Glad to Give: Clearing the Clutter


This post is sponsored by Glad Products Company. As always all opinions are my own.

Now that the dust has settled from the holidays and the decorations have been packed away, I’m beyond ready to declutter every room in my house. During my time as a blogger, I’ve amassed an amazing amount of “stuff.” And while I can justify some of it for work, there comes a time when a major cleaning and clearing needs to happen. That time is now.

Typically, I tend to toss things because I find doing so much easier than coordinating a sale. However, over the past couple years, I’ve found that donating is much better. Though I can no longer use this stuff, I know there is someone out there who can. This past fall, I cleared a lot of furniture out my garage and attic. Instead of selling or trashing it, I moved all of it to my front yard and posted an ad on Facebook inviting anyone who needed something to come and take it, no charge. I kid you not, all of the furniture was gone within 30 minutes. Later in the afternoon, one woman came back to thank me and explain how much she needed some of these items. My goal was to help people in need, and hearing from this lady just added to the experience.

While this system works great for larger pieces, it’s not ideal for smaller items, such as clothing, books, and trinkets. That’s why I decided to team up with Glad and their “Glad to Give” program. Glad believes that communities are built around human connections and giving back, when possible, to those around you. The company also feels that sharing stories of giving inspires others. After what happened last fall, and reading about others’ experiences, I tend to agree.

Glad sent me some of their yellow bags to help in my donation efforts. They realize the role their products play in giving around the country and are excited to lend a hand in a bigger way with their Glad to Give program. You don’t need lots of money to make a difference. Just give what you can. Everything helps.

Glad to Give: Clearing the Clutter

With my bags in hand, I started in my bedroom and sorted through all of my clothes, shoes, belts, etc. Anything that no longer fit or was no longer being worn (but was still in excellent condition), got put in a bag. Within thirty minutes, I had filled two bags.

Glad to Give: Clearing the Clutter

Glad to Give: Clearing the Clutter

Glad to Give: Clearing the Clutter

Once my closet was decluttered, I walked around other areas of my house, including my living room and quickly filled another bag with pillows, books, a wreath, and other odds and ends.

Glad to Give: Clearing the Clutter

With several bags full, I popped them into the back of my car and dropped them off at our local Goodwill. In less than an hour, I not only cleared the clutter, but I was able to give back to my community and those who need these things much more than I do.

Glad to Give: Clearing the Clutter

With dozens more bags to fill, my goal for the year is to continue to go through my home for items that I no longer need and then pass them on to someone who does.

Glad to Give: Clearing the Clutter

For more information about giving, head on over to Not only can you read some Glad to Give stories, but you can schedule a free pick-up through Donation Town to a local charity of your choice. It really doesn’t get much easier than that. Thanks to Glad for pitching in and making incredible things like this possible.

And remember, one act of giving inspires another. I hope that you’ll consider donating a few of your unwanted goods. What are you glad to give?



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Glad Products Company . The opinions and text are all mine.
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  • Monica at

    Hi, not sure if I really get this post – did you actually throw small household items and other things in the trash prior to having the yellow bags ? I find it hard to believe that you did not realize that you could donate unused things to goodwill or other organization!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks for your comment, Monica. Before I would just hang on to items, try and sell them, and (guilty) sometimes just throw things away. (I know, it’s terrible.)

      This post serves as just a reminder to all that no matter how small, making a donation in your community can make a big difference. Plus, I love how Glad is sharing stories of people doing great things inspired by #GladtoGive.

      Hope that clarifies. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Debra at

    Hi Michael,
    Great post — timely as well! January is a good clean/organize month. Craigslist is also a good way to start with selling/giving unwanted but still great condition items. I have found items as well on Craigslist. If they don’t sell on Craigslist in a few days — I ask friends if they know of someone in need and then the last step is I will donate any remaining to Goodwill. I try to do this all in a short time to limit clutter. I agree it’s not wise to keep it around until warm weather garage sale time.
    I wish I lived in your area – I would go hunt your stuff down at your local Goodwill — I’m sure even your discards are STYLISH!!
    Happy New Year!

  • girlfromwva at

    you are right; it doesn’t take much effort to help those around you. i take my donations (or ones that other people want to make, but don’t have the time to take) to our local Hosparus thrift store. the donations raise needed dollars that “benefit Hosparus patients and families through support for their programs and services”. going now to check out the Gladtogive website.

  • PropertyMax at

    Very impressive!
    You did such a great job with your work, MICHAEL! I loved following along as it came together. Great to see.

  • Debra at

    Michael, Thank you for telling me about the Glad to Give program. I too have been accumulating too much stuff but don’t have any big furniture to draw people in for a garage sale. Now I know just what to do to help others while I declutter. BTW, I enjoyed the photos of your kitchen reveal. You’ve created such a charming space.

  • Sandra Van Sickle at

    Please remember the Salvation Army. They help so many people with your donations

  • Rachel at

    We have a local thrift shop and all their proceeds go to help the animals. Thanks for the tip about the Glad bags.

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