from wood to wall – the making of a sign


well, the sign is finished and on the wall. it feels good. and to be honest, i absolutely love it. having a one-of-a-kind piece is pretty awesome to me. 

Inspired By Charm

so as promised, below is a detailed tutorial on how everything came together. just a warning, this post is going to be a little long. there are a lot, i mean A LOT, of photos. so, i’m going to try and be as brief as possible with my wording. ready?

i started off with two 1x12x8s from the local hardware store. they were about $13 each.

Inspired By Charm

other than some knots they were in pretty good shape. i wanted my wood a little weathered, so i got out some ‘tools of destruction’.

Inspired By Charm

i pounded heavily with both sides of the hammer. sawed the edges. beat it with some chain. i sanded down most of the sharp corners.  (i ended up not really using the screw driver. ) it’s hard to tell in the photos below but you’ll see more of the ‘beaten look’ after the next step.

Inspired By Charm

on pinterest i discovered you could age wood with steel wool and vinegar. after doing some research (it seems there are several ways to do this process) here what i came up with.

in two pans (don’t use good tupperware. oops!) i placed a piece of steel wool. to one added apple cider vinegar, the other balsamic vinegar. no specific amounts here.

Inspired By Charm

 i waited about 30 minutes.  then, with rubber gloves, i used the soaked wool to scrub the wood. the picture on the right is the after.

Inspired By Charm

 i then did the same with the balsamic and steel wool.

Inspired By Charm

this is how the wood looked after about 15 – 20 minutes. 

Inspired By Charm

you can see more of the grain and the markings i made with my tools of destruction are much more obvious.

Inspired By Charm

here’s the wood completely dry. i was really pleased with the results. i will be doing this again for sure.

i’m assuming that you could take it even further if you let the steel wool soak longer. or do more applications.

Inspired By Charm

the wood even took on a speckled look. a friend on facebook, after seeing these pictures, thought it actually was old wood.

Inspired By Charm

then i joined together both pieces of wood, on the back, with joining strips. four of them. 

Inspired By Charm

following that, i penciled on my design. i used a plate for the circle of the sun. the rays were just randomly placed. no measurements. i don’t do well with instructions and measurement when it comes to painting. and yes, i’m using a quilting ruler. 

Inspired By Charm

i decided to paint my red outlines first. though, looking back, it may have been easier to put these in last. 

Inspired By Charm

a sun! things are finally taking shape.

Inspired By Charm

i then applied some blue painters tape to preserve the red lines. i had to paint over the red that the tape didn’t cover so that it wouldn’t show throw my other paint. this is when i realized it may have been better to paint the red last. oh well, lesson learned.

Inspired By Charm

 i then picked a random collection of blues and yellows to fill in the rays of the sun.

Inspired By Charm

i intentionally wasn’t perfect when i was painting, leaving some of my weather wood showing through.

Inspired By Charm

i purposely avoided the nicks and dents i made earlier. i used cheap foam brushes to apply my paint.

Inspired By Charm

another thing i hate about painting is cleaning up. when i was done, the brushes went in the trash. 

Inspired By Charm

once everything was dry, who am i kidding… i have no patience, before everything was dry, i removed the tape to expose my beautiful red lines. perfect!

Inspired By Charm

next i gave everything i quick sand and then applied a white wash. just a mix of water and white paint. i worked quickly and wiped the paint with an old towel as i went. this gave me a sun faded look.

Inspired By Charm

i felt needed a few more distressed elements on the piece so i used a fork to create some worm/bug holes.

Inspired By Charm

i then went over the whole piece with a dark wash, just like the white wash. for this i used burnt umber paint and water.

Inspired By Charm

this darker color settled into all the distressed marks giving me a really aged and weathered look.

Inspired By Charm

done! well, the background anyway. next, i needed to add the text.

Inspired By Charm

i used a word processing program on my computer (iStudio) to pick fonts i liked. i then printed out a couple test pieces to get the size of the front right. the main font is haettenschweller and the script font is zapfino.

Inspired By Charm

 once i had everything printed out, i cut and taped the pieces of paper together.

