hope you had a nice weekend!! i certainly did.

so there are three things i wanted to share with you today and all of them are glorious beyond glorious.

first and foremost the second issue of Country Home is out! remember i mentioned a month ago they were back. well, the second issue is just as good (if not better … since it’s fall themed) than first.

Inspired By Charm


these are some (and i do mean some as i think i love something about every single image in the magazine) of my favorite images…


Inspired By Charm

so simple, but dynamic! right?



Inspired By Charm

love gallery walls!

Inspired By Charm

a country kitchen at its finest!

Inspired By Charm

a magazine rack/console table made from three old chicken roosts. i must have this!

Inspired By Charm

love the things on top of the cabinet. they are vintage train reflectors! so cool!

Inspired By Charm

and yes, i do love the old railroad signs (or whatever you call them). then, in front, is one of those acrylic tables (which i love). this is so me. a mix of old and new. i’m actually considering recreating this in my hall. i have the perfect spot!

anyway, so pick up a copy. it’s a bit more expensive then your typical magazine… but totally worth it!

second. do you follow eddie ross? if you don’t you should. honestly … you really should. you won’t be disappointed. anyway,  i am in love with this table setting he just featured on his blog. i love lime green. then, put it with orange and i have goosebumps. then add in larger than life pink taper candles … and i think i need a respirator.

Inspired By Charm


stunning. love the runners as placements.



Inspired By Charm



Inspired By Charm

gasp. it’s like summer meets fall. falmer.

Inspired By Charm

maybe if i ask really nice i can come to the next dinner. you think? all images can be found via.

and finally i just bought a vintage paint by number image from an etsy seller with the coolest stuff. it was funny. i actually emailed her before i bought the painting. i was on the edge about whether it was creepy or not. she said she loved it, and so did i, so i risked it and bought it.


it arrived today and i have to tell you i just love it. the frame it came with was sorta week and lack luster, so i bought a new one and i think it make a huge difference.


Inspired By Charm


the intent is to hang the picture in my newly painted hall. the colors are perfect! i just need to figure out where. she will be the keeper of my hall forest.


Inspired By Charm


what should i name her?? (yes, i like to name things) the squirrel that eats my birdseed is ‘charles’. the planter in my gift shoppe shaped in a woman’s bust is ‘vivian’ … and the list goes on.

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  • slip4 at

    I love Eddie Ross and was drooling over the same table setting. He is as nice as he is creative too. I went on one of his shopping trips to the Big Flea in DC and enjoyed Eddie and Jaithan so much. I think the lady keeper of your hall forest should be named “Genevieve”.

  • slip4 at

    Ooops…the name I was thinking of is “Gwenivere”.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Eddie Ross is amazing, isn’t he?

    Love the kitchen in Country Home, too. Gotta pick it up.

  • Angela at

    Love that sassy lady painting!
    “Falmer”-brilliant! 😉
    Peace, Angela

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Soooo excited about the new country home going to pick up a copy today. Of course I love eddie ross, and that new painting of yours. Did you know I totally name things as well? Yeah like my “alice” chair, my “monica” dresser that I painted, and my “harry” plant here at work. So as you can tell I’m a professional… lol I think you should name her “Vivian” :+) Hugs!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Ummm How did I not catch that your planter is vivian? Weird.

    Ok take two: Marla

  • Karena at

    Michael, I am so glad to find you!!
    I adore your site, Eddie is a fave of mine and I have been in a workshop with him and Jaithan here in Kansas City!

    Have you entered my Latest Giveaway from the French Basketeer? I think you will love it!

    Art by Karena

  • Mary Ann at

    I’m thinking Zelda, Michael!

    I *love* your blog, your style, your personality and the way you share it with us! I also adore naming things.
    Have a perfectly perfect day down there in Penn.
    ~Mary Ann

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    She’s totally a Madame Penelope. 😉

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