Hello 2019!

Happy 2019!!

It always amazes me how quickly the holidays go by. One minute I’m shopping, wrapping, baking, and wondering how I’ll get it all done, and the next minute it’s over, and life goes back to “normal.”

I usually need a little break after the holidays. As you know, it’s a busy season in general, but it’s an especially busy time for the blog. This year I had every intention of just chugging right along from Christmas into 2019, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I opted for some downtime and a computer/internet break, and it’s been great!

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that 2018 was another memorable year on the homefront. I’d call it a year of transition. So when I recently saw this on social media, it resonated with me:

2017 – Caterpillar
2018 – Crysalis
2019 – Butterfly

At the start of 2018, I was living in an apartment in Pittsburgh while still maintaining my home of 10 years in St Marys. During this time I was also house hunting in Pittsburgh. By June I had sold my previous home, moved out of it and my apartment, packed up what was in two storage units, and finally settled into my current home, Bayberry House.

I had hoped to make a lot more progress in my new place during the second half of 2018, but things are taking more time, energy, and money than I planned. My accomplishments to date: improved the landscaping near my house (details on that soon), got a new roof, furnished my first-floor living spaces, painted my living room and entryway, had my floors refinished, and completed lots of smaller projects. I’m hoping that 2019 brings more exciting improvements to Bayberry House.

Speaking of plans, I’m still formulating my goals for 2019. I do have a few ideas tumbling around in my head, but I just haven’t put pen to paper to sort them all out yet. Soon. Maybe this week will be the time to write them down. I’m giving myself grace about this.

What else is happening?

Christmas Continues:
My Christmas decor is staying up until mid-February. I received a last-minute call from a magazine that wants to shoot my holiday decor for an upcoming issue. Although I was looking forward to putting things away, I couldn’t be more excited and honored to be featured in the magazine. I’ll share more when I can, but be sure to follow along on Instagram in early February when I show a bit of the behind-the-scenes from the shoot.

Kitchen Remodel:
When I first moved into my home, I wanted to dive right into remodeling the kitchen. I figured the project would have started in the fall and be nearing completion right about now, but apparently, life had other plans. As much as I wanted to get the remodel done ASAP, the delay seems to be working out for the best. I will update you once things are closer to being finalized. My hope is that work will start in late February or early March.

Other House Projects:
There are lots. In addition to the kitchen and all the changes it will bring on the first floor, I’d like to make strides upstairs. This is likely to entail painting everything, creating a more useful office, making over the bathroom, organizing/decluttering, and much more!

Once spring hits, I’m hoping to get back outside and make more progress in the yard, I’ll be doing lots of general maintenance, and maybe I’ll put in a garden.

Inspired by Charm Happenings:
I don’t have any major changes planned for the blog. While I’m always looking to grow and better myself, I’m mostly content with what I’m able to offer and share as a one-man show. However, given that there are lots of home projects on the horizon and no kitchen for a few months, I expect there will be more decorating/renovating posts than in previous years.

I’m also trying to wrap my head around creating additional videos for you. Videos can be very time intensive to produce, so I want to make sure the content is valuable or entertaining. If there are specific things you’d like to see, please let me know.

Beyond videos, if you have other suggestions, ideas, or thoughts on what you’d like to see on IBC and how you’d like to see it, please let me know in the comments below. I’m all ears!

I intend to put together an official recap of 2018, so stay tuned for that soon. It will be a fun way to look back at some of your favorite posts from last year.

Here’s to a fabulous 2019! (My year to be a butterfly)

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  • miss ayu manis at

    thank you for this recipe, it works well even after Christmas and NYE, I love the combination of pistachio and brie since they both blend together subtlely

  • Susan at

    Sure wish I could accomplish what you did in the last half of 2018! It was incredible! So excited for your magazine feature and looking forward to all your posts for this year! Hope you’ll continue to do your entertaining posts!

  • Sue at

    Looking forward to see as a “butterfly” you make many strides in getting your projects completed and share with us.

  • Laura at

    I save your posts for the weekend so I can just dive into the pictures and details! How fun to keep your Christmsd!

