getting back to reality wasn’t as bad as i expected. i suppose i’m ready. well, kind of. in between quilting i’ve been on a purging and organizing streak. i’m just in a mood where i want to get rid of everything. do you know what i mean? i’ve made multiple trips to goodwill and i’m sure the garbage man is going to be pissed when he sees the pile of junk i’m pitching. i’m just sick of the clutter. i need to simplify.


i also took some time to hang a new (and easily one of my favorites) piece of artwork. it’s titled ‘paper lanterns’.  i purchased it from the always amazing and super talented rachel of funnelcloud studio and funnelcloud the blog.


Inspired By Charm


i needed to replace a 2011 perpetual calendar that previous hung in this frame and i knew she’d have something that would work perfectly! she seriously has some of the coolest prints in her shop and i just adore her blog. check out her christmas tree this year. she made all of the ornaments!


Inspired By Charm


anyway, i’m loving my new print. honestly, it just makes me happy.


i also managed to finish quilting my quilt. again, it’s not perfect (and that’s oaky), but i really, really love it. i also wanted to mention that the idea/pattern for the quilt came from jeni over at in color order. you can check out her quilt here. thanks for the inspiration jeni!


Inspired By Charm


in cleaning things out i also hada chance to go through my small fabric stash. i now have two more quilt projects lined up! the first is going to be a plus quilt. i’m going to use this tutorial with a yellow, green and brown color palette.


Inspired By Charm


some of these fabrics are vintage bed sheets from here, vintage fabric from here, napkins from my shoppe and other fabric i picked up at some point.



the other quilt i’m going to create is without a pattern (wish me luck). the plan is to do half square triangles in a rainbow of colored ginghams and solid white.


Inspired By Charm


something like this maybe?


the gingham material is vintage from this blogger (and her mother, i believe) and i got it here. the white is from kona which i got here.


with quilts being made, a plan to get organized and to simplify, and a goal of losing about 25lbs (yesterday i made a batch of poop cookies) i’m off to a good start for 2012.


here’s hoping it lasts!


Inspired By Charm



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  • ramsam at

    Dang! I need to purge too ( in more ways than one!) love your organinzing inspiration…trying ot soak up that energy…

    have a lovely day!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    You may be busier than stink, but I’m always calmed when I look at your pics. I can’t imagine clutter in your home but I guess I’ll take your word for it! 🙂 The artwork and quilts are both gorgeous! As is your entire home. sigh…


  • LissyLou at

    I can see why you like the artwork. Really nice and unusual x

  • Melissa P at

    Lovely projects ahead of you. Purging is good. It gives you more room for your ever growing fabric stash. 😉

  • Dizzy Lizzie at

    How do you do so much in 24 hours! Its inspiring and daunting! You have clearly been well brought up! 😉

  • lisbonlioness at

    I’m with you, I am in the right mind to throw out just about everything that has survived our recent move. Had a hissy fit the other day and wrecked a lot of stuff to make sure I would not salvage it from the bin, and guess what, I don’t freaking miss it. Figures. Good on you, lad, keep it up. Clutter weighs us down. And that print (and subsequently the whole shop) is just happiness on paper! Diggin’ that octopus print.

  • Funnelcloud Rachel at

    Oh, Michael, thank you so much! That frame is just too perfect for the print and it looks great up on the wall!

    Loving your quilt project – congrats for getting it done!

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