Frugal Fall Flower Arrangements


Ideas and tips for creating and styling beautiful frugal fall flower arrangements to decorate your home for fall.

I interrupt Fall Cookie Week for a very important message (Don’t worry, there’s still a cookie recipe for today. Click here.) Today, I’m taking a break from baking to share a quick and easy decorating idea. I teamed up with Laura of Finding Home and a few other fabulous ladies to share decor ideas throughout the year that can come together in less than 10 minutes. With crazy-busy schedules, it’s nice to have a few decorating ideas in your back pocket that you can throw together in a jiffy.

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Frugal Fall Flower Arrangements:

Last week I shared my Fall Home Tour. (Thanks again for all of the love!) When you looked at the pictures of my house, you may have noticed that I have flowers scattered here and there. I’ve made it a habit to pick up a cheap bouquets of flowers at the store. Even though I live alone, there is something about having flowers around that makes me happy. And for a few bucks, I’m all in.

As you know, grocery store flowers can be a little boring. So today I wanted to show you how you can take a $5 pack of flowers and make wow-worthy arrangements for fall in just 10 minutes. Aka Frugal Fall Flowers.

Frugal Fall Flowers

Sound good? Let’s do it!

First, pick up some flowers at the store. I bought three different varieties just so I could show you more possibilities. All three of these together were still under $20. If you’re throwing a fall get-together, $20 isn’t too bad. As you’ll see, I was able to get five arrangements out of them.

Frugal Fall Flowers

Next, give these flowers a little love. Go ahead and quickly remove most of the leaves. And by most, I mean pretty much all of them. You can also remove any broken flower heads and pick off any petals that are brown, ripped, or otherwise damaged.

Frugal Fall Flowers

Much better already.

At this point, we need some fillers. Keep your pajamas on, put on your Crocs, grab a pair of scissors, and run around your yard collecting pretty leaves and flowers. (Your neighbors will think you have truly lost your mind. However, you’re the one who will have the pretty flowers. You win!)

Frugal Fall Flowers

While you’re collecting, remove any excess leaves so that the bulk of the foliage is toward the top of the stem.


Frugal Fall Flowers

Now, gather some containers from around your house and fill them with water. Think outside of the box. You don’t necessary need a flower vase. Use a mason jar, coffee cup, pottery, etc.

Then, start putting your arrangements together.

I really don’t know how to explain this part, but have fun with it. Play around with things until you like what you see. If it helps, use some of my examples for inspiration.

Fall Flower Arrangement:

A few tips:

  • Keep any leaves out of the water. They will turn yucky and your flowers won’t last as long.
  • If you’re having trouble deciding which flowers and foliage to use, stick with a similar color scheme and vary the shades.
  • Use different textures – some bigger leaves, some smaller leaves.
  • Try keeping things wispy. You can also keep things compact. Both work.
  • Do what you want. Some of you are going to love my creations; some of you aren’t. However, what matters is that I love them and they bring me joy. Same thing goes when you’re arranging your flowers.

Okay, let me show you what I came up with.

Something for the kitchen in one of my favorite mugs. Remember, things don’t have to be in-your-face-fall. A few red leaves sends that message.

Frugal Fall Flowers

In the dining room, I added a pop of color with some roses.

Frugal Fall Flowers

I used this cowboy boot glass to hold some botanicals on my bar cart.

Frugal Fall Flowers

Then, in the living room, I tucked a few flowers into a small Weck Jar to add some interest to my mantel.

Frugal Fall Flowers

I also used the lilies with some golden yellow leaves for an arrangement on my side table. The lilies haven’t opened yet, but when they do, the color show will be spectacular.

Frugal Fall Flowers

And that’s it. Quick, inexpensive, and totally beautiful. And an easy way to spread happy fall color around my house.

For two other ideas, let me refer you to my fall home tour.

This fall flower arrangement is just yellow roses and fall leaves. (I actually shared the closeup via Instagram.)

Frugal Fall Flowers

And this arrangement on my coffee table happened by accident. The store was out of flowers, so I ended up picking all of these zinnias from my own yard at 11 o’clock at night (again in my pajamas and Crocs). The flowers totally work and were absolutely free!

Fall Home Tour! | Inspired by Charm

I hope you find this little fall flower arrangement guide helpful.

For more 10-Minute Decorating Ideas, check out what my blogger friends are up to below. And now, back to Fall Cookie Week – today’s recipe can be found here: Maple Cream Sandwich Cookies.

Inspired By Charm


Faucet Handle Velvet Pumpkins from Finding Home


Gold Studded Pumpkin from Not Just a Housewife


Fall Leaf Art from I Heart Organizing


DIY Fall Planter from Four Generations One Roof


Wood Block Fall Banner from Thistlewood Farms

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  • Angelina at

    Hi Michael. I was glad to see this autumn post. I save all my flowers and dry them, then put them in strange containers around the house 🙂 It is a really fun way to dress up your home and make it charming. Thanks for the wonderful tips on this and for sharing!

  • Debra White at

    I absolutely love flowers everything. And these are beautifully done. You are an artist Michael 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      You’re too sweet Debra! Thank you!

      xo Michael

  • Gwen, The Makerista at

    So pretty! We don’t have leaves like that around here yet, but I can’t wait! And truth: I may have laughed out loud picturing you running around in crocs and pajama pants. 😉

  • Sue at

    Once again you gave me an a-ha moment- Why do I always put the entire grocery store bundle in one vase when it looks so great spread around in the small bouquets you showed??? Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      You bet! However, sometimes I put them all together too. Ha! Do what works for you. 🙂 Glad I could help.

      xo Michael

  • Lo @ A Lo and Behold Life at

    totally inspired to run to the grocery store to pick up some flowers. Loving the orange rose and fall leaves arrangement!

  • Jen at

    So many beautiful options Michael! I especially love how you made the pinks feel fall-like, very unexpected and something I could totally get down with. I also love that you wear pajamas and crocs around your yard… here I thought I was the only one. 🙂


  • Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse at

    What a beautiful way to create fall beauty using a few market bouquets of flowers. brilliant! These are such an easy, elegant way to bring the beauty of fresh flowers into every room, something everyone can do.

  • Courtney at

    Well, you know that I am loving this post Michael!! 😉 Such cute ideas- love the mug as a vase- perfect!!

  • Meg at

    Love, love each of these arrangements! So pretty and perky. I’ve decided that even when money is tight, fresh flowers are a must . . . they just bring so my happiness to the house. Especially in these gorgeous fall shades!

  • Thistle at

    Okay… had me at the flowers.

    But you won my heart with that mug. 🙂

    Thank you for being you and inspiring me every time I visit!

    Happy day friend!

  • Stacy Risenmay at

    I am a huge fan of having fresh flowers in the house at all times. I LOVE that you showed how to dress up grocery store flowers since that is what most people (me included) buy the most. Awesome! #goldstud P.S. I don’t like that your comment thing makes me do math this early in the morning….

  • at

    Such great tips Michael – and so pretty and “fally” to boot! Thanks so much for joining us!

  • Anele @ Success Along the Weigh at

    These are gorgeous! I did something similar with a huge bunch of multi-colored mums when I was entertaining 2 weekends in a row. Mason jars and little antique bottles come in handy for spreading the love but I love the idea of adding the leaves as filler! It makes it look so professional!

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