This may already be glaringly obvious, but my favorite place to be in my house is my living room. As Buddy proclaims in the movie Elf, “I’m in love. I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it.”

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

This winter, as I contemplate life and try to stay warm, I’ve found myself nestling on the sofa more and more. And since my office is nearby, I’m in the general vicinity most of the day, which is a blessing and a curse. As much as I love the living room, I often over think the design because I see it so much. Thankfully, though, because of this blog and the changing seasons, I’m always rearranging shelves, swapping out accessories on the mantel, and re-styling the coffee table. While none of the major pieces move, the space is constantly evolving. In reflecting on my life (and writing my goals for this year), I’ve realized that decorating – changing, styling – is one of the things I’ve loved ever since I can remember.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

About a week ago I received an email from my friends at Target, asking if I wanted to sample some of their new spring products to help prep my space for entertaining, especially around the Golden Globes and other upcoming award shows such as the Oscars. Despite my need to declutter, the joy of styling and decorating (especially now that the glow of the holidays has dimmed) won out. You know that my love of Target runs deeps. From their Threshold collection to Nate Berkus’ fab line, I seriously can’t get enough.

So, I got myself off the couch, made the 1.5 hour trek to Target, grabbed a Starbucks, and picked out some colorful, shiny, and functional accessories that are perfect for TV-centric entertaining. Now my space is officially ready for this awkward time between the winter holidays and spring.

Let me show you around.

Pillows were a natural first choice to change up this space. I was especially drawn to these navy and emerald beauties. Not only is the color scheme fresh, but switching out pillows seasonally is a great way to alter the look of a space. Plus, having extra pillows on hand when entertaining allows guests to get really comfortable and cozy. Even if you run out of space on the couch, you can create comfy seating on the floor.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

If you ever struggle with how to choose / display pillows, check out this post from Emily Henderson. Wonderful tips and suggestions.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

That’s why I got this basket as well. Extra pillows and blankets (Christmas presents from my mom) make added comfort just an arms’ reach away.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

Speaking of extra seating, these poufs (I got them from Target last spring.) are still one of my favorite purchases. They are low-profile, stylish, and comfortable. They’ve held up wonderfully over the year, too. But don’t worry if you missed out on these guys; Target has a great new selection of poufs and one from Nate as well.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

Moving on to the mantel, I decided to keep my large string lights up. They took me so long to find, plus I love the glow they provide in the evening. And being all white, they aren’t overly seasonal. To keep things fresh, I brought in an orchid, a dried branch, some air plants, and a few candles. There’s something so refreshing about minimal design after the holidays.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm


Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

To ensure I have sufficient surfaces for drinks and snacks, I grabbed this gold accent table. I was also SUPER excited to get my hands on one of these pitchers from the Oh Joy! collection. It was on sale for $7.50! I’m also always on the hunt for interesting plates. These rectangular ones are actually spoon rests, but I love the design and thought they’d work well for appetizers.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

While we’re talking about plates. this navy geo-pattern bowl and plate set were obviously calling my name. I’m imagining them overflowing with tortilla chips and chunky guacamole. Or maybe I’ll make some of my Chili Beef Wraps? Yes, please!

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

For a little more freshness, I picked up some flowers at the grocery store. Ranunculus is a favorite, so I couldn’t resist these yellow beauties. I actually arranged them in a few of my Nate vases from a past season. I noticed that his new collection likewise includes some gorgeous goodies.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm


Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

Finally, in my opinion, no space is complete without something a bit weird. While my brass cats consistently take that title, I decided to mix things up with these navy lions / dragons. For now, they are adorning each side table. However, I thought they’d make chic bookends down the road. (If you’re also into weird, check out this Hedgehog table lamp. I was half tempted to buy it, but couldn’t think of a place to put it. Isn’t it amazing?)

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

And that’s it, dear friends. My favorite room is holiday-free, fresh, and ready for some TV viewing and stylish entertaining.

Fresh and Party-Ready Living Room | Inspired by Charm

Now, I have a couple questions for you. First, what’s YOUR favorite space? Second, what are some of your 2015 favorites from Target?

Inspired By Charm

This post was created as part of my collaboration with Target. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Inspired by Charm. As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own.

Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that receives a small commission by linking to and other sites at no cost to the readers.

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  • Sara at

    Oh my, can you come help me with my house decorating? Haha I’m so overwhelmed! But we just bought a new house and upped our master bed to a king so that meant new bedding! I ended up buying a great Fieldcrest down alternative duvet comforter and a Nate Burkus navy blue duvet cover (now cleared cedar actually!) and we love both!! We used to live only 10 minutes from a Super Target and now we live an hour from a Target….huge adjustment. 🙁

    • Laura @ RYG at

      I love the air plant and the orchid on your mantle!!! Looks fab and smashing. But 1.5 hours from Target? I think I’d move. There cardigans are the best and they’ve recently started to carry Spanx bathing suits for under 50 bucks! (I’m sure you’re like, um, ok)

      As far as Elf goes, I was at the mall the other day and saw this kid doing his impression of Elf on the escalator, it was actually a pretty good imitation although his parents were seriously annoyed!

  • Amy at

    Wow, I love your living room! I have to say I feel your pain about driving to Target. We used to have to make it a day trip because the nearest one was around an hour away . Thankfully there is now one 20 minutes away and I swear we are there nearly every weekend. Thank you for sharing your wonderful style, it is inspiring. 🙂 I also must say we live in central PA as well-holla! 🙂

  • dcf at

    Sadly your links are not fuctional :(. Therefore I missed the thrill of Target!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks for your feedback! I went through and clicked on every link and they seem to be function. Which ones were you having trouble with?

      Thank you again!
      xo Michael

  • Elle at

    What a cozy space for dreaming or getting together with friends!

  • Lori at

    I love Target as well! Your space looks great. I also love your Buddha on the shelf to the left. 😉

  • liz n. at

    I don’t have one favorite room or space in the house, really. There are several areas that I love because they suit their purpose perfectly. I do hate that our giganto flat screen sits in front of the picture window in the living room, although I do understand, according to my husband, that it’s better lighting for viewing. I do like the little spot behind our sofa where my antique desk is tucked away. It’s exactly the right amount of space, and the desk is in view for me to enjoy looking at. My favorite spot is outside, where I sit and read.

    And I do love the seasonal collections at Target, but I’m not in shopping mode right now! I’m doing several reupholstery projects, so accessorizing will have to wait.

  • Jami at

    I love your living room and it is my inspiration for the living room in my new house that I’m trying to put together. I’m hoping that I will love my living room as much as I love yours!! I am so close to ordering the Henry sectional from West Elm, but I am a little hesitant because I have read a few bad reviews about it online. How is it holding up for you? Are you still happy that you purchased it?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Keeping in mind that I’m the only one that really uses the sectional (other than my two cats), I honestly have no complaints. I find it really comfortable. I haven’t had an issues cleaning it / keeping it clean. The only SLIGHT issue is with the cushions on the back of the couch. I tend to find myself fluffing them and moving them around a lot. I mean, they are holding up really well and it doesn’t bother me, but after sitting they tend to look frumpy. BUT they are softer / more comfortable pillow style cushion. So I don’t mind the occasional fluffing for the added comfort. Having the sectional for a year, I would totally purchase it again.

      I hope that helps.

      xo Michael

  • Pam Williams at

    Michael, I love the space! I see why you do as well. I love accessorizing, and find that I have a love for fall colors and that palette so fall I have no trouble accessorizing. But this time of year after the snowflakes and silver and blue are gone, I cannot figure out what to do as a centerpiece on my table. I have googled to my hearts content, haven’t found “it” I would love to see you throw out an idea or suggestion for the between winter/spring time to help a girl out!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Pam – I generally struggle with what to put on my table too. However, I think this is a fabulous idea / challenge. I’ll work on this over the weekend and share some ideas on the blog next week! Thanks for the idea!

      xo Michael

    • liz n. at

      Maybe start with the complementary color to the room? If you have a room with a blue theme, do something with orange, for example. (That’s what I do when I’m stuck!)

