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wow, is it just me or do the days keep going by quicker? i can’t believe we are a week into december. and please pardon my absence. on monday i was christmas shopping and yesterday was mostly spent shoveling snow. days are magic, others are not so magic.

anywho, i did get some more fabric for my quilt, so i thought i’d share that with you today. here goes…

first up are lots of beauties from diana at dianahsspot. she sent me fifteen different fabric squares, two potholders and the cutest ornament ever of a deer with a red button nose and pink belly!

Inspired By Charm

i think dianah and i could be fabric bffs. love her choices.

Inspired By Charm

even a piece with ‘imagine’. love it!

Inspired By Charm

next are three piece from jek over at scrumdillydilly. i’ve been reading her blog for a couple years now. her life always seems super crafty and full of magic (and jumping).

Inspired By Charm

these three pieces are from the schaut ladies (faithful gift shoppe shoppers!). the fabric with the cucumbers is killing me. amazing. they are from this shop in intercourse, pa. yes, intercourse, pa. whoever came up with that name!?

Inspired By Charm

these five piece are from jeanette up in canada. so fun and summery. i especially like the gingham and the little rose print.

Inspired By Charm

and this is another piece from myself. it’s from this quilt shoppe. i purchased it this past weekend during their town’s holiday open house.

Inspired By Charm

thank you sooo much ladies!! ever piece is a patch closer to having enough material to complete this quilt!

i also decided on a sewing machine. thank you so much for all your advice. after taking in all the information, reading reviews, checking out machines in person i decided to go for the brother.

Inspired By Charm

i’m confident that i’ve made the best choice for ME, my (well santa’s) budget and my experience level. i really can’t wait to get it! i’m going to practice making some ‘easy’ projects. maybe potholders or something. so if you have any ideas/suggestions for easy beginning project, please leave them in the comments. pretty please!

once i feel comfortable sewing … and with the machine, i’m going to start putting my patches together for the quilt. i think this machine is going to by my savior this already miserable winter. a good excuse to stay inside.

Inspired By Charm

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  • Mrs. Adventure at

    I love those fabrics, seriously can-not-wait to see your progress photos :+) Congrats on deciding on a machine I am hoping Santa brings me one as well xo.

  • DanielleisNesting at

    I hope Santa brings me one too! I can’t wait to see what you try first!

  • Melissa P at

    Looking forward to watching your progress with your new machine. So many things to do and make, I’m sure it will be hard to decide where to start.

  • Holly @ Roller Coaster Life at

    those fabrics are great!! that is almost the same sewing machine i want!! let me know how it does!!!

  • Patrice at

    Okay Michael, it is my first stop at your blog, and I must say… I LOVE IT! I hopped over from the Weekend Wrap Up and have just been completely inspired! I have been blogging for about a year and this is just a breath of fresh air! I just got the same brother for Christmas…I am loving it. Though I haven’t made myself any fabulous curtains, as I see you have. I’ll be stopping by regularly I think to see what you are up too!

  • The Weinbergs at

    hi there – can you post an update on how you like the brother sewing machine having put it to use more? I would really appreciate it – i am in the market for one – very much a beginner!


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