Inspired By Charm

i then shaded in the back of the paper with the printed text. i used a pencil to color everything in.  personally, this works best for me. i’ve tried chalk (rubs off to easy) and carbon paper (turns your paint blue). this is time consuming and a pain-in-the-you-know-what, but it works.

once the back is shaded in, i flipped the paper over and positioned it onto the sign. i then trace the letters. this tracing transfers the shading you just did to the sign creating an outline for you to paint. make sense?

Inspired By Charm

 then i painted! i do mix in a couple drops of water to my white paint for an easy and smooth application.

Inspired By Charm

yes, i’m a lefty. any other lefties out there?!

i bought these paint brushes at wal-mart and have found a couple that work well for me. these i do wash and keep.

Inspired By Charm

i gave all the letters two coats of paint with a very light sanding in between. then, i erased any visible pencil lines.

Inspired By Charm

and that’s it! complete! ain’t she purdy?

Inspired By Charm

i choose to not put any sort of top coat on the piece as it will be indoors.

to hang it, i drilled two small holes into the back of the wood. then i put two screws into the wall. i put the holes on the screws and the sign was securely hung! or so i hope.

Inspired By Charm

like i said, i love unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and if this isn’t one of them, then i don’t know what is. the whole thing cost me under $35. i basically had to buy the wood, steel wool, joining strips and a couple brushes.

Inspired By Charm

and the style, colors and sentiment are a perfect fit for the space.

Inspired By Charm

and even though my head is way to big for this hat, i’m pretty darn pleased with my work.

Inspired By Charm

i hope this little tutorial was helpful. let me know if you have questions.

do you think you’ll be making a sign of your own?

Inspired By Charm

***I’m sorry, but do to a ridiculous amount of spam, I had to to off comments to this post. If you have a question or would like to comment, please email me. Thank you!

I’m linking this post up to this awesomeness:

Inspired By Charm

I would be so honored and excited to be a Home Show Designers! 

Thanks to The Painted Home and the Philadelphia Home Show

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  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Oh my gosh… this is outstanding! And so so perfect in that spot! In that ROOM! I love that room… I love that SIGN! 🙂

    Pinned and FBed and whatevered!


  • Carrie Rosalind at

    I SO love this sign and I love how you put it together, but I don’t know if I’ll be making one anytime soon! Too much work! lol I’ll just admire yours…

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at And yes, I think I might try making a sign of my own too. 😉

  • Amber's Snippets of Design at

    I love it Michael…even more in your cute red and yellow room. What a fun, colorful, and inviting style you have. It turned out really great. I love to make signs and I will probably make one. I would like to make a sign with writing on it for my living room and even though it needs to be a different shape and style I will definitely use some of your techniques. Thank you!

  • Julie at

    Michael, I love it! You did such a great job, not sure if mine would turn out that great but I may just try. Thank you for the tute!

  • Holly C. at

    I LOVE it, Michael!

    • Emily at

      just curious as to what type of paint you used… did you use regular house paint? thanks. it looks great!

      • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

        Hi Emily! I just used acrylic craft paint. It’s the paint you get in the little bottle at any craft store – even Walmart!

        xo Michael

  • Ali Richardson at

    I have made a few signs in my day but NONE of them are as awesome as this one!!!! LOVE it!!!

  • Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants at

    I love it Michael! And thanks for giving such a detailed tutorial! I don’t know if you have ever tried graphite paper, better than carbon, comes in white or black, very easy and not nearly as messy, give it a try sometime.

  • Holly at

    SO, SO fabulous!

  • Jennifer at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Shellie L at

    Love it!
    Everything you do blows me away.

  • Brenda Watts at

    great job, I LOVE it..the fork was very clever. Sometimes you can drop the wood on your gravel driveway etc, for some ‘antiquing’..step on it, move it over to another section, random dents of varying sizes.)) Love the cheeriness of the colors you used.

  • Tanya at

    This looks great! Could you provide more detail on the part about “shading” the letters? Nice job!

  • Diane Cayton-Hakey at

    I would never make this because I’m not handy with tools, also, I’m lazy. But I LOVE IT!!

  • debbie refresh restyle at

    You stuck a fork in it and it’s perfect! I love it so much!!! I need to make a sign!

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