ever have one of those days (or weeks) when you wish you could have the life of the cat (even if you don’t like cats)? just to curl up into a ball in some soft and cozy corner and sleep the day away. i think i’m having one of those days … well, let’s be honest … weeks.

Inspired By Charm

(this is jax and sebastian by the way. i don’t talk about them much, but they are my spoiled kitties. they live with me in ‘my area separate from my little inn.’ [as my guests may have allergies or be afraid {even though my cats would probably be more afraid of them}] as you can see they really are best buddies. they sleep together all the time. think i could put them to work and take the day off?)

anyway, luckily i have many wonderful things to be thankful for. these things keep me trudging along. first a big and lovely thanks to my new friend over at farm and fru fru for the sweetest mention of my quilt project. her pictures always make me consider selling everything i own to buy a farm. life just seems so much simpler on a farm right?

and speaking of my quilt … i’m thrilled (beyond thrilled actually) with all the amazing fabric you lovely-amazingly-wonderful people have sent me. i’m going to share them with you now if that’s okay… here goes…

first up – these two amazing pieces from my friend kim over at newlywoodwards. i really love them both. she was afraid this one was a bit small, but according to my plan, i should be able to use it.

Inspired By Charm

i also love this one too. she actually just used it to make the sweetest colored pencil holder. you can check out the details of that here.

Inspired By Charm

these two lovely pieces are from becky in california.

Inspired By Charm

they traveled the furthest distance (so far) to find my little mailbox. love them!

Inspired By Charm

this next piece is courtesy of the talented deedrie over at mybricole. she’s quite the quilter! she made a square from two pieces of fabric. very smart! and i do love me a polka dot.

Inspired By Charm

and i just love these two patches from jenny in flordia. if there is one thing i love, it’s green and orange … throw in some aqua and i’m sold.

Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm

so bright and cheery.

Inspired By Charm

and last, but certainly not least, is the amazingly huge selection i just received today from martha in virgina. look at all these beautiful fabrics.

Inspired By Charm

i love them all, but i especially like this one…

Inspired By Charm

and this one.
Inspired By Charm


and that’s it for now. kim, becky, deedrie, jenny and martha – thank you so much. not only will will fabric help to make a beautiful summer quilt, but they really lifted my spirits this week! i honestly can’t thank you enough.

if you are new to inspiredbycharm and would like to help me with my quilt, you can read more about it here.

and one more thing before i go. remember when i went thrifting last week and i found those neat ceramic stands? well, i finally put them to good use. see…
Inspired By Charm

i just cleaned them up as they were already a perfect chip-free white.

Inspired By Charm

then, added some neat vases i had in my gift shoppe. (yes there are some perks to having a gift shoppe in your house.)

Inspired By Charm

then put in some candles. what do you think?

Inspired By Charm

i think they turned out fan-freakin-tastic! i just love them.

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  • kylydia at

    That is some awesome fabric!

  • Khak at

    they look great! I love white and green!

  • Lulu and the Locket at

    wonderful and my gosh those kitties are so cute!

  • Holly C. at

    Love your kitties and the candles turned out great!

    And I have heard of your small town. In fact, I don’t live far away. 🙂

  • Alely L. at

    they did turn out great! love all the fabric you received and i still need to send you mine. i hope to get it out in the mail to you by friday!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I cannot wait to see your quilt put together. I’m so excited for you!

  • The domestic novice at

    Cute little kitties! Your quilt is going to be huge!

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