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Just popping in today to give you a quick update on the progress in my guest bedroom. When I last showed it to you, I had just painted the walls (and bed frame), hung the light fixture, and come up with a couple options for the design plan.

As some of you suggested in the comments, I mashed up the two designs. Well, I didn’t completely combine them; rather, I took both into consideration. So a couple weeks ago when stores were having Labor Day sales, I ordered a rug (which is on backorder), drapes, and curtain rods. Late last night, I got the curtains up and wanted to share them with you.

Guest Bedroom Curtains |

I ended up with the Emery Border Drapes from Pottery Barn. (They were the ones I used in my plan.) I also went with their standard antique bronze curtain rods with ball finial. It was a bit of an investment, but with the sale, a coupon, and some store credit, the price wasn’t too bad.

Guest Bedroom Curtains |

Although I was worried about the grommet top (typically not my favorite), I’m pleased with how they look in the space. Plus, they’re different from my other window treatments! Other than desperately needing to be hemmed, I think they are going to work out great.

Guest Bedroom Curtains |

Guest Bedroom Curtains |

They aren’t too heavy in the space and they go well with the wall color, I think they’ll be amazing with the rug, and that white detail at the top is sharp.

I also like the curtains rods They are simple, and the ball finial repeats the ball detail on the bed frame. Win. Win!

Guest Bedroom Curtains |

While I plan to get the rug and bed linens in place before I start on accessories, I did pick up a few things at Target. I loved these new charcoal stoneware vases. I also found a couple throws and a pillow that might work. When shopping at Target, I’ve discovered that it’s better to buy things when you see them and then return them if they don’t work. If you wait, certain pieces tend to sell out. So, I went with my gut, and I’m hoping most of these things will work nicely.

Guest Bedroom Curtains |

Well, that’s it! Consider yourself updated.

Oh, and if you’re thinking, “Wow, Michael! You did a great job getting rid of the pillows and junk in the room.” Think again, my friends. All of those items are hiding on the other side of the bed. See.

Guest Bedroom Curtains |

Dirty little secrets.

Guest Bedroom Curtains |

Hope you enjoyed this mini-update. What do you think of the curtains and accessories I’ve selected?


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  • Blinds at

    Get inspired ideas for your living room windows

  • Alice at

    I love the pops of turquoise on the chandelier and nightstand, it works so well with charcoal.

  • Monica at


    The curtains look great! What size rod and finial did you choose (there are two sizes on the site)? I’m torn between the two sizes as don’t want something too oversized or too small for my windows!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at


      Just measure the length of your windows. Then I typically add on about 24 inches (12 extra inches for each side) as I like my curtains to hang over the wall verse over the window. Hope that helps!

      xo Michael

  • kathy at

    Hi Michael, What length did you purchase? I like the way they slightly puddle at the bottom but not to obviously if that makes sense

  • Sheila at

    As always, your labor in design comes through with shining colors! Grommets are nice but too casual for my style. They look perfect in this room though. Nice choice. I just ordered curtains for my den and master bedroom (waiting for contractor to come). It was a real challenge to find pleated curtains to go with my more of an “elegant” look that did not cost close to $1,000 for 2 panels. I’m serious! I chose a more relaxed style for the den but still gives the elegant look I love. So I can really appreciate how much time you spend in design. You have great “gut” instincts when it comes to accessories. A trip to Target is in my very near future. I LOVE the realness of the last picture. It started my day with laughter.

  • Ellie at

    The light fixture is the best!

    Look forward to seeing the carpet that is soon to make an appearance.

  • Dyan at

    Very nice ,love the harmony, really like the fabric of the drapes. Coming together very well, accessories are lovely ! Good going !

  • jenw at

    I like the curtains! I would not have tried a warm neutral with the cool grey, but it looks really good! I’m glad there are design savvy folks like you sharing to bring me out of my ruts. 🙂

  • Rhonda at

    I love the new look of the room, my question is how are you going to bring a color in that matches the light fixture or are you? I like the pillow you have on the floor that has a similar color. Or maybe something painted in the room like the little white chair or another piece of furniture.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Rhonda –

      Yep! That color will come into play in the rug as well as accessories. 🙂 Coming sooooon!

      xo Michael

  • Kate at

    Loving the accessories, particularly the vases. Wish we had Target in the UK, I’d be down there straight away! Think the curtains look good, the white top gives them a lovely crisp modern look.

  • Amy Blair at

    i love love love your blog. I love your style. There’s always a little element that surprises me in every room. Thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t seen the items you shared at my target yet but I may just go online tonight to see if I can grab them. Thanks!

  • Mary Ann at

    I have grommet rods/curtains too. I didn’t like them at first but love them now. And I love yours too!

  • Kris at

    I am definitely not a grommet fan, but the drapes look fabulous with the white stipe at the top. Perfect pick!!! I will always envy the aqua chandelier, too. It is gorgeous. I think your guest room is looking wonderful, Well done!Michael!

  • Tracey (From KY) at

    I think the curtains look great! I don’t usually like grommet curtains either, but I do like those.:)

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