Guest Bedroom Plan

I need to be honest with you about my guest bedroom. I haven’t made much progress on it. I know you’re super surprised, right? #sarcasm I did manage to clear most of the things out of the room, remove the wallpaper border, patch and sand some holes, and patch around the molding. Then life intervened: I had the chance to go swimming with my family. My mom needed my help. The sun finally came out. And so on.

Although I have made some progress, I expected to have the room completely painted and the chandelier hung by today. No harm done, though. Thankfully, there’s no rush to complete the space.

I did have a chance, however, to think a bit more about the design and direction for the space. That’s what I want to share with you today.

As I mentioned in the “Before Post,” I’ve decided to use a white for the walls. After testing a few colors from Sherwin Williams, I selected Reserved White. The color on their website seems very misleading. (Or at least I hope so.) I tested it on my walls, and it’s white with just a touch of gray. I think I’m going to like it a lot.

Guest Bedroom Plan | Inspired by Charm

My plan is to use this ceiling light that I bought it several years ago from ZGallerie. (I’m not sure they still sell it.) I wasn’t convinced I could make it work, but now I’m feeling excited about it. I think every room needs a little glam / bling / quirkiness. This should do the trick.

Guest Bedroom Plan | Inspired by Charm
In the comments on the “Before Post,” a few of you asked about the bed. My intent was to replace it, but you may have made me change my mind. After a quick Pinterest search, I stumbled upon this photo via Country Living.

Guest Bedroom Plan | Inspired by Charm
source: Country Living
It’s essentially the same bed, and I am digging it. Even though I don’t often use black as an accent color in my home, I’ve decided to give it a try because it can add a modern classic dimension. I’m going black black, not oil-rubbed bronze black.

One of my goals in making over this room is to use a lot of pieces I already have. I also want to DIY / refurbish some of them. Although DIY takes a little more time, I think it can enhance the character of a space.

source: Young House Love
In terms of accent colors, I was inspired by this image from the video trailer for Young House Love’s new book. (Does anyone else miss YHL?)

Guest Bedroom Plan | Inspired by Charm

source: Homelife

I want to keep things light and bright in the guest room. There’s obviously going to to be touches of aqua from the chandelier. From there I’d like to incorporate more greens, black, wood tones, and possibly a touch of orange / terra cotta.

I also want to get my hands on a Turkish style rug.

Guest Bedroom Plan | Inspired by Charmsource: Young House Love

Another thought: Putting together some sort of photo wall above the bed. I really love this one from Emily Henderson.

Guest Bedroom Plan | Inspired by Charmsource: Style by Emily Henderson

And this example from House Seven.

Guest Bedroom Plan | Inspired by Charmsource: House Seven Blog

That’s about it for now. What do you think?

I’ll be traveling the rest of this week. (Details on that will be coming soon. It’s pretty exciting!) Once I return, I’ll be pushing myself hard to finish up the painting. Ideally, I’d like to have it wrapped up by August 16. That’s my goal, people. Give me a quick slap in the face if I’m falling behind.

I’ve been using Pinterest to document my ideas for this space. If you want to follow along, you can do so here.

What projects are you working on around your home?

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  • Emma P. at

    I love the direction you are headed with the guest room, it will look awesome when completed. Yes, I miss Young House Love too!

  • Sheila at

    Take your time and enjoy the process. And, yes, every room needs a little glam. I just ordered 2 elegant chandeliers for two bedrooms we will be gutting (actually our contractor) in late October. After that beautiful deck project you just finished, it would be super hard for me to drag myself inside to work. I accent a lot with black. It is a beautiful color that makes all the other colors you use “pop”. Wise choice in keeping the bed. It will be fun to see the DIY/refurbished items you re-create. So glad you took time to enjoy your family. The long days of winter will soon be upon us and pouring yourself into remodeling/updating projects helps to pass the time.

    • Elle at

      Sheila, Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the process. Watching the transformation over time is part of the fun. I read somewhere that every room should have a bit of black.

      • Sheila at

        Thank you, Elle! Watching the transformation over time is certainly a part of the fun and excitement. From personal experience, when a project is on going, my thought processes have more time to dwell and develop producing ideas I hadn’t originally thought of incorporating into the project.

  • Marty@A Stroll Thru Life at

    Redoing a bathroom and it is becoming frustrating. I have painted the walls 3 times, finally lie the color. Now to find a mirror and faucet, my first selections didn’t work at all. I think your ideas for our guest bdrm are going to be amazing.

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