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i wrapped up a couple gifts yesterday to welcome my new niece to the world and to wish my mom a happy, happy birthday. and since i LOVE wrapping presents (it’s almost an addiction people), i thought i’d share…

i found the paper at the local dollar store for $1 per roll! amazing. the ribbon i got at Wal-mart. Not the best quality, but looks great and a nice price. plus there was actually ribbon on the roll unlike some that you buy where there is barely enough to make a bow! (and i knew it was good when i went back to get more and it was pretty much gone!)

then i added some sweet homemade pom-poms to the package to make it a little more special. i found a pom pom making tutorial, but i need to do some searching to find the link. i’ll post it when I do.

and, although a little ‘out-of-season’, this is how I wrapped my christmas gifts this past year. while the colors may not be appropriate for this time of year, the application can be used for any celebration.

i first wrapped the package in brown kraft paper. you could also use brown paper bags to make this extra thrifty. then i got a long strip of coordinating paper and wrapped that around the brown paper. i then used strips of fabric, tore from a piece of fabric to match, to wrap around the package (i just tied a knot, but you could also make a bow). again you can use fabric left over from another project. who needs to buy ribbon!

to finish things off i then wrapped the package with some hemp twine. again, use what you have. baker’s twine would be perfect too. when tying the twine i slipped in a piece of artificial pine… you could use a flower, a homemade pom-pom, an ornament, cookie cutter, etc. again… use what you have. i added a matching tag and that’s it! very original gift. almost too pretty to open.

happy monday! be sure to check back later or mid week. i’m hoping to put up another exciting giveaway.

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