I’ve decided that May will be Home Month here on IBC. As I’ve touched on here and there in recent posts, I’ve been struggling with getting some projects done around the house. Part of my procrastination is due to sheer laziness and lack of motivation. However, another bigger part, stems from fear of getting it all wrong.

I absolutely love my work and being able to share what I’m doing with you. Recently, however, I’ve come to realize that it’s taken a toll on my self-confidence. For some reason, the notion that “everything must be perfect and that everyone needs to like what I do” has enveloped me in a profound and not-so-great way. It’s debilitating. Social media has played a role, too. People are freaking amazing, right!? This idea to “keep up” or be “just as amazing” is so real these days. I sometimes feel, if it’s not “as good” what’s the point of sharing it, or even doing it for that matter.

Now, I’m not complaining here. At all. Yes, I’ve spent time feeling crappy about all of this, but in that time I’ve learned a lot as well. With some help from a few friends, the two main lessons here are: “Excellence, not perfection.” and “Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.”

So, with those two mantras, I’m ready to do some stuff and to do it the way I want to do it. No questions. No apologies.

Home | Inspired by Charm

Despite this overwhelming pressure to be “perfect” and to please everyone, I often remind myself to sit back and reflect on what I love most about design and creating. And that is, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Yes, there are guidelines to achieve “good” design, but when it comes to creating a home you love – you create the “rules.” Even if you break every design rule, if you love your space, who cares. To take that thought even further, breaking the rules is often where the magic happens. This is where new design, innovative ideas, and genius are born.

Furthermore, I’ve also kept areas of my home offline for years. In large part, it’s because I’m embarrassed about them. Here’s the short list: my nonexsistant outdoor space; the proximity of my house to a busy street; my outdated bathrooms; my closets that are full of clutter; and the guestroom in my house that’s not yet been renovated.

I guess I’m tired of being embarrassed. And as fellow blogger, author, and friend, Melissa Michaels (The Inspired Room) says, “Love the home you have.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, nowhere super grand. I’m not starting a series to “inspire you to share your home’s dirty secrets” or challenging you to be yourself. As promised last week, I’m just keeping it real and digging up the motivation I need to get back to work, start falling back in love with my home (all of it), and sharing my progress (the good, the bad, and the ugly) with you along the way. It’s really that simple.

Home | Inspired by Charm

This weekend, I drafted a list of projects that need to be completed around my house. (The list is at the end of this post.) I’m aware the list is not helpful to you. However, I’m hoping it will provide a little accountability and motivation for me and maybe a fun thing for you to follow along with / get excited about.

I’ll come back to this list now and then to add to it, cross things off, and link up progress posts from the blog. All that good stuff.

Also, no matter how much the before shots make me cringe, I’m hoping to share a few more of my spaces with you.

Again, this isn’t some grand proclamation. I’m not looking for validation or support. I’m just putting it out there and giving you an idea of what to expect in the coming months on IBC. There still will be bursts of deliciousness, but as I work toward some health and fitness goals, the timing seems perfect to shift focus a bit.

So, with that, feel free to check out my to-do list below. Anything marked with an “(H)” means that I will likely hire someone to complete all or part of the job. However, I will still share those adventures with you.

Here we go!

The List

Replace porch roofs (H)
Refinish glider (H)
Reseal driveway (H)
Install deck (H)

Clean out
Sell unwanted furniture
Refinish floors (H)
Repaint inside
Find solution for ceilings

Replace countertops (H)
Replace backsplash
Get new oven

Swap out workstation for table

Downstairs Bath
Gut and refinish (H)

Master Bedroom
Put up wall art in closet
Update mirror
Repaint closet area
Create shoe storage
Finish wall décor iin bedroom
Get another piece of furniture for bedroom

Room #3 (Guest bedroom)
Get / make wall art
Hang lamps
Retile fireplace
Change antel décor

Room #1 (Guest bedroom)

Master Bathroom
Install new vanity and light fixtures

Room #3 Bathroom
Install new vanity and light fixtures

Room #1 Bathroom
Completely demo (H)

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  • Gwen at

    re: “However, another bigger part, stems from fear of getting it all wrong.” This is me to a T. I take forever to decide, because what if I pick the wrong color, etc. I took forever to pick a sofa….and you know what? I got it wrong! I hate it. BUT I am working with it to make it work!

  • Becky at

    First off, that turquoise lamp is killing it! Second, this has gotten my butt moving to walk through our house and make my wish list for the spring and summer. Thanks for the kick in the pants and best of luck with your list!

  • Hailey~FurnishMyWay at

    I love how real this blog post is. The idea that perfection can be attained is not realistic, however being the best we can be and making the most of what we have is! I look forward to seeing what you get started on first!

  • Ursula at

    I love the reminder of “loving the home you have!” Like you, I have kept my home “off-line” ever since I started my blog. A little bit because is not the way I wanted it to be (or what I think in my head it should be) and the other reason is because I can’t seem to tackle a big project these days.

    I’ve telling myself this for years 😉 When I think about re-painting a room, or cleaning the heck out of my carpets or even replace them, I think about all the time involved and I would rather spend time with my family, or take a break from my family and do something by myself 😉

    If we have a long weekend, we will grab the chance to do a short trip with the kids or anything else that doesn’t involve big projects. Ha!
    I found your blog via @homeyohmy Friday’s finds. Will be following ya 😉 Ursula @http://kraftmint.com

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