hey ya’ll! thanks so much for all the super support (and for sharing my excitement) for my new etsy shop. i just finished up 46 jars of red pepper jelly. and i think i should have wore gloves when i was cutting up the jalapeno peppers because my hands are burning.

Inspired By Charm

i also sold my first jar of jam too! so exciting! so, thanks.

a couple of you asked me how my quilt is coming along. well, thanks to all your amazing support i have about half the material i need, but i still need lots more. if you are new to inspiredbycharm, you can read more about it here.  i’m anxiously await to start sewing my patches together, but i think i should have all my sqaures first. right?


today, i received some fabric … and when i open it i seriously got goosebumps. seriously.

Inspired By Charm

what’s the last thing that gave you goosebumps? can you remember? leave a comment below!

Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm

amazing right!? she embroidered them! i just love them.

they are from catherine at stitchfork designs. catherine is a fellow penn stater and pennyslvanian. thank you catherine!! i love them so much.

there are lots of other exciting things on the horizon. i will share them with you tomorrow (hopefully). have a exiting friday night!

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  • Victory Garden Yarn at

    Whoa, those are SO COOL! How utterly special. I’m still trying to decide which patterns of fabric to send you from my tiny stash, it’s so hard!

    I must say, the last thing to give me goosebumps was probably a certain email I received yesterday, from YOU! 🙂

  • Melissa P at

    Congratulations on your first sale!

    No need to have all the fabric before you start sewing. Just ask any quilter how many ongoing projects they have and whether or not they ever stop buying fabric. 🙂

    Two remedies I’ve heard for pepper burns are milk (especially coconut milk) and lemon juice.

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Wow I love that fabric, very cool that she sent those to you! Good luck with the ETSY store you jam is soooo good there is no way it won’t sell out!


  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Those are amazing! That will be perfect for squares.

  • Karalee at

    Hi again! Very thoughtful of Catherine to stitch ‘your’ words on fabric! That will be a beautiful touch to your quilt. My mom has some fabric she wants me to send for you. Have a great weekend!

  • Posy Linda at

    Amazing Catherine. Very classy Michael.

  • Julie at

    That fabric is great! What an awesome element for your quilt. And congrats on you first sale!

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