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Well, another Friday is upon us. Despite the sub-zero temperatures most of the week, I made the best of things and started crossing off a few things that have been on my to-do list for too long. I’m also super excited that we are nearing the end of February. I hope that means warmer temperatures are not far off. I’m not a fan of winter to start with, but at this point, I’m completely over it. Today I’m just popping in to share a few links for your weekend and wish you a fabulous one. See you back here on Monday.

Birthday Cake Martini | Inspired by Charm

I’m living for this Birthday Cake Martini I shook up for a special celebration. Pure celebratory decadence, my friends.

Hosting an Oscar’s Party. The lazy way.

These Green Pancakes garnished with Lucky Charms marshmallows just might be the best St. Patrick’s Day treat.

Loving the 30 Day Fitness app. I’ve never consistently done one exercise for that long and I’m totally up for the challenge. This month I’m doing the planks and squats. Should be interesting.

I’m also interested in trying this Detox Glowing Skin Smoothie. Think it actually helps?

Speaking of healthy, Snicker’s Cheesecake Cake that’s literally drowning in chocolate and caramel. Um, duh.

Fun Ideas for Using Mason Jars.

I’ve been listening to Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds” and Vance Joy’s “Mess is Mine” on repeat all week. Check out more of my favorite tunes here.

Oh, and one last thing, I’m heading to California in a couple weeks. Part business, part pleasure. I’ll be doing work in LA and then driving to San Francisco via Hwy 1. Anyone who has been to San Fran or who has made that drive, I’m looking for any recommendations on things I MUST do, see, experience, eat, etc. along Hwy 1 and in the Bay Area. Any advice would be truly appreciated.

Happy Weekending!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Gwen at

    Sprinkles are the thing of smiles…

  • liz n. at

    Ah, yes, listening to songs on repeat! I’m still loving “Uptown Funk” as though I heard it for the first time! 😀

  • Barbara Sloan at

    Hi Michael!
    First off, LOVE your blog!!! I would love it if you would want to share the San Francisco suggestions that you receive. We have been in Connecticut for about a year and a half, having moved from the Midwest. Just found out yesterday that we are moving to San Francisco in about 6 weeks. I am okay with trading -in my snow shovel for a garden hose!! (Had to “bling” my shovel with Swarovski crystals just to get through this winter!). Would love to know what others may suggest. Thanks! Keep Inspiring Us! You helped me make it through winter, with plenty of good things to make and do!
    Fondly, Barb Sloan

  • DBLori at

    Went to college in Santa Barbara, but it’s been so long ago my go to spots are probably outdated. I live and grew up in the greater Bay Area, so that’s where I’ll focus my input. I’m into the cheap and free type of thing so I’ll try to give tips in that area. Okay, anyway, starting from LA I’d go to the Malibu Pier, pay for parking (I think) then walk along the pier, etc…Along the way up 1 or 101 (they merge a few times…) stop at farmer’s booths. Avacados!!! Very cheap near LA. SLO you have Morro Rock, then more north there’s Monterrey and Carmel. Free would be to drive down Lighthouse Dr. in Monterrey and see the ocean and sea lions, etc. To pay, you could go drive the 17 mile drive or visit the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. Also to eat in that area, there are a lot of little restaurants that people give you coupons to visit their place (tiny places) or you can always go to the touristsy spots. A little north from there is Watsonville. Artichoke capitol of the world. Need I say more? Artichokes. Yes, you can see them growing on the side of the highway, you can stop and buy gigantic ones, etc. It’s artichoke season, you must buy them…
    A little north of there is Santa Cruz. The Boardwalk, the town south that looks like it’s in Europe (sorry I can’t remember what it’s called = Soquel maybe?) Then on to San Francisco.
    We like to go on day trips to SF and mostly free places, especially with free parking (I drive a large car and it won’t fit in the parking garages). Since we start from the east bay, our route tends to be: drive over the Bay Bridge and end up at Japantown. Lots of fun shops there (Daiso is a MUST). Then we go back to Fort Point (under the GG bridge). It’s free but they do have donations boxes and we slip in a few bucks. Great spot for photos, etc. After that we head south to Sutro Baths or Sutro Heights (where Adolph Sutro’s mansion used to be). Still free… Then, it’s on to Ocean Beach, and then to Golden Gate Park. There are many things to see at GG park, but for free, we tend to go see the Buffalo, then off to Stowe Lake and Strawberry Hill. (maps are available online for the park). You can rent paddle boats for the lake if you’d like, but the photo ops are free and totally recommended. After GG park we tend to drive to Haight/Ashbury and have yet to visit the Amoeba Store (large car, can’t find parking) but have stopped at a few other stores and had a good time. After that it usually is close to sunset, so we head back to either Sutro Baths or Sutro tower to watch the sunset. VERY camera friendly. As for food, I forgot to mention that while at Japantown we usually have lunch at Kushi Tsuru. Reasonably priced and VERY good. Sorry this is rambling, but hope I’ve provided some good info. Enjoy your trip to CA, I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  • VickyC at

    Michael, we travel this road several times a year from the Silicon Valley, it’s full of so many great places to stop! Some points of interest on/off Hiway 1 going South to North:

    Morro Bay, Pismo Beach (find the cinnamon roll shop!) SLO (Madonna Inn).
    Hearst Castle near Cambria (cute town with nice bed and breakfasts) also lots of wine tasting near Cambria (paso robles Hiway 46)

    River Inn in Big Sur – in Summer you can pull a lawn chair into the river and have your drinks!
    Other times the location is beautiful looking over the river from the deck, good food and lots of people rave about the Bloody Mary.

    Watch the California Condors soar – Rangers have a manned pull out on the side of the Hiway with binoculars and information, you can see the condors soaring above the cliffs.

    Big Sur State Parks and Beaches – great hiking and beaches

    Carmel Mission and Carmel Mission Inn – Great brunch
    Pacific Grove and Asilomar, some buildings at Asilomar Conference Center in use were designed by Julia Morgan who designed Hearst Castle and many SF historic buildings.

    Monterey, Castroville (artichokes), Watsonville (Santa Cruz Winemakers Studio off Airport Rd), Aptos, Rio Del Mar Beach (cement boat), Aptos, Soquel, Capitola (don’t miss it) great breakfast on the wharf, one of Sunset’s magazines best coastal towns with the brightly colored Venetian hotel over looking the river, Santa Cruz (wharf and Boardwalk), North to Davenport, San Gregorio, Pescadero, Half Moon Bay, Pacifica.

  • Caterina at

    Anything in California is great!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you SO much for letting me know! It’s GREATLY appreciated.

      xo Michael

  • Mona at

    Can’t find the recipe for the birthday cake martini

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