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so i had these three soda (or as well call in central PA … pop) crates that i discovered in my basement when i bought my little inn. they sat in the basement for some time, because i just didn’t know what i wanted to do with them.

Inspired By Charm

then a couple months ago after painting my kitchen, i discovered i needed something to fill this big blank wall, and as with most people’s kitchens, i need some extra storage/display room.

Inspired By Charm

so after a good scrubing, cleaning and a quick sanding … check it out.

Inspired By Charm

they are super convinent as they’re located to the left of my stove (i’m left handed), so it’s a quick reach for salt and pepper. i also keep my measure cups and spoons here along with a mini cutting board. these things get used every morning for breakfast.
Inspired By Charm


and yes, i did buy the measure cups i spoke about ealier. and yes, they are as beautiful and cute as they were online. and yes, i probably won’t use them for fear of breaking one.

Inspired By Charm

i just hung the crates with a couple nails. i didn’t even need to drill holes in the crate since they already had holes on the bottom. (the jars to the right hold my paper muffin liners – again a very commonly used item in my kitchen)

Inspired By Charm

i kept them simple. uncluttered. with the things i use the most often (and a couple pretty things to look at for good measure).
Inspired By Charm

i’m pretty happy with how they look and function … and it cost me zero dollars … doens’t get better than that!

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  • Holly Browning at

    Love your ideas. Coming over from SNS @ Funky Junk.

  • Ellie at

    Very cool! Love the look.

  • Sandra at

    I have a couple of old crates that I’ve thought about incorporating into my kitchen redo. I also kept the old drawers that I pulled out when I replaced my cabinets. I’m thinking of painting the drawers a bright cheery color and hanging them on the wall, much like you did here. I love finding new uses for old things. You did a great job!

  • mary at

    very cool and creative!

  • Victory Garden Yarn at

    Oooh, I have an old red RC Cola crate, this is a superb idea for it! Except right now it holds my sewing machine, which is draped in a gingham dish towel…and it’s pretty darned cute, I might not want to disturb it just yet. 🙂

  • Angela at

    The soda crates (7up ones too) are brilliantly beautiful solution! The measuring cups are the bees’ knees! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I’m feeling inspired to try this with my Coke crate. It doesn’t look quite as deep, but i think it just may work. Thanks!

  • Robyn at

    LOVE THEM! One day I heard some hammering in my 14 year old son’s room so I HAD to investigate. He had done the same thing but horizontally and had his movies in one and other goodies in the other. He has a red coke and a yellow coke crate…great minds must think alike!

  • Mary @ RoomPolish at

    you are a repurposing genius, obviously! Love how it turned out!

  • Rene at

    I love this idea and yes, I will be posting about the painted floors:)


  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Love them. Who knew pop crates could look SO AWESOME!!! Only you would think of this….genius!!

  • Amanda Joy at

    Oh my goodness I love it! Now I want to go find some crates too.

  • Stephanie at

    I love it! I have crates like this too but I never thought about hanging them on the wall! v

  • Dharma at

    smartypants! looks great 🙂

  • WhenSheWasGood at

    Fantastic!! Also good shelves – old drawers.

  • Khak at

    zero dollars= priceless! Great idea.

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