Guest Bedroom: Before


Well, this project has been months (um, years) in the making. I’m finally going to tackle my guest bedroom.

Please tell me that you also have one of these rooms in your home. It’s that sad, lonely, and neglected room where all the random furniture (and pillows) go to die. Knowing that I’m not alone in this just might make me feel a wee bit better.

Guest Bedroom: Before | Inspired by Charm

Recently I’ve found myself in another creative slump, so I figure the only way to dig out is to start digging. Pretty logical, right? However, I’m not sure painting a room in the middle of summer makes as much sense.

This room has never been painted (witness the pink walls and black floral wallpaper border) since I bought the house 7 years ago. That’s really hard and embarrassing to admit. You may be wondering what I’ve been doing all this time!?! What can I say, but I have forgiven myself, so I hope you will too.

Guest Bedroom: Before | Inspired by Charm

This weekend I’m getting started on the makeover by removing (and selling) a bunch of this furniture and then prepping for paint. This latter task is the most time-consuming aspect (and my least favorite part) of painting. There are a lot of gaps between the molding and the walls, so those will need to be filled. Plus, I’ll be patching other holes, sanding, etc. That dated wallpaper border will also be coming down.

Next, the entire room will be painted, including the moldings, ceiling, and walls. That’s going to take some time. Who’s coming to help? I’ll make sangria!

Guest Bedroom: Before | Inspired by Charm

Although I haven’t finalized a design plan for the space (more on that next week), I do want to keep the paint colors fairly neutral. I know it may sound super boring, but I’m thinking about white walls. Maybe not white-white, but something close. That way I can have fun with accessories, switching things around more often, and maybe even using the room as a little studio from time to time.

Beyond that, I do have an aqua glass chandelier that I bought years ago that I want to incorporate in the space. Even though I’m not sure I’d buy the same fixture today, I think I can make it work. And doing so will be a fun challenge.

Guest Bedroom: Before | Inspired by Charm

Even though this post isn’t packed with excitement and inspiration, it’s a start. It’s also the before that’s always needed to fully appreciate the after.

Guest Bedroom: Before | Inspired by Charm

Are you ready for another room makeover, my friends?

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.

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  • Tammy at

    My husband and I were guests at your inn just before you closed. This is the room we stayed in. I will be sure to check back and see the progress of your new room! So exciting!

  • Chloe Crabtree at

    I can certainly relate to letting at least one room wait for the time and attention. I believe the longer you live with something in its “before” state, the better the “after” will be. We move into a new (to us) home the last week of May and due to an influx of grandchildren haven’t touched a thing. I am already making better decisions than I would have if I had begun right away. There are such lovely bones in this room, the beautiful wood floors and the windows. I love the bed, and the chandelier! That makes me swoon! I will be anxious to see the “after”; I know it will be dreamy. If I were nearby I would volunteer to take down that border, I have become a wallpaper remover wizard over the years! Me and a steamer can do magic!

  • Peggy at

    Loving that mauve. I had such a crush on it — everything was Mauve. Can’t wait to see your magic.

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