Home Accessories: Keep it Quirky

If you’ve been following IBC for a while (or have seen my Home Tours), there are probably times you’ve questioned my design choices (e.g., that gold unicorn over my bed). Don’t apologize, I’ve questioned some of my decisions, too. However, there is a method to my madness. That’s why today I wanted to explain what’s behind some of my styling and remind you to keep things quirky.

Home Accessories: Keep it Quirky | inspiredbycharm.com

Many times decorating your space can become a bit fussy and stressful. Even though styling is part of what I do for a living, sometimes I second guess myself. I think I find the process even more demanding because I have to put my designs out there for the world to see. Even though years of experience helps, I do not call myself an expert when it comes to decorating. I just do what I like and hope for the best.

That’s why, whenever possible, I incorporate quirky or odd details. Accessories like my moose named Kevin, my large brass cat, and the clay cacti I DIYed give my rooms a little life and personality – and they make me smile. (I should also tell you that I’ve had these particular accessories for some time now, and they are still among my favorites.)

Home Accessories: Keep it Quirky | inspiredbycharm.com

I’m not saying you should go out and buy a brass unicorn. Do quirky the way you want to do quirky. Whether it’s pairing polka dot with plaid on your couch, using neon pink accessories in your bathroom, or mixing metals in your kitchen, do something that will make your heart sing.

To help you get started, I recently wrote a post for the HomeGoods Design Happy Blog appropriately titled: “Keep it Quirky – Unique Home Decor Ideas.” You can read that article here.

In it I share several ideas (right out of my own home) for incorporating a few unexpected touches into a space. It’s like a beginner’s guide to quirk-ifying.

Home Accessories: Keep it Quirky | inspiredbycharm.com

Hopefully, it will provide some insight into what I talked about above, while also giving you a few ideas for styling your own place. However, before you go, let me know in the comments below what your favorite unique element is or what quirky styling idea you’ve incorporated into your home.

As always, happy decorating!

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  • Sonya Shea at

    Hi Michael,

    I recently wrote to you to ask where you got the beautiful cocktail glasses you use in your martini posts. I think you were just returning from a trip and my request got lost in the shuffle.
    I would love to get some of the glasses for my own home.

  • Angela at

    love your couch! where did you get that? 😉

  • Rick at

    OMG those miniature people in the sand are too cute!! That could have been all of the quirky I needed in one blog post! I need to find a set of these!!

  • Susan A. at

    i love the little french fry print but the frame is ama-zing! where could i find it?

  • Tone S at

    Quirky is BEST! I love it! I will randomly throw pillows on the couch that “belong” in a child’s room, and my friends love them! Thanks for keeping it Quirky! 🙂

  • Elle at

    All interesting places and people are a little quirky! (Your sofa looks so inviting.)

  • annie at

    I love quirky tooI have a big plastic dinosaur holding an air plant in his mouth in my kitchen. He makes me smile (my grandson smiles too)

  • Lisa at

    Love the quirky! I have little ones so quirky fits right in- like my son’s diy foam alligator that lives in the kitchen. What better way to have a fun home with character?

  • Taste of France at

    I love the little people in the sand!
    Quirky should be something you can’t find at Pottery Barn. Or Wal-Mart.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks! Aren’t they cute?

      Actually you can find quirky anyway. That gold unicorn – Pottery Barn teen. 😉

      xo Michael

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