Peach Fizz

Here’s what you will need:

Simply Balanced Sparkling Peach Mango Juice Beverage
1.5 ounces peach vodka
.5 ounce peach schnapps
Splash of grenadine
Peach ring skewers (attach a peach gummy ring to a wooden skewer)

To a glass filled with ice, add a splash of grenadine. Then pour in the peach vodka and peach schnapps. Top with Simple Balanced Sparkling Peach Mango. Garnish the drink with a colorful straw and a peach ring skewer.

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

Last, but never least, dessert. I kept the dessert pretty simple, but still beautifully bold. Vanilla cupcakes with my Go-To Cream Cheese Frosting dyed mint green. I also offered an assortment of colorful gum balls. Have you seen these at Target? They are gorgeous and come in almost every color.

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

I created little cards with the name of each food and drink item. For a fun twist, I incorporated Shakira’s songs (both new and old) in the names. To make the food card holders, I used some large gold paperclips, bent open. The card was taped on with washi tape. So easy, but so cute!

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

I sent my guests home with little gifts bags. Clearly giving everyone a CD could get quite expensive, but a goodie bag is always a fun touch. I think it’s also nice to include a few recipes from the evening. This is a great way for your guests to remember and recreate the party.

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

Throughout the evening, Shakia’s record was on repeat with a few other favorite tunes in the mix. As enjoyable as it is to listen to the songs you’re loving on repeat in the privacy of your own home, it’s considerate of your guests to provide some musical variety, while still staying true to the theme of your party.

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

Shakira Album Giveaway

And since this fabulous party wouldn’t have been possible without Shakira, I think a little giveaway is in order. I’m giving away three copies of Shakira’s new album! Her deluxe album with three bonus track is sold exclusively at Target! To enter to win, leave a comment below with your favorite party hosting tip or trick! This contest will end on Monday, April 14.

Hosting an Album Release Party | Inspired by Charm

Good luck and thank you so much for joining me for my little album release party! I hope you were able to pick up a few tips and tricks for hosting one of your own.

Inspired By Charm

This giveaway is available to IBC readers worldwide. You must be 18 or older to win. Void where prohibited. The giveaway ends on Monday, April 14 at 11:59 pm EDT. This post was created as part of my collaboration with Target. As always, the thoughts and ideas are my own.  

Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that receives a small commission by linking to and other sites at no cost to the readers.

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  • Lisa at

    My party must haves include: a signature drink (I’m a sucker for sweety and sassy Margaritas!), double dips (think corn and black bean salsa & fire roasted red pepper hummus), and ab eclectic mix of tunes sure to please everyone in the crowd (bonus points for impromptu dance parties)! And always, always, always fresh flowers!

  • Constance Thompson at

    Love the album release party. I have everyone bring their favorite CD to play. My last party I gave was an engagement party. To create a nice lighting experience, I covered the dining room chandlier with white netting. It gave the room a nice sparkle. I used white flowers throughout the table.

  • Leslie at

    Love having an outdoor party with fire in the pit, glasses of wine and some simple nibblers like chips and homemade salsa. Simple so I can enjoy the party as well!

  • Rebecca Bjorum at

    I think great music helps and some yummy red wine! Ethnic, international or even a good concert DVD can liven things up

  • Marybeth at

    I love Ina Garten’s way of hosting parties – keep it simple and do as much as possible ahead of time. Set up your tablescape a day or two before your event. Make 2-3 dishes and purchase 2-3 more already prepared, i.e. cheeses, sliced meats, fruit. Make bartending simple by offering a signature cocktail or two. Be sure to have coffee and nonalcoholic beverages available also.

  • girlfromwva at

    Have an easy drink made in a pitcher (& non alcohol version, too).
    Ask everyone to bring something you need.
    Serve simple/easy dishes.
    Decorate with things you already own.
    Buy flowers from the grocery store.
    Relax & enjoy.

  • Katie at

    I love a special one-of-a-kind centerpiece!

  • monika at

    a variety of vinos, easy to hold cups and fun fun music like shakiras to shake our hips to(they also don’t lie)

  • Anjie Behunin at

    I don’t host parties very often- but when I have a couple of people over, it is usually spur of the moment. I always have great paper straws on hand, so even a soda on ice looks festive and I try to keep some easy snacky foods like humus, ranch dip and chips in the house so there is plenty of stuff to nosh!

    LOVE the party…….keeping to a color scheme is the simplest type of theme! 🙂

  • Jamie at

    Such a great idea! I love how you decorated & styled everything! New follower 😉

  • Heather at

    Love olives, cheese and some sliced meat from the local deli.I love bbq too so I always have something freshly grilled – veggies or Thai chicken skewers. Decor is simple with lots of fresh flowers and little else. A music release party would be fun! Oh and don’t forget games!

  • Kelly DeVol at

    We live in the country and tend to have parties that encompass every food group. Brisket is something that can be prepared the day before, served with sides prepared ahead of time, any type of salad (pasta salad w/cashews, and marinated tortellini salad two favorites, beans, rolls, then I can focus on decorating and enjoying our guests. Any reason to get together is a good one!

  • Kim at

    I always set out food and plates on our counter for a buffet style get together.

  • Rebecca at

    It all looks beautiful! I wish I could pop across states to be there. Lovely, as always!

    I think the most important thing for a good party is a relaxed host!

  • Erin at

    Empty the dishwasher before hand so you can just fill it up when the party is over.

  • Donna at

    I love the gold coloured wall sculptures. Are they from Target? thanks!

  • Elisha Flanders at

    I love all your ideas! I love the ‘pearls’ on the cupcakes. I like the sixlet ones for a taste of chocolate.

  • Elaina Najera at

    I loved, loved, loved the bent paper clips with the custom food labels incorporating the different song names- kept with the theme, kept simple, and made sure everyone knew what’s what. There is nothing worse than going to a party and eating mystery food…
    My own tip is to purchase Christmas and other holiday decorations in non-traditional colors (i.e. no reds or greens) like pinks, purples, and blues on clearance AFTER Christmas (of course at Target!) and then use them throughout the year. For my sister’s birthday day, a pink affair, I strung up shiny pink metallic tinsel on curtains, light fixtures, etc., as part of my decoration. Then I save it and use it some other way later. 😉
    Thanks! xOxO, Elaina

  • Myriam knepper at

    Love this party and all the little details. Love the paper clip idea and cd inspired drink and food. . I love to host parties too and follow a theme or inspiration. My favorite tip is to pair a drink with meal served and handcrafted with fresh ingredients and have them ready to serve when guest arrive. Then a side table will have some appetizers to pair with drink, cheese and crackers, dip and chips, mini capresse skewers, mini sliders, and puff pastry cup with Brie rosemary mushroom. Flowers, candles and great music. What else to ask x a fun evening with friends or family.

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