  • Vanessa at

    I love how your living room is “refreshed” and of course, love your style and personality in the room! Well since I live in TARGETland (Minnesota is corporate headquarters); we have a Target on every corner-not really, but almost! I do really love seasonal accessories and pillows there, but I shop there for food a lot and I love the deli-not sure people in different states have all the things we have here. I also like to check out the ONE-Spot for fun things like lint rollers and craft stuff…sounds boring, but it’s not! Plus, I have a heads up most of the time of what’s coming out at Target because my sis-in-law is a big wig there-getting the inside scoop rocks! FYI-all the links worked for me.

  • Laura at

    That hedgehog lamp!!! But yes, where would be a good home for it… And how to explain to my husband why it speaks to my heart. And why I had to spend $50 on it. Darn you, practical side!

  • Lindsey at

    I just love your living room. I always refer back to it when I’m trying to think of some new ways to refresh my rooms and incorporate some color. I *love* your rug. AND ordered the adorable teal Sumo man, he’s the best. Great tips on some new items at Target, I need to go take a wander through the store.

    I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve gotten the sense from a few of your recent posts that you’re not sure what direction to take it…but know that you have a lot of fans! Do what you want with it, post when you feel like it! I found you a few months ago and am so glad I did!

  • Jenw at

    I like how colorful and cheeful your living room is without feeling crazy or kid-ish. What is your wall color? I’m thinking it looks exactly what I’m thinking for my bedroom!

    • Jenw at

      Nevermind! I just found your paint colors page! I’ll have to check out Aloof Grey!

  • Maralyn Woods at

    Oh, Michael, it has been such a joy to follow along as your living room came together so beautifully. This was another great post and my pocketbook wishes your links DIDN’T work for me! That adorable hedgehog lamp is only one of many things that put Target on my list for next week and I too adore all things Nate Berkus. Keep up the great work but only if and when you feel like it. Your posts are worth waiting for whenever you need to take a breather or regroup. We’ve all been there.

  • Meg@OliverandRust at

    love that you left the lights out really love that pom pom pillow. making me think of adding some fringe to some pillows. your living room is just banging it out of the park! have a great day.

  • Lauren at

    I love your living room–it’s so colorful and happy! Next time you’re in State College, let’s go to Target! I’d seriously love your advice for shopping for my apartment!

  • Lauina at

    Michael, I too enjoy your pics on decorating. I really like how you think out of the box so to speak! I can’t seem to do that very much. But my favorite room in our house is our MasterBedroom . Having been empty nesters for some period of time and getting a little older:-D we do spend most of our time there. Thankfully we have a sitting area and a fireplace as well as in our Master.

  • Lindsay at

    That hedgehog lamp looks really masculine. Do you have a place for it in your closet? That’s what I immediately thought of when I saw it.

  • Sharon at

    Did you make those adorable little pom pom coasters?

  • Lindsay at

    Michael, I LOVE your living room! Where did you get your rug and the mirror above your fireplace?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      The rug was from CB2 and the mirror was from JCPenny. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Lisa at

    I love the room! Where did you get the aqua lamp shade? It is beautiful! Lisa

  • Shannon at

    Where is your coffee table from?

  • Jenny at

    Where did you buy that spectacular rug?!

  • Melanie Clark at

    Hi, I’m in the UK and love your interiors.. Where is te diamond multicolour rug from please?? Thanks x

  • Gina at

    I was wondering where you got the large area rug in the living room? Do you have a source for that?Thanks. Love the entire room, even if it took me almost a year to discover it. (Thanks to Pinterest!)

  • Blakely payne at

    Where is the rug from??

  • Victoria at

    Hi – I love the eclectic style of this post and am totally in love with the rug used! Any chance you might let me know how to find it? Thanks so much:-) Tori

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It was from several years ago.

      xo Michael

  • Jan at

    Michael, I’ve just spent my morning browsing your blog. I love your ideas and wonderful sense of humor!! Keep your ideas coming.

  • Jordan at

    I am in love with this room! My husband and I just bought a house and are deciding on paint colors. What is the paint you used? I am in love with the color and the greenish hue!

  • Sandy at

    I love it all! Where did you get your couch! It is a perfect color to have fun with different throw pillow patterns.

  • Kenia at

    Came across this post. Love ur style! AND love the RUG! 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you!! 🙂

      xo Michael

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