This past weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday. Some of you may remember that last year for her 60th we had a big party at my house with lots of friends and family. You can check out all of the party details here. While this year’s event was low key by comparison, it was just as special.

Happy Day Spring Festive Birthday Cake |

Each year it seems that I’m in charge of the cake. While I’m not an expert cake maker, I do look forward to coming up with something unique for the occasion. For this year’s party, I was inspired by this mini egg cake I found via Sainsbury Magazine. While it’s definitely a cake for spring / Easter, there was something about it that I loved, so I thought it would be appropriate for a birthday as well.

Happy Day Spring Festive Birthday Cake |

Happy Day Spring Festive Birthday Cake |

For lack of a better term, I sort of “threw” this cake together. For full details on the recipe, be sure to visit Sainsbury Magazine. For my cake, I used a box of white cake mix. (Call me crazy, but I actually prefer boxed mixes to homemade. Maybe I just haven’t found a homemade recipe I like.) For the frosting, I used a simple buttercream recipe that I lightly flavored with almond extract. I also included a layer of seedless raspberry jam between the cake layers. That touch of almond extract in the buttercream goes so nicely with the raspberry jam.

Happy Day Spring Festive Birthday Cake |

The top was drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with mini Easter eggs. I actually had a hard time locating mini eggs in a subtle color. I ended up finding these guys at the dollar store. Go figure.

Happy Day Spring Festive Birthday Cake |

To finish things off, I used this “Happy Day” wood cake topper I had purchased a while back from my friend Laura’s Finding Home Farms online shop. It was the perfect celebratory touch and made this cake birthday appropriate. I think the cake was a success!

Happy Day Spring Festive Birthday Cake |

My mom was also lucky enough to spend the day with her grandchildren. In fact, she and my niece, Emma, almost share a birthday, so they were able to celebrate together.

Happy Day Spring Festive Birthday Cake |

Happy Day Spring Festive Birthday Cake |

While it’s not my greatest cake achievement, it was certainly delicious and was a delightful way to celebrate my mom’s (and Emma’s) very special day.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  • SilvanaJoanne at

    I think it’s a beautiful cake, Michael! I sure wish I had a piece in front of me right now :-))

  • Elle at

    I loved seeing the birthday girls with your beautiful creation!

  • KC1 at

    Your cake is incredible!!!! I’m going to make it for Easter. What kind of chocolate did you use for the chocolate drizzle?

  • Lisa at

    Ha! No wonder you are the designated cake baker… What a lovely, delicious cake!

  • Agatha at

    Happy Birthday! It looks so delicious. At list it have a nice design.

  • Karen Mary at

    Your cake is lovely! I’m going to make one for my daughter’s upcoming birthday; thanks for the inspiration! Your mother is a very lucky woman to have you for a son (and not just for your stellar cake-making skills)!

  • Cathy Van Duyne at

    I absolutely love your cake! Simple, but classy.

  • Amber Mitchell at

    The cake is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I love the cake topper, I will be checking out the shop you linked 🙂

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