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it’s a busy week here at old charm. lots of guests coming and going. and spring seems to finally be here, so bunches of outside projects have been added to my to-do list. taking my pots of out the shed, hooking up the garden house, uncovering all my perennials that were tucked under the snow. it feels so good to be back outside. sun shining. hands in the dirt. watching the world come back alive as it gets a little greener everyday. i love it!

but, work must be done inside too. the other day i saw these sweet little cupcakes here, and decided that’s what i’d make for my open house. (oh, and speaking of open house, did you enter our super stunning giveaway!?)

they look great… and yummy, right? and so simple and rustic. love that! they call for grapeseed oil. i never used it before. i wonder i you’ll be able to notice the difference? my mom has generously offered to make the cupcakes and i’m making the little tags. since i don’t have a circle punch/cutter, i decided to go with a square, which i like just the same.

ah, so sunny! i made my tags double sided. after cutting them out, i just glued (with rubber cement) them back to back with a toothpick in between. super easy. just a little time consuming.

i’m also hoping more of my giveaways arrive! for a portion of my winnings i ordered some glassine bags. if they arrive in time everyone that make a purchase in the shop this weekend will get a little treat! and who doesn’t love that? hurry little bags!

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    Any neutral oil should be fine. Try substituting peanut oil, corn oil or canola oil. Avoid substituting strongly flavored oils like sesame oil or olive oil.

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