  • Susa Atkinson at

    I’m a new subscriber, too, you know following link after link on IG accounts I already follow and somehow found my way to you! So glad to be directed to your blog! You really are amazing. And LOVE how brave you are with color!! Your Christmas decorations were among my top 5!! I follow quite a few people on IG (always looking for inspiration) but I always have to stop at your posts! Had to subsribe because I know I can learn so much from you! Can’t wait to see future posts. Thank you for sharing your life and love of decorating with all of us. I cant even imagine the time it takes to stage and photograph such beautiful vignettes for all of us. I love everything you share!! Continued success to you!!

  • Freda Carroll at

    I love your blog and the progress you have made on your new home. I’m looking forward to the new year and what you have in store for 2019. Thank you for sharing everything you have done so far.

  • Sue at

    Happy New Year Michael, congratulations on being in a magazine again. I love everything you post.

  • Julie at

    I’ve always said Christmas is like planning a wedding……..all the planning/coordinating/organizing that goes into a wedding is similar, to me, re Christmas………and when it’s over, it’s over…….it’s like you need a few more days of vacay to recuperate from THE DAY! Happy 2019 to you Michael and readers!!

  • Monica at

    I stumbled across your website this past summer. I immediately signed up to follow you on social media (as many as I participate in) and love seeing your posts. I live in Canada, so winter can be LLOONNGG and your blog / posts are entertaining and inspiring. You make me want to come and visit! 🙂

    I have tried some of your recipes – in particular, the vegetable pizza wreath – I served it at a garden tea party I had in August – it was a huge hit!

    Keep up the great work – I have a feeling I’ll like whatever you post!

    Happy 2019!

  • Jean Wright at

    You are just so talented and creative; Wishing you a wonderful 2019 of happiness and peacefulness.

  • Linda at

    I ADORE videos. I would love, love, love to see:

    1. Your cleaning routine, with any tips and tricks.
    2. You preparing some of your amazing recipes.
    3. A “Day in the Life” type video, where you take us along on a typical day.
    4. A “My Life” type video, kind of like a short bio, with pics of growing up, etc.

  • Julie at

    New Years Greetings Michael! I’m a new subscriber, and already have enjoyed reading your past and current blogs. Love your enthusiasm and looking forward to all that you have planned for Bayberry House and congrats on the new home!

  • Janet at

    Thank you for sharing your thought process as well as your plans and progress. One idea I have that popped into my head as I was reading your blog is showing us how you have organized and temporarily decorated your kitchen in its current state. I realize that’s risky as it is not where you want it to be but it might be helpful to show what one can do with a less than desirable or interim space. Just a thought! Love all you do and who you are! Best of everything in 2019!

  • Paulette Jacoby at

    I’m new to your posts on Instagram and your emails. I so look forward to seeing everything that you post now!!
    Happy New Year and have a Fab 2019 ❤️💚

  • Sabrina at

    thank you for this recipe, it works well even after Christmas and NYE, I love the combination of pistachio and brie since they both blend together subtlely

  • Teresa at

    It looks like 2019 will be a busy year at Bayberry House and I am looking forward to seeing all the great things and updates you have in store. Congrats on having your home featured in a magazine spread…it was certainly worthy! Cant wait to see what publication it will be in and I guess next Christmas we will see in it in print. Many times magazines will shoot their holiday home pics months ahead of Christmas and its always funny to hear bloggers talk about having to decorate their homes for Christmas during warmer months!

  • Anne Weber-Falk at

    What a great and positive outlook for the new year you have. It’s rubbing off on me! Congratulations on the magazine spread. How do you handle all the dust on your decorations? I usually wipe them as I put away after being out for a month but yours will be out for so long. I look forward to seeing all the changes, and your spread, in the coming months.

    • Amy at

      I had the same problem once. They tree was up so long the ornaments had become dusty! I whipped out my hair dryer, set it on cool and blasted away. Worked great.

  • Marlene Olson at

    If there’s one blogger deserving to have their Christmas home featured in a magazine, it’s you!! I’m so glad I found your blog and your Christmas decor was amazing!! Looking forward to seeing your 2019 projects

  • Cindi at

    Looking forward to seeing your plans come to reality. I know it will be amazing

  • Carol at

    I am looking forward to all of your coming posts!You inspire ( no pun intended, ha!) me to work on more of my house projects.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you so much, Carol!

      xo Michael

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